Saturday, November 15, 2008

6 Random Things...and 2 puppies

(more puppy pictures)
taken about a week ago

2 more puppies...

The white one is: June

The brindle one is: Bear

I really don't like doing these things, but I am doing it for Annette.

6 Random things about me...

1. i have kept a diary since i was 7 years old

2. my biggest pet peeve is mean people

3. i would like to learn how to make my own soap and candles

4. i love to star gaze

5. my favorite drink is ice tea with lemon

6. i am addicted to books. i love the way they look and smell and tend to buy too many of them.

xoxo Nita

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I took this photo about 2 weeks ago. I love this particular line of trees in our town. They are always so beautiful in all seasons..

Don't you just love the yellow leaves?

This past week I heard a remark made by someone I know to be a Christian.

She was laughing at two people who worked at a convience store. One person who worked there had one tooth and the other one only had two teeth.

She said, "Wow what winners they have working there" As she continued laughing at their toothless state.

I said to her, "That could be me or you."

John and I lost our insurance years ago after he lost his job at the plant.

Except for the grace of God it could any one of us. Poor people have a very hard time trying to even find a dentist who will take a medical card.

Since I don't have insurance I have had to borrow money from my Mom to go to the dentist. And so many people think that those people who have a medical card are lucky. No, not really. Those poor people struggle to even find a good doctor who will take the medical card.

Her remark fueled anger in me. It made me think of how shallow and mean that comment was. How could she in good conscience even say something like that about another human being.

No one wants to be toothless. Everyone wants the ability to go to the doctor and the dentist to get proper medical treatment. And to get dental care.

I wish people could be judged by their character and not their looks. I know many people out there who are very kind and thoughtful souls. But would be judged harshly by worldly standards because of their appearance.

One person who inspires me is Joni from Morning Coffee. She takes meals and blankets to the homeless. I have never heard her make a bad comment about the homeless.

We are in desperate need of compassion in our culture. We need to be able to feel what others feel. To see the need they have and help them.


If you have time please listen to this. This song is so powerful...
It is, If We Are the Body by Casting Crowns

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