Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I remember the first time we kissed

It was the meeting of two love starved souls, coming together

When our lips met, I was flooded by a I love I've never known

When I touched your skin, I wanted to heal every scar made upon you, and remove all the unnecessary burdens placed upon your mind

I wanted to steal the pain from your mind, even if it meant that I would go stark raving mad, by taking it in me

Just to make you whole

I wanted to sacrifice my life on the bed of your broken dreams, and make them happen for you

My eyes wanted to see you smile more days, than you did not

I stared at you, and my words wouldn't come. Because all I could see was your soul shining like a million diamonds in the most brilliant sun

And now I lay in a river of despair, praying for the river to take me to a place of healing

My eyes turned upward to a grey, stark, raining sky

My hands stretched out on the waters of my defeat
like Christ on the Cross

I pray aloud, " Oh, Father why hath thou forsaken me?"

Nita Barrow- Zimmerman November3, @2010

Everything But the Girl Driving

I want to believe you left your watch behind, on purpose,
silver side up on my bedroom dresser

I want to believe it was your intention, you saying, pay attention to what's important

That you left it behind, for me to know, that you are thinking of me every minute of the day......I want to believe

Nita Barrow- Zimmerman

November 2, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kathleen Edwards - Mercury

I want to lay in a field shorn of all its burdens

In my old, pale blue jeans with my torn black shirt

I want to lay with my arms stretched straight to the earth

As I lay on the dust of all dead men

My darkened eyes taking in the greatness of the vast, immense sky

A sky that has seen everything that all men have done

Loved, fought, killed, raped, cared, shared

My hands look like mock wings stretched out before it, with my wrists bent and my palms kiss the sky

Nita Barrow- Zimmerman

@ 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Slay me now if you intend to leave love

Because I do not want to to feel the warmth of Summer upon my face without you near

I would not wish to hear the song of the Robin in Spring if you were not along.....

Snow would lose its meaning and daylight would be grey

The setting sun would be a tombstone in my heart, even if if it was in magnificent shades of purple and pink

So Slay me if you intend to go- For I am dead without you

But if you choose to stay

Wrap me in your arms so tight...every night

Let me cry when we make love

Ease the burdens in my heart and I shall ease yours

Let us know each other in complete and total love

By Nita Barrow- Zimmerman @ 2010

{this song goes with my poem}

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man

This is beyond amazing... If You want to be shook to the root of your being....Listen

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