Friday, May 3, 2013

One more...

I will.see you a few days...nita p.s be blessed

Have an excellent evening all...and be blessed

I dreamed of this song ...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eyes ...

I determined within myself the other day to hold on and fight until I am on top of my life...nita

Rain- Patty Griffin

She Will Be Loved

Most people are so self involved, me included, they we fail to see others needs. There are many who just need our encouragment. They are faced with tough decisions...I have had tough choices to make. The biggest one, I have faced. Is the fact I may always be alone. My standards are high. Because I don't want an unfaithful partner. I don't want a drunk. I want someone who loves God and serves him. I want someone who thinks of my feelings and considers me their equal. Not beneath them. I want someone to hold my hand when I am scared. To hold me at night. To be partners. Someone who has it together... Because I am so wounded that right now. I don't. I just want another chance to live.

Sometimes we get worn down from circumstance. Life is exhausting..So many emotions to deal with from so many people. Bills..that never end..A sense of hopelessness can pervade us..Making us feeling that life is really not what you make it. But what others dictate. This ever constant feeling of being alone. I've become accustomed to that..There are worse things than being alone. You can, in fact, be far more alone with someone who lives to use you ..I would rather be alone than go through that..Anymore. I put my hope In God..That He Will help me through all my difficulties.

I feel close to her...Emily Dickinson

I Believe God's Promises...for me. (Just a beautiful song)

My Theme Song...

Beth Hart- I Leave the Light On

Navajo Code Talker history with one of the original code talkers

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fredrick Douglas..

Madame Curie..

Marie Montessori ...

The Autobiography of Thomas Edison

Charles Dickens Autobiography

There Will Come Soft Rains by Sara Teasdale

She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire ...Ferdinand Foch

The Narrative -Eyes Closed

One more ...

You introduced me to the Counting made me .and when one door shuts..another one.opens..believe in you..please?

Lee we have this in common we both have felt very.alone in life. Take your talents.and use.them.before it is too late. Look inside your heart and.see.what it is you want to do. it. Even if you have to.go alone. You can talk to more people. You inspired some of my best poetry..I have ever written. And you belief in me has finished pushing me over this last leg. I get a poem published in 1000,000 Poems for Change were the person in the past.few.years who always believed in my abilities. We.didn't I my heart..n

Just wish me luck..we have separate paths. But I love you enough to.tell you in front of the world ..and no this is not for.jim.

Jack white

I have learned more in poverty than I ever.did.when I I.praise God.for.those lessons. .after you have learned the lesson. You pick.yourself up. And.say I can survive with no one side because I.was.built keep.saying believe are will make will thrive.and bloom...if am learning lessons everyday..and I'm going try my best to.make good ones.

I experiment with fabric and paper with my photography. I have a series of photos I am going to work on while I take breaks. I have had this.idea for this series for a bit. I am finally going to do it...

Silver light is the purest light. It shows the reality. Gold is a smooth.deceiver warms everyone's face..even if we don't like it. I have learned that on my own toying with photography ...and research. I figured it out already. I looked it up more as affirmation

I will have my bedroom and laundry room in order by Saturday...I will find a way to create a small area where I can sit up a work place to make my jewelry. And art..

Grandma Moses had her first exhibit at the age of 79. At the Museum of Modern Art in New York

My bones have all been broken..and.they.are tattered with lace ..and the lips you keep trying to lay upon them...again..Don't it hurts too much

A weight has lifted...

Sometimes what appears to be ordinary actually quite extraordinary

Time for a cool.change.....

I walk this road alone. The only road I have ever known

People not like the truth. Why? Because you are then forced to face yourself included..But we have the choice to be bitter or better..nbz

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Nightmare...woke tired

Tuesday, April 30, 2013



Let your heart be comforted

Monday, April 29, 2013

I am believeing that my life is turning around for the best...

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A great talent..he wrote this for his wife

I am believing for my happy ending..No far away it is

Make her name something beautiful ..

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