Sunday, October 25, 2009

Song of the Siren...

I am in love with Neptune..The God of the Sea

He is in love with me

I found him hard and broken by the water's edge

His brown chocolate eyes warmed by the sun.. but so lost..

"Mermaid what is your name? He barked

"My name is Ethereal" I whispered... my heart in my throat

"Why do you come to me everyday and leave me messages?" He asked with anger in his voice

"Because I love you..I am not like the rest. I don't go away. I stay.

And when you are angry with yourself I watch and think of ways to make you better."

I looked at my fin as I spoke..flipping it in the green blue waters..Scared I had said too much.

"I see you watch me.."he said quietly.

"I am broken Girl...Maybe you can't fix me..I have been broke a long time. So long."
He lifted his head to the wind and tears coursed down his beautiful face.

I swam to him and cupped his face in my hands..and he lowered his head to meet my lips..Salty tears from his eyes filled my mouth. And i drank them ...

He and I love each other..Neptune and I

by Nita Barrow- Zimmerman

"My heart sighs from the sorrow"...Neptune whispers


The candle burned bright in the window as I walked by..

It was lit for a missing woman

She had walked off one stormy night while the heavens raged against the earth..

bright flashes of lightening seemed to be sent to engage the minds of the weak that night

Her mind..

Packing a flashlight, her two favorite books, some food and a little money..She walked away

Her mind was at ease..She had always been a good girl..Been her Mother's obedient daughter..Been her sister's trodden down companion

Been her husbands whipping post

Been tired so damn long of living for everyone but her

Lost within herself by the games people played with her heart

Giving love to her, then taking love from her

it was too much

She had a red stone heart in in her right pocket..and another stone in the left pocket that said "happiness"

I heard she has an Orange grove, and lives quite happily away from them all

A new name, a new life...

She took back her life...Good luck girl..

by Nita Barrow-Zimmerman

{one of the most beautiful songs in the world...when i first heard it.. i could not stop touched my soul so much}

All this time i have loved you and never known your face..all this time i have missed you and searched this human my heart knows love..bathed in your sighs..I'm gonna love you till the seas run dry..

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