Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dave Matthews Band - American Baby

The lyrics to this song are powerful. He talks about if these walls came tumbling down, how she could still make lemonade taste like a Summer day...

I get knocked down daily. I do. My Mom has a form of Dementia and she is often mean. Then she cries and apologizes.

My emotions feel like they are in a wind tunnel and they are getting blown a hundred miles an hour...Daily.

I am the brokest I have ever been. My car was repossessed this Summer. But I will praise God in this storm. Yesterday was one of the lowest days I have had in quite awhile.

We are out of everything...

I am writing this to encourage anybody else how is going through something like this.

But my faith is great. I say to these circumstances you will not defeat me! I will find joy in the sunrise and the sunset. I will find joy in this rain that is trying to beat me down. For we need the rain. So I will appreciate it instead of curse it.

I will thank God for what I do have instead of complaining about what I don't have.

I have 3 step-kids we are not sure what we will do for Christmas. I feel confident in God that He will provide.

And I put all my faith today that my life and circumstances will turn around. Because what we expect is what we get in life. I am turning my thinking around. I write down my blessings in the mornings. I write out confessions to speak out over my life and I do it.

You have nothing to lose by doing this. But have everything to gain. Expect life to be good..Expect blessings from God to come to you..Expect favor everywhere you go. I do.

The physical is often hard to battle. Yesterday I was dwelling in the physical and not in the spirit. And it tore me down. I thought about all that surrounds me and I felt like giving up.

I was sitting on the floor by my bed crying..And praying. And I asked God to give me hope. I opened the Bible to Isaiah 35 and I began to read about heaven and how all of our sorrows would be wiped away. It gave me the courage to go get a bath and turn my day around.

Before that I was dwelling on my circumstances. I was thinking, I hate everything right now. I guess we all feel that way sometimes.

I have lived through many hard times and when I walk by faith instead of sight I know in my heart I can make it.

I wasn't going to write this today but I felt compelled.

Take a step with me today. Let's praise God for what He is going to bring us instead of complaining..Let us be different than others that surround us..

Let's make lemonade taste like a Summer day..Today.

love Nita


A bird in the hand said...

Show me the path, show me the light; what can I do to be happy today? What can I do to turn my life around?

It used to help me to say this over and over. It still does.


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I Colette ...I miss you so much my heart hurts


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