Monday, October 10, 2011

Me & my sister Jamie


2 photos I took today....gotta go..She is here for her computer...

love nita

Erykah Badu- AppleTree

Got to be Real....

{Just Facts, opinions, and sheeer nonsensical crap}

Life is a game. Let's face it.

The winner is the man who is the most competent and game savvy.

The one who knows the most about the person they love has a great chance of getting that person.

If they are honest and bold and true in their heart to that 1 woman or man

Something got broke in me when I was a child..And I feel forever stuck at the age of 12. I often think that is why people love me as much as they do..They say poor little crazy girl, she acts like a child.

She makes wishes on stars, and 1 headlight cars. And loves to walk in rain puddles..And she is 45 years old.

She is different...That is me, but to many, it is you too. Either now, in your life, or 1 point in your life.

Different is good.

If feeling 12 years old makes me feel good, who cares?

I am not trying to date a 12 year old.

I just feel the exuberance of someone that age. I cheer people up till they make me cry.

I start out my day so happy..Really happy. Like beam me up Scotty happy. Then I feel it, the day beginning to unfold. I will have to take my 27 year old son his meals.

Then so much more...Listen to everyone complain about everything.

And I just want to kick all their a $%*sses so bad. I just want to scream. I made coffee!! And breakfast. Eggs, bacon, toast with jam. Come on. In my best Adam Sandler voice...I know I am a woman but for comic effect I always imagine I sound like Adam Sandler when I pitching a fit to get order.

"Put on our freakin happy faces for once, and be civilized to each other."

"Put your pissing on every one's parade up for a day."

If I didn't get so much enjoyment from my own company...I would die.

Like Kevin Costner in Dances With Wolves..He is writing in his journal, when the man who takes him out to his cabin, let's a huge fart. And Kevin Costner writes , "If it were not for the presence of my companion I would be having the time of my life ." I kinda feel that way everyday..Except for Jim, I only feel that way about him once in a while.

But I plaster on a smile. Sometimes a grimace..And eventually a snarl when it all gets too much.

That is all I have for now good people. I am going to get some shots of clouds and be back to post some more a little later.

Excuse the language...Smile


Howie Day - Collide

Jim stays....he said he is madly in love with me...and said, through thick or thin we will make it work.. i have Elizabeth's computer 1 more day! got another article ..see you all more good byes...just laters

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sarah Mclachlan - I Love You (album : Mirrorball)

one more song for you all...i will not cry, i will not cry....i say softly as tears flow

Regina Spektor - "Samson" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

it is dire again today...i drove her car around in the country and cried to the prairies and the corn.. i told them my sorrow

and begged God for a break..

i feel as if a million bricks are on me. she takes her computer today..she let me borrow it this morning to tell you all...

i am going to try to get one this week because i have been writing non- stop.

the words are flowing

today i will not despair i will have hope...i will

and i will see you all as soon as i can

love nita

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