Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Doll Award

I was nominated for, Your a Doll Award, by Patti at the Treasure Barn, Patti, is a wonderful woman. She always leaves a great comment, and makes me feel loved. She has such a sweet site you should check it out.

I would like to nominate some lovely people who inspire me daily. Here is my list:

Nina @ Ornamental , Nina is such a wonderful writer, and fabulous artist. Her words touch my heart in the deep recesses, where few people actually reach. I love her because she is a deep thinker as well. She is what I like to call a ponderer.

Tricia @ A Little Birdie Told Me , Tricia has such a sweet spirit. The love she has for her daughter just shines through. She is a homeschooling Mom, and that takes a lot of devotion, and hard work. She is also a gifted artist.

Jill@ Follow your bliss, Jill is a teacher, and has more power to influence kids than most people. She also has a heart of gold, and is always looking for ways to inspire others to do their best. I had one teacher who took me under her beautiful wing when I was a smarty pants 4th grader with a chip on my shoulder a mile high. This woman saw beyond the hurt and pain in my life, and helped mold me. She used love as her weapon, and there is no more effective weapon than that.

Kate @ The French Nest, I am new to Kate, but she seems to love life and has a wonderful creative side to her. And the things she does for her friends! I wish I lived near this sweet woman so I could enjoy her coconut cupcakes!

Evie @ Bread and Circuses, Evie touches my heart by her sweet vulnerability. She is to hard on herself. She is a wonderful artist who dabbles in a little of everything.

eb @ Be....Dream....Play, eb is so full of life she takes my breath away. She squeezes every ounce of joy from every moment of everyday. She lives life to the fullest in the most beautiful ways. I can tell she loves her family so much by the things she writes. She is awesome.

Amy@ Abundant Curiosities, Amy is one of the kindest people I have met . She is always there to give an encouraging comment. She is interesting and fun, and she is so creative. She has a great game on her site called fantasy game. It is hilarious. You should try it.

I would also like to thank the women who have recently nominated me for the Nice Matters award, Vickie @ Whispers of Inspiration, Vickie is such a sweetheart. The love that I see her express for her family touches my heart. She is also a great encourager who seems to leave a comment when you need it most.

And Kate @ The French Nest,

I would also like to mention my friend Sheri @ Blended Colors,

I don't want to wear my welcome out nominating her for something again, but I do want to tell you what an awesome person Sheri is. This woman is so creative she amazes me. She will try anything in Art. She has these little frou frou dresses that are so adorable. She is a budding artist all the way around. And the very best thing about her is her love for people. She extends herself to others in the most loving of ways. Always making a wonderful comment, when you need to hear from someone. So Sheri my hat is off to you today. I just want you to know you are appreciated. xoxo Nita

I would like to wish everyone a great day, and be careful of the this horrible heat. xoxo Nita


eb said...

wow! Nita - this is really awesome - you really are a doll - and what a terrific group!

Thank you so much!

xox - eb.

Jill said...

I am so honored! Thank you dear Nita! You are such a sweet person. I am so glad you had a teacher who knew that you needed her and was willing to give you what you needed.... isn't that what it is all about?
Bless your heart!

Mary said...


There are so many wonderful bloggers out there. Great people. I look forward to knowing you better! Obviously, a lot of people out there hold you in high regard! Congrats!


Amy Wagner said...

I count myself among the blessed to have a friend like you. Thank you for this award and your kind words.
Congratulations to all the other great ladies!!!

Sheri said...

thank you nita... I'm so glad I have met you even though its through a computer... your awsome!

The French Nest said...

Thank you Nita for nominating me!


Tricia Scott said...

thank you nita!!! i am honored! i think you are a doll! whenever i log onto my blog and see you have left a comment or i stop by here for a visit i feel such a wonderful friendship connection. you always make my day!




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