Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Haunting of Ruby Shane (part 5)

I couldn't stay gone for 2 weeks. Go figure.. I missed you all too much, and I missed writing . This is part 5 of the story I have been working on..
Part 4 is all the way back on June 12 th.
Today is my 400th post.

The Haunting of Ruby Shane

I stood there with my head hung down, with a purple eye and bleeding lips. Shame clothing me like an undergarment under the thread bare dress I wore.

"Uh, right now isn't a good time to be here." I stammered through my swollen lips.

I slowly looked up and Thomas was crying.

He grabbed me and held me to him. His shirt smelled of wood and earth. From the two jobs he held down, one as a carpenter and the other landscaping. It was a pleasant smell..

His tears mingled with mine. I hadn't wanted to cry but found myself crying when Thomas did.

"Mam, can I please take Ruby for a drive?" He asked Momma softly.

"Yes, Thomas go ahead she needs to get out of here for awhile." Momma was crying too.

I didn't even know Momma knew Thomas. He held my arm as I made my way to his old Ford pick-up, and he helped me in.

"How did you know where I lived?" I asked him as he started the truck.

He looked at me and said something I will always remember.

"You never forget where the brightest star in the sky is, and I have never forgot where you lived. I use to ride with my Daddy past your house in the Summer time when we were in grade school, and I would see you playing in your front yard. I thought that you had to be the most beautiful girl in the world. Even when your hair was messed up and your face was dirty."

"What about when I gave you the wrong address that day?" I asked quietly.

"I thought you had moved and so I stayed there for hours until the boy next door told me you didn't live there. I figured you needed some time, so I waited until I couldn't wait anymore then came to see you."

I cried when he told me that..The reason I had cried before was out of shame, now it was because no one had ever told me something that beautiful.

to be continued on Tuesday night...

story by Nita Barrow- Zimmerman

song tonight, Johnny and June
1st video, 2nd clip

by the way, Thanks Jeanne..Your words mean a lot.


Sandi McBride said...

Lovely work, now I have to go find parts 1 thru 4!

Kris Cahill said...

Wonderful story! Now I've got to go back and see the rest!

Joni said...

wonderful can really write well Nita...keep it up, you have us all hooked!

Rose said...

Nice story! I would like to have your skillful writing abilities. I'll be back. Rose

Patti said...

Good reading. Glad you are back Nita.

Can't wait for the next chapter.

thanks for your comment, I think of you often too.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Love Ya

Annette said...

I am so glad your back, and this is one of the maney reasons why I love you!!! I am so hooked and I'm glad to see "Haunting Of Ruby Shane" back! I think this might be a true storey with a sweet and lovely ending....time will tell...
welcome back dear friend.

Jeanne said...

Anytime Nita and thank you. {{HUGS}} So glad you've given us more of Ruby and Thomas.

Mimi said...

I have been anticipating the continuation of our story...
thank you for the new chapter...
love your stories,

Nonnie said...

good morning, nita.....and as always... beautifully have a gift.
will be back for more, of course! :)
hugs and prayers,

Sally said...

Aw, so happy you've continued the story. Your writing is so beautiful!!

Sending you hugs and more hugs!!

notmassproduced said...

hello - I have just found your beautiful blog. what an inspiration you are and a creative talent too.

Jeannene said...

You are quite the talented author and writer Nita.

Keep inspiring us!!!


Nita Jo said...

Nita, That's beautifully written. My brother's name was Thomas... made me think of him. I'm glad to see you didn't stay away too long... As you can see, I didn't either. Not what I planned, but that's ok.

Nita Jo

Joanne Kennedy said...

I've been checking in on you everyday in hopes you would return early. I'm so happy you are back.

I love this story and was wondering when you were going start writting about it again.


Anonymous said...

Very nice Nita. The story is progressing nicely. I love how you can pick up the thread of it so nicely! Thanks for visiting. I appreciate more than you know. I'm afraid I fell more than normal with my depression. Still not really back but I'll get there. I know you understand, thanks.

Love you,


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