Friday, November 23, 2007

I was thinking about something last night. No matter how many trials we go through, the only real thing we have on earth is God. If I wouldn't have had God all these years I would have gave up.
I had a dream one night that I was with God in Heaven and we were watching a little girl who was crying. The little girl was me. I said, "God please let me go comfort her and tell her it will be ok, and that she will make it through all the trials she will face." He said, " No little one, she will have people who will tell her this, and they may be few and far between but it will be enough encouragement for her to get through. And she will have angels watch over her."
So many times I think we forget about the big picture, myself included. We forget we are here on this earth to learn about God and that there is a Heaven waiting for us. Heaven will be so much better than this dump we call earth. All the trials we have been through will seem like nothing when we actually make it home.

When things are overwhelming for me I do give myself time to be sad , and I do cry . But then I think of the big picture.

Today's songs, Only Imagine and Homesick by Mercy Me
(second clip)
The top right corner has a singer that is so amazing as well. If you have time listen , it might bless you a bunch...

For everyone who left a comment on last night's post thank you. Your thoughts mean alot to me. One of the reasons i don't smile much in my photos is when i take self portraits i am concentrating on the position of the camera and i just forget to smile. But i am actually a big cut up who smiles alot. I promise more photos with smiles. ^-^


Donna said...

You're keeping you head above the water...this is a good thing!! I hope you found something happy to do are so strong little girl...I hope you know that there are so many of us fellow bloggers who would just love to "reach" in and fix all this for you!! ((hug))

red tin heart said...

donna: thank you, sometimes i feel so weak... but i just keep praying. i think the friends i have made through blogging have helped me so much. yesterday was good, me and John spent the day together. I really did not want to go because I have had a cold but he really wanted me there. I just tried not to get too close. I stayed with him for 2 days at the hospital. He was happy. Thanks Donna. xoxo Nita

Bethany said...

Oh you are sooo loved not only by the Lord as He daily holds you tenderly but securely in the palm of His awesome hand but You are VERY loved by so many people Nita...hold on tight to that! I am amazed when I read the comments left how much you have love just pouring out to you. It really lifts me up to see you lifted up cause that's all part of the love the Lord gave to us in our hearts the moment He reached down from His throne and set us free. We should always remember to not just keep each other in our prayers but also to lift each other up with encouraging words, hugs and lots of loving little things like smiles and little notes. I hope you know, and feel, the huge amount of love I, and my family, have for you. xxxooo

red tin heart said...

Bethany: i do feel loved by you and your sweet family. You have been a great source of inspiration to me. i thank God for the people i have met through blogging. have a great week end dear bethany. xoxo nita

Sandra Evertson said...

Lovely post!
Sandra Evertson

Jeannene said...

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Nita! Thank you so much for leaving kind comments. God has given you such strength and endurance. You are so amazing Nita!
xo Jeannene

My Treasure Barn said...

What a beautiful dream. I swear you need to write a book. You are so good at it.

Thanks for the comments on my post about our trip to CA. It was very frustrating to get it on my blog. Your comments made a long week seem worth it all. Go back and read what I have entered. Thanks again my friend. Hope all is well with John and I hope you are over your cold. I am so happy to be back in blog land!

Mary said...

Nita, God's grace is always with us and I know it's hard to be responsible for your own happiness sometimes, especially when it seems life is against you. When I feel down, I remember something my Mom always told me, "God helps those who help themselves."

I am confident you will realize that this earth isn't a dump - it's God-given - a stepping stone to heaven. :o)

Bless you.

Shelley said...

Hi Nita,very sweet dream !Heaven is our real home. As the song says...... This world is not my home ,I'm just a passing thru....

It will be worth it all!

I love the song.... Only I magine


Nathalie Thompson said...

I have been absent so long and yet you have stopped by pretty regularly. Thought it was high time I pause to say "hello" and "hope you are feeeling better". I still have traces of a cough. Are you decorating John's room for the holidays? I will send a star or two soon. (((hugs))

red tin heart said...

Sandra: Thank you. xoxo Nita

Jeannene: God has blessed you with the gift of kindness Jeannene. I spent my Thanksgiving with John and we did have a good time. xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

Patti: I am going to write a book and you are getting the first copy. I am feeling better and I loved your pictures. xoxo Nita

Mary: I think the earth is a beautiful place, but it has been so abused by humankind. It has become a dump in many respects. Our lands are polluted, as well as our oceans and seas. Animals are being killed daily from oil spills. People are murdered on a daily basis, women and children are raped.

I guess I look forward to the day that these horrible things will never happen again.

I think we are responsible for our own happiness and we do have to try to help ourselves. But one thing I am realizing more and more is that we need to watch out for others too. That is one of my goals this year to help others more. Have a great week end. Love nita

red tin heart said...

Nathalie: I am so happy to hear from you friend. I am waiting to see if John will be moved before I decorate his room. But when he is moved I will be decorating it. Thank you in advance for the stars they are marvelous! xoxo Nita


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