Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ryan Adams - If I'm A Stranger.wmv

Been a rare mood today..Just been thinking all day.

"For all the hours here that move to slow..There is all this losing here that just won't pass.

If all this love is real how will we know?

"If I am a stranger know to you..I will always be."

Some of the lyrics of this song..I feel this way.

Uncertainty has always been such a huge part of my life. But I am learning to make somethimg special happen everyday. And appreciating the little moments of joy and creativity. I have learned that each person in my life is only here with me for a season..

I am learning that in our ever changing world, beauty in the everyday, is as simple as a freshly made loaf of bread. It is a huge pot of soup when it is so cold outside I don't want to leave my home. It is window gardens in Winter. It is the love of those around me.

See ya...

xoxo Nita

Ryan Adams Wonderwall (Lyrics in Description).

I am a little discouraged by the slow computer and the crashes. But I will be grateful for what I have. Been thinking a lot today. But not enough to make a post....

When I first heard this song. I cried. It touched me so much. I thought about it for a week.

Such love...And maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me....

xo nita

I've Been Thinking by Handsome Boy Modeling School

This song is reminiscent, to me..Of a song from the 60's . Just the feel of it.

Computer has been off most of day. Writing a post tonight for tomorrow.

I have a bunch of good music for tonight.

love nita

Dave Matthews Band - American Baby

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stone Sour - Through Glass

I just feel this times

Robert Pattinson Never Think OFFICIAL lyrics

I can't wait for the new movie! I know I am such a girl.

This song blew me away from Twilight. All his music blew me really.

Hope you all like it.


Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

My favorite song right now...I just like it..

xoxo Nita

I am so happy I have my music back!

Excuse the small advertisement..It is worth the wait

"Ohio" Music Video

I figured out how to add videos..I love this song.

This guy is not well known but I hope you guys like it. I am working leaving comments on other's sites..

Love Nita

Adele - Someone Like You

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things I have Seen and Felt Today....

1. Bird nests in the hollows of tree arms..The only clothing they possess are the brown branches

2. A gorgeous, blue tin roof, startling the grey, grey sky ...this morning

3. My mint plants flourishing by the side of my walk...Reaching out and wanting to stay all winter..To keep the green of Spring alive in my heart..Too soon it will get cold and they will turn light brown...My heart will be sad that day.

4. The color of my lover's eyes..The bluest blue mixed with mine
And when he laughs it warms me from my head to my toes..I am ..Still mixed with sadness...Why? I often think about when we pass from one place to another..What impact will I have left with him? I hope good.

5. I have felt utterly sad all morning..Worries I have for my children. Worries about so many things. In my heart I know it will all work out as God plans. I put my trust in Him.

6. I have felt tremendous Love for God today. He knows my heart so well. Even though I have had hard times. I am still blessed just for being able to behold the beautiful things I see. The biggest blessings can come from the smallest things.
I revel in smelling my tea as it brews in my cup..The essence of tangerine floats on my face..It is Peaceful

7. When I find rocks shaped like hearts..That makes my whole day..really

8. I have learned that crying isn't so bad alone..It is better. I have learned then, to put aside my grief and be happy the rest of the day..Even if I have to pretend the rest of the day.

Gotta Nita

P.s Been listening to Jo Hamilton- There it is all morning..
Listen if you like. You-tube icon is towards the middle of this page
I saw a sunset the other day. It reminded of being in love with someone . How it is a muddled pool of beauty..Mixed with pain.

We are never sure of ourselves...The women I am in therapy with.. A friend was admitted yesterday...I can't and won't say her name.

Mom said, "That isn't gonna be you is it ? You don't feel that way do you?" And it hurt so much.

I don't have a plan. I don't want to kill myself..Anymore.

I just want to learn how to handle my triggers and how to have a real relationship with people.

Being a hermit so long has not been easy. Social Anxiety is awful..I do better than most people who have this, I have been told.
I will go places..The store..A friend's am building my way up. It is the most I can do for now.

But so many days I feel my best is never enough..It is a learned response.

I will kill that damn feeling. I will.

My song for the day is :Wichita by Gary Jules

And I hope my honesty will help someone who might be going through what I am going through.

love nita

Sunday, November 13, 2011

For some reason this computer will not let me leave comments on other people's sites..But, I will leave you a comment on my posts. I don't know how to put photos on this dinosaur yet. But I am going to describe to you some things I have been seeing. Like yesterday, I saw clouds that were of the sheerest pinks and the softest blues..The clouds looked like floating cotton candy...Unusually beautiful.

Today I am going to try hard to fight this sadness. I forgot to take my medicine when I woke up. That affects me..Note to self: Don't forget medicine in mornings..Smiling softly.
oxox Nita

Song for today: You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol

There is a You-Tube Icon by my Profile near center of page. The Kings of Leon has one on front..If you wish to listen to any of my songs.

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