Wednesday, January 9, 2008

7 More things....

I have been tagged by Bobbie @
and Jennifer @
to list 7 things about myself

1. I love romance.

This past Summer I saw a boy working the window at McDonald's. He had dark brown hair was very tan.
The boy leaned out the window and gave change to a girl he obviously knew.

He pressed a quarter into the palm of the girl's hand, and the way he did it, made my heart skip a beat.

It was like watching something private and intimate.

He held his thumb in her palm for what seemed a full minute. And then circled it on the quarter while holding the bottom of her hand in his.
I watched transfixed.. Just remembering what it had felt like to be touched that way.

2. I watch, Under the Tuscan Sun, once a month.

3.Sometimes, I throw spare change on parking lots for people to find. Quarters and dimes and nickels.

4. Vincent Price is one of my favorite actors.

5. I use to collect comic books. I had at one time over two thousand. I had House of Horror, Ripley's Believe It or Not, every Dracula edition. Superman, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four and many more.

6. When I was a kid I had a secret job of doing the neighbor's dishes for comic book money. I use to do 3 hours of washing dishes every Saturday to spend money on my comics. My Mom never even knew.

7. I was our disk jockey every single morning while we all got ready to go to school, and Mom got ready for work.
I had this old record player that would shock the crap out of anybody who touched it the wrong way. It played 45's, 33's, and 78's. I would ask everybody what they wanted to hear and then line up our music and play it while we were getting ready.
Mom had great taste in music. She allowed us to listen to anything we wanted to. I have a wide interest in all music because of Mom. She use to love, Me and Bobbie McGee by Janis Joplin. And one song that she always listened to when she was sad was, Help Me Make It Through the Night by Sammie Smith.
I could tell each person's mood that morning by the music they would pick.
I remember my favorite part of the mornings would be watching Mom put on her eye liner. She had a gift putting on her make up. She just made it look fascinating.
I would now like to tag Dena~ @ and Robin @ and Susan @

Today's songs, Help Me Make It Through The Night by Sammi Smith. And my personal favorite from that time and place, This Is For All The Lonely People by America. And Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys my little sister's favorite. That song irritated the @!# out of me but she loved it. (I like it now) But I played it for her every morning.


The Feathered Nest said...

I love to read about you, are the coolest person!! You should write a book my dear....I'm still thinking of you and your birthday, I do hope it was a good one. You truly are an angel ~ xxoo, Dawn

Laura said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Nita!!! Your 7 interesting things are extremely interesting!!!!! I love imagining the whole getting ready for work/school with you as the DJ! That must have been a blast!!!

Hey, I noticed on your fave books a couple by Sherman Alexie....I had never read him until this weekend when I came upon his new book for young adults (The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian). I am currently reading it and it is very good. I really want to read some of his other books now!

Off to read more of your blog!

red tin heart said...

Dawn: Thank you! I am working on my book as we speak. I started it awhile back.
I had a really good birthday. Except for the darn torrential rain! The day of my birthday I go out to feed the outside dogs and there was a swimming pool in my yard! I had just done my hair and I even had on a hood, but no luck. I still got wet and went around looking like a drowned rat all day. Looking back it is funny. Life is what it is. You just got to roll with it. LoL
xoxo Nita

Donna said...

LOVE Under the Tuscan Sun!!! I watch it every chance I get!
Sammi Smith??? WOW..does that take me back!!! LOL Have a fun day Sweetie!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Nita,

Sounds like your mom listened to the same kind of stuff my mom did! Thanks for tagging me, I am going to have to think about some new stuff to share :)


red tin heart said...

Laura: I loved being the DJ in the morning.
I use to pretend I was the DJ for our local radio station. I even would read interesting tibits here and there and tell everyone stories as we got ready.
I have been waiting to get Sherman Alexie's new book. I really love his work. I have read almost every single thing he has written. There is a small book he wrote called, I Would Steal Horses For You, it is so good. And, The Summer of Blackwidow's. I think that is my personal favorite.
Have a great day Laura. xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

donna: That is so cool that you love Under The Tuscan Sun too!
And Sammie Smith!! I am having a great day, and I hope your day is absouloutly awesome! Donna will you e-mail me with your address? I want to send you a little package of goodies. love Nita

red tin heart said...

dena: i can't wait to read about you! Hope you have a blessed day. Love Nita

PixieDust said...

How fun - I always love when people do these! (Although, I was tagged maybe a month back, and have yet to comply! yikes! Will do so this month...)

I once found (and still have somewhere in my "boxes") and Interview With The Vampire comic book - LOVE!!!

Have a beautiful day, mi Amor!

Abrazos y besos, hugs & kisses!


red tin heart said...

pixie: That is so cool!! I loved Interview With a Vampire. I never knew they had a comic of it though.
I have "boxes" too. Full of stuff i love. i hope you have a magical day my friend... love Nita >---<3--<

Periwinkle said...

Under the Tuscan Sun?! Fabulous! Sexy! my favourite!

Happy birthday to you! On the 10th? Mine is on the 9th...happy "be-me-day!"xx

red tin heart said...

Periwinkle: Mine is on the 8th, i should have said that, sorry.
Happy to meet someone else who loves Under The Tuscan Sun. It is a movie that just makes me feel happy...
I really loved your site. You seem like an amazing person. xoxo Nita

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Hi Nita! Thanks so much for the wonderful box of goodies you sent to me! It is over the top! I'm going to blog about it this weekend! Also, thanks for tagging me! Now I have to get my brain in gear and think of what to say about me!
I have to admit I don't watch a lot of TV or movies and I've never seen "Under the Tuscan Sun" but one of my resolutions is to get off the computer and read more, watch more fun movies!
The DJ story is so cute! I can just see you spinning those LP's! I loved "America" back then! My fav was "Sister Goldenhair Suprise"

red tin heart said...

Robin: I am so glad you liked what I sent you!
And thank you for the compliment. I really loved the music then. I love the music now too, but I guess there is something special about that music. It is when all my family was alive and I associate it with them. Have a great week-end Robin. xoxo Nita

sepiaa art studio said...

Hello Nita,

Under The Tuscan Sun is one of my very favorite films! I love it and everytime i see it, it opens the old memories and one particular summer, when i wanted to travel in Italy -just by myself.


red tin heart said...

delila: that is so neat! i am going to Italy this coming year after John is all settled and can travel. that movie just speaks to me. love it! love nita <3

Carmen said...

super fun meme!!!
I should give a try!
I love Under the Tuscan sun very much. BUT I have seen only once, LOL

mon@rch said...

I always love finding quarters on the ground! Thanks for sharing these details about you!

red tin heart said...

carmen: it is fun to do. hope you have a great week-end. xoxo nita <3

red tin heart said...

mon@rch: thank you! Have a great week-end, and i hope you get to see alot of neat critters and birds.

T.R. said...

That's a great 7 Random thing post! I love your expression of the quarter pressed in the palm. A beautiful reminder of the importance of touch.

red tin heart said...

t.r. Thank you! Touch is important. Sometimes I think we lose the magic of touch if we aren't careful.
xoxo Nita

Amy Wagner said...

I love the "throwing chnage down for someone to find"!!

Anonymous said...

I also love reading about you, Nita, the family DJ. What a beautiful thing to have done. Do you still play music in the mornings like that?

If you do finish that book I'll be lining up to read it.




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