Saturday, December 24, 2011

Buckingham Nicks "Crystal"

I came home from work today and I treated her awful..

It was another bad day at work. More coaching people on how to do their job. More employee bickering. If I could, I would fire 50 percent of them, and start all over.

My assistant moved a month ago and his replacement got a better job at the last minute.So I have all the headaches until I find a replacement.

She was tending to her plants when I walked in..Watering them and pinching off the dead leaves. She always sings when she does this.

She was singing an old blues song, St. John's Infirmary, and she was clapping and and dancing between watering and pinching. Oblivious to my presence.

She turned around to me glaring at her. "For God's sake why don't you stop that racket? You aren't even singing it right!" I yelled.

She stopped in mid-air and burst into tears and ran into her studio.

I immediately felt awful. "Why did I do that to her?"

I knocked on her studio door. She said to me very calmly, "Please leave me alone for a few minutes. I am looking up the lyrics to St.John's Infirmary. Oh wait, I found it. And yes, I was singing it right!" She yelled through the door.

I started laughing and she did too.

She opened the door slightly and peeked out with one big green eye..She still had drops of tears down her face.

"I am so sorry...I had another horrible day at work and took it out on you. I had a lump in my throat. But knew the tears would never come. I continued, " You did nothing..It was all me."

She flung the door open and flew into my arms and kissed my face all over.

"I can't stay mad at you..I wish I could." She said between kisses.

I wrapped her wiggling body in my arms and she became still around me.

"Well, personally I am happy you can't stay mad at me. For my existence would be tortuous if you could.
I feel pretty lost right now having all the work thrust upon me. And slightly crazy."

She reached up and ran one finger down my jawline. I felt shivers go down my spine.

"It's ok," she said. Her lip trembling.

I said to her, "The stars are going to be brilliant this evening. Let's go your observatory and look at them through the telescope. And let me make love to you amongst the stars and heavenly bodies."

I knew she would love that..And I knew I would.

She smiled at me right then. And suddenly my world was alright.

And I love her...


Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Counting Crows- Hangin' Around

I give myself permission to be happy..For the first time in a long time I feel free.

love Nita

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Forever Young by JOAN BAEZ

The fiery moments of a passionate experience are moments of wholeness and totality.
Anais Nin

Dionne Warwick I Say A Little Prayer 1967 Original Million Seller

"Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

Oscar Wilde {1854-1900}
Writer, Playwright

Thank you Colette ..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Diane Birch - Nothing But A Miracle

Another tune for you Laura Nyro fan ..Smiling softly..Diane Birch reminds me very much of Laura.. I hope you like her.

xo Nita

Laura Nyro I Am The Blues

There was a person who left a comment on a song I posted by Laura Nyro, Upstairs by a Chinese Lantern. You wrote about Joni Mitchell being influenced by LAURA...I never knew that. I thought Laura had been influenced by her. So I dedicate this song to you..
xo Nita

Dave Matthews Band - American Baby

The lyrics to this song are powerful. He talks about if these walls came tumbling down, how she could still make lemonade taste like a Summer day...

I get knocked down daily. I do. My Mom has a form of Dementia and she is often mean. Then she cries and apologizes.

My emotions feel like they are in a wind tunnel and they are getting blown a hundred miles an hour...Daily.

I am the brokest I have ever been. My car was repossessed this Summer. But I will praise God in this storm. Yesterday was one of the lowest days I have had in quite awhile.

We are out of everything...

I am writing this to encourage anybody else how is going through something like this.

But my faith is great. I say to these circumstances you will not defeat me! I will find joy in the sunrise and the sunset. I will find joy in this rain that is trying to beat me down. For we need the rain. So I will appreciate it instead of curse it.

I will thank God for what I do have instead of complaining about what I don't have.

I have 3 step-kids we are not sure what we will do for Christmas. I feel confident in God that He will provide.

And I put all my faith today that my life and circumstances will turn around. Because what we expect is what we get in life. I am turning my thinking around. I write down my blessings in the mornings. I write out confessions to speak out over my life and I do it.

You have nothing to lose by doing this. But have everything to gain. Expect life to be good..Expect blessings from God to come to you..Expect favor everywhere you go. I do.

The physical is often hard to battle. Yesterday I was dwelling in the physical and not in the spirit. And it tore me down. I thought about all that surrounds me and I felt like giving up.

I was sitting on the floor by my bed crying..And praying. And I asked God to give me hope. I opened the Bible to Isaiah 35 and I began to read about heaven and how all of our sorrows would be wiped away. It gave me the courage to go get a bath and turn my day around.

Before that I was dwelling on my circumstances. I was thinking, I hate everything right now. I guess we all feel that way sometimes.

I have lived through many hard times and when I walk by faith instead of sight I know in my heart I can make it.

I wasn't going to write this today but I felt compelled.

Take a step with me today. Let's praise God for what He is going to bring us instead of complaining..Let us be different than others that surround us..

Let's make lemonade taste like a Summer day..Today.

love Nita

Monday, December 19, 2011

India Arie - Heart of the matter + Umbrella

From the book, Your Best Life Now
7 Steps To Living At Your Full Potential
by Joel Osteen

You must look through your "eyes of faith" and start seeing yourself as happy, healthy, and whole. That means even when your situation looks bleak, when you're tempted to be discouraged or depressed, you must encourage yourself by praying, "God, I know that You are in control, and even though my situation looks impossible, I know today could be the day that things turn around. "

{I will encourage myself today..And I hope anyone else who is battling depression or just life in general..I hope this encourages you..}

love Nita

George Michael - I Can't Make You Love Me

For the last 2 weeks I have been in this terrible slump. I am fighting sadness today. The pills only help so much. Smiling softly..

I feel broken in so many ways...But I am trying to get whole.

When I was in the park one day I saw this little old lady feeding the birds. I was sitting in the car smoking a cigarette and thinking..Just thinking.

She began to cry as she was feeding them. I debated on what to do. She was about 10 feet away from me..

I got out of my car and asked her if she minded if I sat by her. She hurriedly wiped her tears away with her sleeve. She told me I could.

I told her I couldn't help but notice her crying and I asked her if there was anything I could do..She smiled at me then. A smile born of brokenness and being alone in the world. And my heart broke for her.

She said, "How about talking to me for a few minutes? That would be so nice. I haven't talked to a real human for 2 weeks." And she began to cry again. I put my arm around her and we sat silently for a few minutes.

She began, "I only have my cat and my birds I feed everyday..He is good company we watch TV together. And he meows while I sing." She laughed a soft laugh.. "My family is grown and gone. And I have always been afraid to be close to people..So here I sit alone." She smiled again.

The little old lady was me in 20 years...I imagined it all. If I don't change and give people a chance.

What if I get hurt? We all get hurt. But what if something great happens and I make friends and I get out of this shell I have been in all these years? I want to..So bad. I will. I have so much to give. I will not be that little old lady in the park crying and feeding the birds with my cat for my only company.

I will try...

love Nita

p.s one reason i have been terribly sad is i lost my camera a few weeks ago..we ate out and i left it there and went back to get it and it was gone. taking photos makes me happier than almost anything..

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lauryn Hill - A Change Is Gonna Come

And I can't leave the great Lauryn Hill out...

A quote I borrowed....
Every great journey begins with a single step.

So believe with me for 2012 to be better for us all..I have great hope for my days and minutes and moments to be better..I believe I will prosper greatly this coming year. And I will be restored.

love Nita

p.s. Hope you all enjoy the different versions of this song. It is very special to me. It saved my life once.

Gavin DeGraw - Change is Going to Come


Ottis Redding's version is my favorite of this song ..But Gavin Degraw does a fine job..And of course there is nothing bad you could ever say about Sam Cooke.

A Change Is Gonna Come, Sam Cooke, 1963

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