Thursday, July 3, 2008

Time To Be Careful...

I got this photo at the salvage facility. A rusted broken down caboose from an old train.
I loved it..
Time to be careful..
We never realize how fragile we are until something fells us. Until we lay wounded and broken in spirit, and we think beyond repair.
But in our weak and fragile state God is our strength..
Through losses that hurt so bad they should kill us. We survive to our dismay at times..But life is about surviving, About overcoming.
We learn to overcome or we go under.
We have to fight through our pain. I write this today to encourage myself as well as you who are reading it.
I wake up sometimes so sad and full of despair over losing John that it is hard to face the day.
I woke up that way today.. It has been 5 Months today that he has been gone.
It is so hard without him. It is hard because I still need him. I never will stop needing him. He was my best friend.
But we go on. If anyone out there is having a hard time be encouraged today that you can make it.
You will make it.
We all have our own private hells. But you will survive, and turn the sorrow you have into something beautiful.
Today's song, Broken by Lifehouse
1st video, 1st clip
with a broken heart that's still beating...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

{please click on photo for a better view}

These are the flowers of the tobacco tree also known as a cigar tree. The reason they are called cigar trees or tobacco trees is the huge seed pods that come on them in late Summer.

They look like giant cigars. These trees are very common here in the Midwest.

When I was little my cousin and my sister and I tried to smoke the seed pods that looked like cigars. It was awful!

I remember climbing these trees at my aunt's house. She had twin Tobacco trees sitting next to each other and I would pretend I was Tarzan and jump from one to the other. I was the biggest daredevil you ever met. And was as wild as a March hare.

One day, me and my cousin Linnie and my sister were sitting in the Tobacco tree and we were taking the giant leaves and using them to fan ourselves. We were pretty little..And we just sat in that tree for a couple of hours talking about what it was going to be like when we grew up..

I miss times like those. The camaraderie of having close childhood cousins who were also best friends. And I miss how the endless Summer days of our childhood held us close together.

But we grow up and apart..It seems. Forgive my nostalgia..It is just the Summer that does it to me.

P.s i just saw the first fireflies of the season 3 nights ago..I was so excited.


Tonight's song, The Ballad of Billy Jo McKay by Shawn Mullins

1st video, 1st clip

If you have a chance please listen to this. I love it..

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