Friday, November 2, 2007


once, long long ago there was a white elephant named baja. he was from India. he was considered good luck but also cursed. he lived with his clan in the Forrest surrounding an ancient city, long abandoned by its people. baja always took bathes in an enormous fountain in the middle of the city. the water flowing from an ancient spring from when time began. baja gazed at the bottom of the fountain where there was a mosaic, he of course never knew what it was called, he just knew it was a beautiful picture. the picture was of a mermaid sitting on a rock jutting out of the ocean she had long dark hair and green blue eyes. she had a stream of tears coursing down her pink cheeks. and baja felt his heart sadden, he too began to cry soft tears of sadness for the mermaid on the rock. suddenly the mermaid came to life and she swam all around baja. you can imagine his shock! he said how did you do that? . she said, your tears brought me to life. i was frozen in time by a very bad witch, now i am free. baja i know you are treated differently because of your color. but you have a blessing and a curse, but you have to let your blessing outshine the darkness. This is my story of baja the white elephant. and we too have to let our blessing outshine the darkness. nita barrow-zimmerman


PixieDust said...

Love this necklace!!! The elephant (as you know, hee,hee) is my favorite, also. Great photo, too.

Ooooh, I'll have to check out your art everyday - I'm loving this!

I had not heard of Art of Everyday, but had actually promised myself that I would create an artpiece everyday for the month of November... even if only a sketch.

So glad you are doing this.


red tin heart said...

pixie: you still have time to participate, just go to her site and leave a comment. i'm glad you love it. thank you. your comments have soothed my troubled heart. xoxo nita <3

i love the smiley face you always do! so creative...

suzi blu said...

Miss Blu must meet Baja!

red tin heart said...

suzi: you will. xoxo nita

PixieDust said...

What an inspiring story... Baja is a magical beauty with the strength of a thousand beating hearts, yes?

Thank you for this...


red tin heart said...

for you sweet pixie.<3 i am happy you like it. i am working on a sequel. xoxo nita

Jana B said...

I LOVE your story!!!! I am totally enchanted by India and everything about it!

I'm glad Baja found the reason for his difference.


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