Thursday, December 20, 2012

black crowes - she talks to angels

Better song

Breakthrough Challenge - Part 1 - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Emotions


Erykah Badu-Appletree

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tony Robbins - Create a New Story

Meiko - How Lucky We Are

Have a good day everyone...

[MEIKO + Luka] Twin Colors/Futairo [English SUBS]

Were you there when He took the words from His mouth like scissors and sledge hammers and softness and light and created the world? I think we all were with Him as He planned..The great I Am..

I dream of Him...I love Him

More than anything..More than  anyone..Anyone

He is my Father

How wonderful is that for a bastard to have a Father who created the world? Because it says in His word..I am the Father to the Fatherless

Father when I come upon your shores..Please have sweet tea with me.....

By Nita Zimmerman- Skibinski

SASSY GAY FRIEND - Great Expectations

I was starting to become this way..Till I watched this

"If you would have been in the ladies room you would have pulled your pants up.."I laugh so hard every time I watch this.

flip it, tip it, sip it  --Meio

joan baez-prison trilogy (billy rose)

Billy Rose knew trouble like the sound of his own name

He said don't mess with me, just take me home...

This song influenced me greatly. I discovered it at 10. And listened to it everyday

Joan Baez...She is a woman of courage

And the song..My ..The sheer injustice done to our fellow men and women are the blight upon our nation.

Roberta Flack "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (1969)

Damien Rice - Cold Water (Album O)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bat For Lashes - 03 - Moon and Moon (Two Suns)

The Eagles - Desperado

Howie Day - Collide

This is what I want you to know, love...

That for the time we have been together... I have never been madder at anybody in my life, like I have with you. That is always a mark of true love

You are laughing aren't you? Good

For the time with you..I hope you have  experienced more joy, pleasure,and  pain than with anyone ever before or ever again

Why pain? Because it teaches us who we are. It is the central ingredient for all growth

I hope you loved every picture that I took of you..And the kids

I hope you remember us all in the big goofy glasses...With one lens out. And How I got a picture of everyone in the house with them on

Even Elizabeth and Mike...

I hope you remember I loved you without prejudice..I loved you you..With everything in me..

Please remember...

Nita Zimmerman- Skibinski

Rascal Flatts - Come Wake Me Up

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Though I am surrounded by troubles, my God will preserve me against the anger of my enemies. He will clench His fist against my angry enemies! His Power will save me. The Lord will work out His plans for my life- for His faithful love endures forever.

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