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The Redemption of Ruby Shane (part 9)

"Within sorrow is grace. When we come close to those things that breaks us down. We touch those things that also break us open, and in that breaking us open, we uncover our true Nature."

Wayne Muller
author, therapist, minister

It was a sad relief that Daddy was dead. We no longer had to be terrorized by him, but his blood was on my hands.

It is a terrible thing to live in fear. To know that the slightest action can cause you to be slapped or punched or beaten down.
And that was what it was like with him. Constant fear of being hurt or him hurting Momma.

I had a kaleidoscope when I was little and when I lifted it up to the sun showers of pink, blue, green, purple, orange and yellow lights filled my eye. It was a special present from my Grandma on Momma's side. The outside of the Kaleidoscope was made from abalone shell, and it had tiny carvings of whales and ocean animals on the sides of it.

I hid it under my bed in an old shoe box, and when things made me sad I took it and looked through it. Like when Daddy was yelling at Momma.

Funny how we think of such things at odd moments.
Daddy's blood had congealed around his head, and the Sheriff was asking us how this thing had happened. Momma was explaining quietly in the corner and he was patting her arm as she talked.

I still couldn't quit crying. No matter what, he had been my Daddy and I had killed him, even though I was protecting Momma.

The Sheriff walked up to me and looked me over and pulled out a big white handkerchief from his pocket and held it out to me.

"Go on take it, it's clean." He said gruffly.

I took it in my hands and wiped my face with it and self-consciously blew my nose.

He looked at me again and grinned, "You can keep that."

Then with seriousness he said. "Ruby, Your Momma told me what happened, and by looking at her I know she is telling the truth. I have been called out her before because of your Daddy . I know what you did was to save her from getting killed. Hell, it looks like he almost did kill her." He winced as he looked at Momma's swollen face, her whole head had swollen to the size of a basketball. And bloodstains covered the front of her torn blouse from her broken nose.

"There may be an inquest but I doubt it, we all knew your Daddy and what he was capable of. Ruby you and your Momma are free. I have an ambulance to take you all over to the hospital for your Momma to get checked out. "

"Thank you Sheriff." I took Momma's hand and led her to the ambulance. We had a chance to start over somewhere. Somewhere where no one knew us. Somewhere where they couldn't judge us by our past. Just as we were getting in the ambulance Thomas showed up. He rushed up and put his arms around me. "Ruby you are going to be alright. I am here for you and your Momma, and we are all going to be OK. I am going to follow you to the hospital." Thomas got into his truck.

And at that moment I knew my old life was behind me.

My heart would heal. Tragedy was behind me. I would no longer be haunted by sadness and despair. I would make my life a good life. And me and Momma and Thomas would look after each other.

The End

Story by Nita Barrow- Zimmerman


Sally said...

I feel badly for so many people who lived in fear as your Ruby Shane did for all those years. It isn't always physical; verbal abuse can cut clear to the bone. At those times, one wishes there was a cut or a visible bruise because they know those will heal. The verbal, I believe, takes much, much longer, if ever. I know for myself, I had to learn forgiveness, and thank the good Lord I was able to.

I'm glad your story ended in a way that we can rest assured Ruby would be able to go on and with someone to treat her she deserved to be.

Thanks for writing this, Nita. ((HUGS))

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Sally, thank you. Verbal abuse does hurt. It diminishes a person in ways, that like you said, takes years to forgive.
My sister-in-laws have done that to me for years. But, Thank God,I no longer have to deal with them.
xoxo Nita

Nonnie said...

so glad that Ruby can now have the chance for her dreams to come true.....again, write wonderfully!
hugs and hoping you find strength around you.

Annette said...

"Within sorrow is grace" so true, your blog goes with what I wrote about, isnt strange that sometimes our blog's are in synic with one another's? I'm sad there wont be no more "Redemption of Ruby Shane" but happy that Ruby gets to experience happiness with 2 people that care so much....your writting is awesome. I agree with what Sally wrote, you can get over physical abuse a little easier then verbal abuse, it lingers for years sometimes the rest of your life if you allow it too. I hope your doing better, I hope your days are getting a little easier for you, this is my prayer for you always.... Thinking about you and wishing you didnt live so darn far away. ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Hello Nita,

I've came here b/4 and left
a comment once I think. Have
you in my Prayers.

Sad story which is probably
true in someones lives. I see
part of it in my life. With my
mom being beaten by my stepf. We
left the day he almost killed her.
He died a year or two later from a heart attack. We didn't live with him.

A nine yr. old cousin took the life of a foster parent him and his sister were in when the foster father molested his sister. He had told her he'd always protect her but after that they separated them and she was abused by other foster parents till she fought back. They put her in a girls school. She was smart and did good in school. Had problems with men through the years. She had a son of her own though and is a real good mother.

Could you pray for my son. He lives in Sweden and has cancer. His operation is Thrusday morning. He's 9hrs ahead of us. Thanks so much for your prayers. His name is Bryan.

Just Joni said...

what a wonderful ending to Ruby Shane...a discovery of hope and newness...any plans for another story? You have quite a little fan club here ~


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Dear Anonymous, I will pray for your son Bryan. I am so sorry about your cousins. That is so sad. I will say a prayer for them too. You sound like a very kind hearted person.
I hope things turn out well for Bryan dear heart.
Sincerely, Nita

~Red Tin Heart~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thank You Nita!
Praise the LORD!
The op was succesful
for my son! They got
all of the cancer out.

GOD Bless You and Yours!!!

Donna said...

I'm so glad things ended that way....ever, the pollyanna in me, i'm afraid! Love you sweetie!!hughugs

Patti said...

Great story...great ending.
When is the next story going to be posted. Looks like you have plenty of followers. I want a autograph on your first book.

Thinking of you too my friend.
God Bless You

Classic Charm said...

Wonderful Nita, you are such a great writer! We want more...

Mimi said...

very good ending for a great story...there is so much more abuse in the world than people even realize...good way of pointing it out..

Lori said...

Abuse is permanently scarring, and those who say verbal abuse isn't are wrong.

Verbal abuse can be more scarring than physical abuse, and the wounds fester and linger in our subconscious and within our emotional being.

Well written, once again, and a fitting ending for Ruby Shane.



pfranklin said...

Nita, Thanks so much for that heartfelt story of Ruby Shane. I too enjoy reading your blog and seeing how God is using you and your talents to bring attention to subjects like this one. Even when the abuse is over physically it continues to live in the heart so I'd love to read more about Ruby Shane and how she makes her way in the world and those she helps along the way. After all Ruby Shane is that kind of girl and I know God has big plans for her.

Love and blessings to you, Phyllis

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Ruby and her mom get a new beginning! This was such a wonderful story Nita. While I'm glad for Ruby, I am sorry to see it end. I hope you have something else in store for us in the new future.

sending you lots of hugs!

Nita Jo said...

Beautiful ending to your Ruby Shane story. Perhaps a sequel? I have really enjoyed your writing and am looking forward to reading more!

Nita Jo


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