Wednesday, August 20, 2008

....Forgive Yourself...

I have a dear friend who told me every time she drove past this building in town she saw the words, Forgive Yourself. Very important words that someone had spray painted on the wall facing the street.
She said she always broke down crying every time she saw those words, because she felt bad about the stuff she had done in the past.
But, she felt like it was a sign from God to forgive herself. She asked me if I thought that was possible that God gave us signs. I told her that of course I thought it was possible.

I think God gives us signs every single day if we look for them. Be encouraged tonight dear hearts for God does not forget us in our suffering..There is hope all around us. God is a God of Infinite Mercy who always treats us better than we deserve.


Tonight's song, Hold On by Daniel Doss Band
1st video
Please listen to this if you have a chance..


Annette said...

I truley believe God allows us to be in places at the right time for the right reason, he allowed someone to paint that for just the right person or people to see, I believe in sighns from God 100%, it might be a message on t.v, or just in passing, or something as small as bumber sticker, very interesting that you posted this, I was thinking the same thing today, I think by her crying everytime she saw that sighn was the Holy spirit talking to her heart, and shes so lucky to have you for a friend, and same as all of us this blog world, I believe God has allowed us to come together, I truley I'm blessed everyday by peoples blog's, and I am so Thankful God has allowed me to get to know YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annette said...

P.S. I so loved the song and the words touched my heart, made me cry, I feel so child like when I have a fear, I love to lay my head on his shoulder and smell his sweet hair and feel his soft skin, I can feel it all now.

Patti said...

God gives us signs in so many ways. Just last post you said you found one of John's shirts...that was a sign that John is with God and he is happy and safe and in no pain. God wants you to remember that John loved you and still does.

Forgiving yourself is hard to do sometimes and God is there to help us do just that. Your friend is so lucky to have you Nita. I am lucky to have you. Even though we have never met in person I feel like I know you and I am so blessed to have you for a friend. You have inspired me in so many ways.

God Bless You

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Thank you for the fabulous art post card and sweetest of faerie cards I received so unexpectedly in the mail. You are so dear. I love them both and will keep them on my bulletin board at work to bring smiles on hard days.
xo Rella

Donna said...

This is So true sweetie!hughugs

Karen said...

What a powerful song you shared with us. Do you care if I add it to my blog? The images are so beautiful and touched my heart. I believe God is closer to us at all times than we know. There is hope all around us and I love that God does give us signs and reassurances. Your blog is one of those for me!

Just Joni said...

These are wonderful words Nita. I believe God gives us little signs and I also believe people's paths cross for a reason...we just have to open our eyes and ears (and of course our heart too!)...thank you for sharing ~

Nonnie said...

wonderful words....beautiful song....thanks for sharing, nita.
hugs and prayers,

Becoming Me said...

I so agree. Lovely post. And there are so many lessons to be learned in forgiving ones self.

Anonymous said...

I believe God speaks to us many ways all day long. In that instant that he finally catches our attention, it seems so mystical. He's with us always, it's us who aren't always there having gotten caught up in our lives. I'm so thankful when he does get our attention for any of us. Were so precious to him, that he tries in many ways to catch our attention. I've been thinking often of you.

Love and hugs and blessings

Serendipity said...

It's so true! Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

Frances said...

Thank you for the beautiful card and the cosmos seeds. I will plant them and think of you when they bloom.

Karen said...

You mentioned you were going to read The Shack. The first part of the book was very difficult to get through. I stopped reading it a couple of times but then picked it back up again and was glad I did. It has some great analogies for how God works in our lives. I felt very loved and surrounded by God when I finished the book.
Love to you

Sally said...

It took me a long time to understand that God wants us to be able to forgive ourselves. Once I did, I felt like a completely new person. Not that there aren't things that still happen that I have to work with on doing that.

Great post.

Lori said...

We need to forgive ourselves first, before we can completely forgive another...

Signs are everywhere, if we are receptive to the illuminations.

A bird in the hand said...

Forgiving yourself is a sign of self-acceptance and inner peace. And signs to help us on our path are everywhere if we are aware. My belief is that God helps those who help themselves! That we have choice and free will, and it's up to us what directions we choose to go. That we are here in this life to learn and refine our spirit, not to walk through life eyes shut.

Much love to you my friend,

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Nita,

What a beautiful post and a sweet reminder.





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