Sunday, July 22, 2007

Beach Days Gone Awry

We usually go to the beach several times a year. Last year we happened to go when the carnival was in town. The day was beautiful, a Monet day, my brother would say to describe a day that beautiful. My daughter and her friends were on their rafts, and I was floating in my inner tube. I was looking lazily at the clouds letting time and space just float away, when I saw a 400 pound man in a speed-o coming right in my direction. Mind you, I am not a small person, but I felt fear strike me right in the heart.

Not for me, but for my towel. It is laying defenceless right in the man's path. And of course he sees the towel and plops right down on it. He then proceeds to fumble about with the shirt he has carried with him and out comes a bar of soap! I swear, a bar of soap! My heart sinks right down to my feet. I have a bad feeling about what he is going to do with that soap.

The man wallows to the water and starts lathering up. Mind you there are running showers not even a hundred feet from the beach. I am paddling frantically away from the man and head to where my daughter and her friends are. At that moment five more people join this man and begin bathing too in their equally skimpy outfits.

I tell the kids that it is time to go. I have lost all hope for the towel, and I cut my losses. As we are leaving the water the huge man with the speed-o is drying off with my towel, not the nice kinda drying either. He is drying between his legs, one hand in front ,and one in back doing a see saw motion with my poor towel.

I give him a dirty look, which he ignores. And he tells me we should come to the carnival tonight in town. That him, and his lake bathing buddies are all workers there. I decline his offer as nicely as I can , because face it, the man has molested my towel in the most heinous of ways.

I walk away, and as we are driving home I find all these incidents suddenly hilarious, I start laughing, the kids start laughing. It was a day we will never forget. Nita


PAT said...

I didn't need to see a picture to see what you saw! Hilarious is right. Sounds like something out of a movie!!


The Feathered Nest said...

Tina! that sounds like something from a sitcom!! Unbelieveable and so funny ~ I'm so sorry about your towel but glad that you decided to leave it with Mr. Speed-o...Pat's right, so glad no photos were taken that day! xxoo, Dawn

Die Hohe Dame said...

hahaha! thats a great story! i wish i could have seen it! oh hey i wanted to say thanx for coming to my blog and for the compliment! your so nice!
i like your blog!
have a great day

Anonymous said...
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Amy Wagner said...

I love this story!!
You are a talented writer!
Sometimes you just have to laugh about these things that are weird in life don't you?!

Anonymous said...

What a picture I have in my brain! Wonderful description.


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