Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Simple Things I Treasure Most...he said

A loving heart is the truest wisdom.
~ Charles Dickens
I ran my fingers down his check bone. Touching the hollows so softly.
He said, "Why do you stare at me when you think I am not looking?"
"Because I can't quit looking at you." I said softly.
"I want to memorize you, so when you aren't around I can pull the memory of you up in my heart."
He laughed like he always did.
" You are a funny girl that's why I like you."
He loved Spring. He loved it that I planted flowers, bushes, trees and that I had a garden every year. I have Raspberry bushes in the side yard and he always liked to go pick a handful when he was mowing the grass in the Summer. He babied the strawberry plants and would be just beam when he went to pick them and there would be enough for strawberry shortcake.
I planted roses by the driveway, and in the Summer would pick them and put them in a vase and place them on a freshly laundered tablecloth. I made sure they would be there for supper time.
I always made his plate and waited on him. I didn't do it because I had to, I did it because I wanted to do it. I did it for my kids too.
He said, "I feel lucky that you do special things like that for me. You make my plate and have flowers on the table and have ice tea for me every day. It makes me feel good.
It made my heart hurt because his words made me feel so loved.
I miss him...
These are some pictures I took a few weeks ago. A picture of a wooded area, and my iris bed getting ready to bloom.
I want to thank everyone who has left comments. I have been so busy with helping my Mom I have not had time to answer or visit each one of you individually. I am hoping things will be getting back to normal in the next few weeks. Dad is getting better, but slowly. He was very sad yesterday. He was having a very bad day. I have been getting movies from the library and watching them with him to keep his spirits up.
And I stay with him while Mom does errands.
It has just been a tiring time. I am just worn out when I get home and usually drop into bed.
So I am sorry for not visiting but I promise I will real soon. I am thinking of you all and saying a prayer for you too.
Love Nita

Tonight Song, You Got a Friend by James Taylor
1st video, 1st clip
This song reminds me of John more than any song. He and I listened to James Taylor a lot. I said to him one day, "If I call out your name will you come running?"
"Depends on what it's for. But all I know is you better not call me late for supper." LoL
I loved the way he made me laugh.
I close my eyes and think of him....

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