Thursday, December 18, 2008

This song is so intimate. So beautiful and haunting.. I love the words. It is Hallelujah by Jeff Buckely. If you have a chance I hope you can listen to it.

I have thought about a lot of things the last few weeks. How John taught me that each day we live is a gift. And that how we choose to spend each day is our choice.

There are outside circumstances that change our days at times, and sometimes antagonistic people.

But for the most part we choose the pattern of our days.

We can't let people who like to be pains in the butt affect us. We have to choose the path of peace.

Do you ever go outside just to sit down for a few minutes to breath in the air?

Sunday the temperature was pretty mild here, so I went outside and sat on my bench for about an hour. I took my I-Pod and listened to some of my favorite music. This song by Jeff Buckely is on there and I really took the words in. And I watched the blackbirds do that flight they do before settling down for the evening. It was just about twilight.

I watched the way they stayed in perfect formation and it made my heart sing. That probably sounds silly doesn't it? But little things like that make me happy.

And another cool thing that happened is that I have these wind chimes that John got me a long time ago and the wind was just blowing on them non- stop and it sounded so beautiful. Like they were keeping an unknown rhythm to the music I was listening to. I kept my music low enough to hear them as well.

I watched the sun go down in soft pink hues. And just felt blessed by being able to enjoy a small measure of peace and solitude.

I challenge you this week to seek solitude. To think, to enjoy your surroundings. To do something you have wanted to do for a long time but for whatever reason you haven't done it. Do it now. We don't live forever and life is too short to deprive yourself.

xoxo Nita

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Please listen to song if you have time :)

We are breakable. Our hearts are made from something so strong yet so soft. We can be crushed by words. Crushed by those we love. Before we speak we should think, is this going to hurt the person I am about to say this to?

i am as guilty as anyone. But I want to live a kinder, gentler life..

My thoughts have been with you all. I hope to catch up on some visiting this week.

I have been working on a story I want to post this week. I hope everyone is having a good holiday season. Elizabeth and I have our white Christmas tree up, the one with the pastel lights..

We decided we didn't even want ornaments on it because it looks so beautiful without them.

I have savored the tangerines that are at the store right now. Relished hot cups of tea in the mornings after I have walked the dogs.

Went for drives and just contemplated things..

Hope you love the song, it is one of my favorites.

xoxo Nita

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