Thursday, April 10, 2008

The boundaries which divide life from death
are at best shadowy
and vague.
Who shall say where one ends, and the other
Edgar Alan Poe

Elizabeth took this photo for me yesterday. I think she has a really good eye. Out of all the crow pictures I have taken, hers is my favorite.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good Things....

We have a farm in our town where the owners raise exotic animals.

I got some photos today that I thought you might like.

A miniature pony, miniature burros, camels and a zebra.

These animals looked so sweet today while grazing. They usually have ostriches and buffalo . I will try to get those next time.

I wanted to write something about my friend Andrea's gifts to me as well. She sent these presents about two weeks ago. When I opened the box the first thing I saw was the card with the two American Goldfinches. It made me feel good that someone would remember the story about John's 50 yellow birds in the woods.
She put little dolls, skeleton keys (my favorite things in the world)
A mermaid charm that is so fantastic.
Paper, stickers, embellishments, a little bit of everything I love.
She is a thoughtful and kind person, and a great artist. I hope you check her site out. It is called the Artful Eye, and her link is at the top of my page on the side bar. For some reason I cannot get her link to load on this post.

Tonight's song, We Laughed Until We Cried by Jason Aldean
For John...
1st video, 1st clip

Monday, April 7, 2008

{please click on pictures for a better view}

I spent my weekend taking photos. I got some crows in the park and at home. I also got photos of : sparrows, a cardinal, a robin. And a squirrel we have named Blondie because of her blond tail. I hope you enjoy the photos. I really liked this one of the crow in the pine tree. He looked majestic to me.

This crow on the corner of the shed has let me get very close to him. Within a foot .. I have named him Jim Yellow Eye. I read a book once on hand feeding birds and have started to try to do it. The sparrows have started to come very close to me. I can sit on my pink bench and they will come as close as my feet. If I dare move they fly off. If I try to take a picture they fly off. LoL.

Before I was born my Grandmother who was Indian split a Ravens tongue and it talked. She kept him in a large cage and he would tell everyone to go to the back door in her voice. He could mimic her voice so well that no one could tell the difference. He got her in more than one fight with her parents for telling them to go to the back door. I guess that is what she deserved for splitting his tongue.

This crow was eating french fries I was throwing him at the park. He would look up at me brazenly.. And would take the fry and fly off to the neighboring Oak tree.
I thought of John today while I was downloading my photos. And how he bought me my new camera last year. How excited he was every night he came home because we were going out every night for rides and taking photos.
He looked at me one night and just started laughing. We had stopped on the side of the road and I was taking a picture of a barn. I said, "What's the laughter about?"
" You are like a little kid with a brand new toy." He chuckled.
"I hope you always stay that way. The way you love life and how you find joy in the tiny things like a good picture."
He looked at me wistfully then. And I had a deep sadness come over me. A premonition maybe..

Three sparrows eating ... Enjoying the sun, enjoying the day with no rain. When it rains the sparrows hide under the eaves of my front porch. I hear them singing and it soothes my broken heart.

This crow in the tree looked like he could pick my eyes out. He had such a mean look on his face it made me laugh. He was all hunkered down on the branch with his shoulders pulled back and his head sticking out. He was observing me as much as I was observing him.

This is a cottage down the road . It has the most beautiful Forsythias in town. Forsythias are my favorite Spring bush. I love the brilliant yellow branches .

Tulip tree down the road. I use to have one of these. I had a little boy come by one day and pick every bloom off the tree's branches. I came out as he was picking the last bloom. Anger rose up at first. Then I looked at him. He was dirty. He ragged clothes on and he looked so very sad. I said, Please don't ever do that again to my bushes or plants. I put a lot of love into planting those and tending them. If you want to pick a flower just come knock on my door and I will pick one for you."
He looked down at the ground and and said he was sorry. I told him that it was alright.
He began to come by my house regularly and knocked on my door and we would go pick flowers out of my garden for his Mom. We moved away and I have never seen him again. But, I feel like I planted a seed of kindness.

This is the sparrow that lives in John's birdhouse that he built for me.
He would watch that house all the time for signs that a bird was there. Now there is. ..

Robin in my back yard taking a bath in a mud puddle....

This is Jim Yellow Eye.. I love the blue sheen on his head...

White tree blooming that looks like giant daisies. Anyone know what kind of tree this is?

I got this crow standing in the puddle and then he began to take a bath.

These are the rest of the pictures I got over the weekend. They are the Forsythia, the squirrel we named Blondie, Cardinal, Crow, and a picture I titled Remnants of Winter... The leaves in the water, all murky.
Andrea I have not forgot you. I will do your post tomorrow.
~ Nita~

" We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations."
Chuck Swindoll
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Garson Kanin
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Norman Vincent Peale

Psalm 90:12
Teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Joys are our wings: sorrows our spurs.

Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.
-J. Andrews

Adversity is the path of truth.

Today's Song is, It Feels Like Redemption by Michael English
1st video, 1st clip
This song is so powerful.

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