Saturday, December 17, 2011

Eva Cassidy-Songbird

Last song for the night...May my music speak for nita

LOUIS ARMSTRONG ~ When You`re Smilin`~

Mom always sang this song to us..It always made me cry. Because she was so sad when she sang it..Smiling softly and sadly

Shelby Lynne - If I Were Smart

A song about feeling too much...It is beautiful

I love her even more because of her drunkenness. I have a soft spot for drunks..

Sparklehorse More Yellow Brids

Surviving meant being born over and over...

Erica Jong

[HD] Bat For Lashes - Siren Song (Live Shepherds Bush Empire 2009)

are you my family? can i stay with you awhile.... (these lyrics touch me so much) i have felt them, often

Bat For Lashes - Daniel

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Video

There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you.

Zora Neale Hurston

It took so long to put the light back in my eyes....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ocean Breathes Salty - Sun Kil Moon

One of the greatest songs I have ever heard..It says don't waste life. I want to live every moment to the fullest...If God allows me too..Even in my sorrow and trials I bless Him for all of my experiences I have had on this earth.

Hope you all like it

love Nita

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Diary of Henri

The first part of my day was lousy. So many headaches were before me as soon as I walked in the door at work. Half of the people who work for me are idiots. They have been trained to do their job but come to me on a daily asking for help. And there are the others who don't play well with others. It is frustrating.

Things are going to change. People are going to get fired and replaced with people who can do their work and get along with other people.

She picks me up for lunch and has on a t-shirt that says "Have a cupcake and save the world one smile at a time." I laugh out loud.

And she smiles the smile I love...My favorite smile. The one that makes her look like a child.

And I immediately feel sad.....Why do I have to come back to work? I wish I could just reside in her warmth all day.

She says, "Get in silly the rain is going to wash you away." And I get into her beat up Volkswagen.
It use to be red. Now it is just rust colored.

"I am buying you a new car." I say with a sideways grin.

"No you aren't!" She says indignantly. "I love my bug"

"Then please let me pay for a paint job for this ugly little beast." I ask imploringly.

"I could go for that." She smiles.

"So what's for lunch today." I ask her.

"Open the bag now and eat now." She orders. "There is a peanut butter sandwich and a juice box. Sorry we were out of pop. And be grateful it was my last juice box." She says all of this in one steady stream.

"OK what's the rush?" I ask her amused.

"We are going to the planetarium for a half hour show on the planets. And we will sit in the back row and kiss. And sometimes watch the show between kisses." She smiles and lights the sun up in my world.

How can I say no? I swallow the lump in my throat because she makes me feel like I am 13 again.

The show was marvelous but Her kisses are what I remember most.

And I love her....

December 13, 2011

(a work of fiction)

by Nita Zimmerman- Skibinski @2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Diary of Henri

   She is the moon to my night sky.

She is the only one that makes me feel whole.

And when she walks into a room..I smell her hair on the cool night  breeze. It smells of tangerines.

I take her in and I want her every caress..I notice her eyes. Because she always looks down when she walks..She doesn't want anyone to see her pain, she told me.

I want to touch her but I wait...

She dresses in clothes that would look good on no one but her. Flannel shirts over her blue jean dress..Her hair pulled back in multicolored rags. She takes my breath away.

And at times when she walks through the room she will have her sheer green nightdress on..The on that falls off  her creamy shoulders. And once again I remember why I fell in love with her.

She doesn't know I keep a diary..All about her.

I can't tell her. My love is great but I cannot let it show. She has been hurt. But so have I.

My heart ripped out with a wound so deep I can hardly breath most days.

At night I watch her sleep before I drift off, and I pray for her..Her nightmares are nightly. Fighting off some unknown assailant from her past. And at that time I want to time travel and beat down all the people who have ever hurt her..She never sees me cry. But when she is asleep I do. Not to manly to admit, I guess. But my tears for her are real. They are out of my need for us both to be whole. To be free.

When I feel like I have no heart..She warms it and reminds me, yes I do.

And I worry..Will I lose her to death? Will she someday become to tired of fighting that she finally does it?

Oh God, I pray she does not. I need her, I need her.

She has loved me more than anyone I have ever known. She does not ask me for things..But I want to give to her. My heart, my soul, my spirit, my life. But I can't say it. The words are frozen in my throat like blocks of ice. I can barely tell her she is pretty..It is my pride.

What if I do tell her..And she sees that as power over me? I was raised to keep everything in..Pain, Heartbreak, passion, Love.


(a work of fiction)

by Nita Zimmerman - Skibinski

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Will Johnson - Just To Know What You've Been Dreaming

I would walk a 1,000 miles just to know what you've been dreaming..And I would steal a 1,000 smiles just to make sure that you're laughing.....I would

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