Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Part 3 Mousetown..

"My love is dark. His eyes consume me in the night. He wakes, and clutches me to his frail but strong body, and the way he trembles wakes me. His lips crush mine in the semi lightened room. Then he cries. Cries for a terror he cannot talk about it. He is consumed with pain, pain in his heart, pain in his spirit. But he holds it in..He is mine. But Yet, only his own."

I walked to the woods the next day..My purple scarf glistened in the sun because of the silver strands woven through it. The way it glimmered and cast light upon my powder blue jacket mesmerized me.

I saw him in a tree opposite of the one he had been in the day before. He was sitting with his legs drawn up to his chest and had both of his arms wrapped around them. I climbed into the tree across from him. I leaned against the base and put one leg up and let the other dangle.

We sat that way for a few minutes, studying one another.

Then he said something I didn't expect.

"You know there are billions of people in the world, yet we are all so fucking alone." His lip trembled when he said that. Then he quickly laughed to cover it.

My heart stood still for a moment, because I felt the same exact way. I felt it in such a depth I wanted to drown in sorrow.

I wished I could tell him at that moment of how I cried myself to sleep every night because I had no friends, of my lack of ability to reach out.

"So who is it today Emma?" He smiled, a sweet crooked smile.

"Just me, I wanted to see if you would like to explore some of the woods with me. I know where a waterfall is and some cliffs that we could climb.. Maybe take some photos of the wildlife?" I smiled at him. My best smile. The one I reserved for those I truly cared about.

"I don't have a camera, but I would love to explore the woods with you. I have always liked Nature." He smiled back at me then. A kind smile but filled with untold sorrow.

We began to walk the path I had worn down. As we walked, I kept casting glances at him occasionally, and I tried not to get caught.

He looked good. He had on a black tee shirt and had a pack of cigarettes rolled up in one sleeve. The sleeve closest to me. He had on faded blue jeans with one knee ripped out. His hair was wild, but somehow looked neat too.

I noticed his long thin fingers. And wondered if he played an instrument.

His finger nails were clean and trimmed. I liked that. It said he cared about his appearance.

He was pale, dark circles were under his eyes.

"Why the dark circles?" I asked him quietly.

He looked at me with a deeply sad expression. " Oh, I don't sleep well. Insomniac.
I get lucky sometimes and sleep for 5 hours but mainly get 2 or 3 hours of sleep at night. Then I just cat nap throughout the day." He looked away from me quickly. Maybe embarrassed by revealing that to me.

He looked straight ahead and kept talking. " It makes me feel weak at times, ya know? Like I am always running low on energy." He looked at me then with a sad wistful smile.

And my heart ached- I wanted to trace my finger down his gaunt cheekbone. Not in a sexual way, no, in a pure way. But I refrained. I clutched my hands in my pocket instead.

I looked away quickly. I didn't want him to read my eyes. They said way too much.

by @ Nita Barrow- Zimmerman 2010
(to be continued)

Today's song, Gravedigger by Dave Matthews
Truly wonderful song...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Please Pray..

Update: Dad is doing better...The surgery went well..Thank you for all of your prayers.
love Nita

Please pray for my Dad he has to have emergency surgery this morning. He needs all the prayers he can get.

Love Nita

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Part 2.. Mousetown

I was laying in a hollowed out log that I had lined with an old blanket. I had on my best Lady Guenevere dress, and a lace veil over my face. I had my hands over my chest like I was dead. I was wishing and willing my death. I wanted to escape..It was a very Anne Shirley moment.

Suddenly I heard a branch start to crack a few feet from me. I removed the veil and sat up and looked into the brown eyes of a boy I had never meet before. I jumped up from the log startled.

The boy was laying on the branch sideways, with his head propped up by his hand, as the branch continued to crack. He had on wire framed glasses, and his dark brown wavy hair framed his face perfectly.

I was made immediately mad by the smirch on his face, and that he began to clap his hands..Even though he almost fell out of the tree to do it.

"So what is it today? Lady Guenevere, I'm guessing from your get up? What was it yesterday? A lonely lady from Ireland... You practising that accent almost drove me crazy!" He was still laying on his side, the branch still creaking.

"Excuse me ? I don't even know you and if you dislike my pretending so much why do you wish to spy on me?" I felt my face go flaming red. Please leave now!"

He started to laugh so hard that the branch began to creak even more.

I wanted the branch to break and for the smirk on his face to be wiped off.

Instead he jumped nimbly out of the tree and landed on his feet perfectly. He was a few inches taller than me, and I had to look up to meet his eyes.

" I am sorry, can we start over? My name is Doug. I live down the road from you, I just moved here. I notice you going into these woods all the time so I decided to follow you one day. I have seen you do a lot of weird things. But out of all these bozos around here I like you the most."

My face was still flaming, but I felt in my heart that maybe I had found a friend.

I reached my hand out to meet his.." My name is Emma. No more laughing at me ok?"

At that I turned around and ran as fast as I could from the woods. I ran so fast I lost the lace veil. The dress began to come off so I tore it from my body and threw it into some bushes. Good thing I had jeans and a tee shirt on underneath.

(to be continued)

by @Nita Barrow-Zimmerman

The song goes with the story..hope you have time to Nita

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