Sunday, November 11, 2007

(click on photo for better look)
I created this photo tonight out of the collection of stuff I love. I want to make it my new header, but I don't know how to make it small enough to use. I tried and it is enormous! If anyone has experience with this please leave me a comment because I really want to use this photo as the header for my site. Thanks ~nita~
I figured out how to do the banner today by a comment that Jeanne left me. Her site is: Dream, Create, Inspire... Jeanne has a lovely site, if you have time pop over.
today's song: Diamonds and Rust


amanda said...

You've got little Polly Pockets! I can't help you with the technical questions, but I sure like your new banner idea. What an eclectic mix of treasures.

mon@rch said...

Sorry, never used blogger and can't help with your header! Looks great though!

Jeanne said...

You need to resize your immage. My blog banner is 880x183 (pixels). I had to play around with mine for a while too before it would fit. Good luck!

red tin heart said...

Amanda: The Pollly Pockets were Elizabeths when she was little. She was going to throw them away when she got a little older and I rescued them. I am glad you like my new banner idea I hope I can get it to work. xoxo nita

Mon@rch: Thank you. Glad you like it. the bird in the nest was my grandmas, she used it every year for the top of the christmas tree when my mum was a little girl. she gave it to me a few years before she passed. now i use it for the top of our christmas tree. ~nita~

red tin heart said...

jeannene: thank you very much. i will try that. your help is much appreciated! xoxo nita <3

sepiaartstudio said...

This photograph looks gorgeus!!
I hope much beautiful moments for your day...


Bobbie said...

I use photoshop to resize my images. (image, image size). It depends on your software that you use to manipulate your images. After resizing I save as so I can retain the original large image in case I want it for something else. Happy Headers!

red tin heart said...

Delila: Thank you! I am glad you like it. And thanks for the wish...xoxo nita <3

Bobbie: I am going to look into getting photoshop, I have alot of projects I want to do with it. xoxo nita ^_^

Donna said...

Pretty picture!! Good luck on your header! I havn't a clue how to fix that.

De said...

I love your blog. I saved your photo and messed around with it. I can make it in different sizes and effects, I will send it to you if you want me to. Let me know how to send it.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Nita, I love the picture.

red tin heart said...

de: thank you so much for the offer,but I got it figured out myself with the help of Jeane. And thank you for your kind comments. xoxo nita <3

Susan: Thank you luv. xoxo Nita

Mary said...

That would be a great header, Nina. Sorry, I'm no help. I have a lot to learn about my blog, too.

red tin heart said...

Mary: Thanks, I figured it out. Have a good day. xoxo Nita <3

Nathalie Thompson said...

What a wonderful photo! A perfect banner image for you!

red tin heart said...

Nathalie: Thank you sweetheart. I have had the idea for this photo in my head for about a week. And last night I just pulled it all out and started snapping. The saying, create your own happiness, is something my Mom use to say to me when I was I was little. We often were hard pressed and she use to take paint and paint the kitchen, and wash all the curtains and iron them. And I would ask her why she did it so often. She would tell me she was creating her own happiness. She said you have to in life because no one will do it for you. xoxo nita <3

red tin heart said...

Donna: Thank you, I am loving all the stuff you and your husband has been cooking lately. It made me want to cook. I went and made beef and noodles last night. It was so good! xoxo Nita <3

Wanda said...

What a gorgeously rich, earthy, whimsical composition that is! I love it!

red tin heart said...

Wanda: I am happy you love it. Thank you. xoxo Nita

PixieDust said...

I love the Polly Pockets!!! And the keys and hearts... I love everything... this is gorgeous - yay!!


red tin heart said...

pixie: i love the polly pockets too, that's why when elizabeth was going to pitch them i put them up. when i was little i collected minatures and still do. the heart and keys are a big symbol for me. i am glad you loved it, you are a dear soul to me. xoxo nita <3

Q said...

Dear Nita,
It is exciting to watch you create your happiness. You are finding so much joy. I am sending blessings.

red tin heart said...

sherry: i am happy to hear from you... been thinking about you. thank you for the kind comments. xoxo nita

Vickie said...

Such a lovely photo! I can see why you'd want to use it! Thanks for stopping by Nita, I appreciate your opinion.

red tin heart said...

Vickie: glad to have helped, and thank you for the compliment on the photo. xoxo nita <3

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Oh I love the banner! It's so nice how each items has a meaning for you. I love what you wrote about your mom, how she said we each have to create our own happiness that nobody can do it for us! I LOVE THAT!

red tin heart said...

robin: thank you! Mom does have alot of wisdom. have a great night. xoxo nita

katherine. said...

not much help with the technical question...but you and John have been on my mind the last couple days... wishing the best for you.

red tin heart said...

Katherine: i have been thinking about you too in the last few days. i have missed you. xoxo nita

Bethany said...

WHAT a WONDERFUL assortment of odd little items all woven together by your affinity for them into a beautiful collage!! I can't wait to see your new "red tin heart" banner...It's gonna look so great :)

red tin heart said...

bethany: Thank you, it is an odd little assortment woven together with the fondest of thoughts. got the banner done, it's up. xoxo nita <3

suzi blu said...

what a beautiful photo!

red tin heart said...

suzi: thanks cupcake... hope you are having a good day. xoxo nita <3

Pearl Maple said...

Cool blog banner, collections are such fun and thank you for sharing your little treasures with us all.

red tin heart said...

pearl maple: thank you! i love your site. it is wonderful. xoxo nita <3

Amy Wagner said...

Absolutely beautiful Nita. You never fail to amaze me with your talents.

red tin heart said...

Amy: You are a kind and generous person, and thank you for a beautiful compliment. xoxo Nita


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