Monday, August 11, 2008

The Redemption of Ruby Shane..(part 8)

I swung the bat and it made a sickening crunch as it connected with Daddy's skull. He slumped to the floor on his knees and then fell over on his back. A pool of maroon blood immediately poured from the back of his head making a strange halo around him.

I hadn't meant to kill him. But I knew I had. I had just wanted him to stop beating Momma. I just wanted to knock him out.

I feel to my knees and my hands shook so bad that I dropped the bat and started sobbing.

Momma scrambled to Daddy's side. She had blood streaming from her broken nose, and had an old dishtowel pressed to it to help stop the blood flow but it wasn't helping much.

He had found the material in the attic and accused her of wasting the money she made. He began by slapping her and it progressed into punching. I had come home in the midst of seeing him beating her.

She put her finger under his nose to see if he was still breathing. She then felt for a pulse in his neck after she couldn't find a even a whisper of a breath.

"Oh God Ruby he is dead!" Momma stifled a scream and instead whispered it in fearful dread.

"What are we going to do Momma? They will arrest me." I still couldn't get off my knees, and I couldn't quit shaking.

Daddy had a look on his face I had never seen before. A look of peace. And it made me cry even harder.

"Ruby I will tell them it was self defense they won't take you if they know it was self defense." Momma believed what she said, she really did, but I knew better. I knew they might take me.

written by Nita Barrow- Zimmerman

to be continued August 13th...


Annette said...

what suspence, and a what a turn around, I'd never thought this part was comming it!!!! cant wait to see whats comming up next. Have great evening dear friend...........hug's Annette

Karen M said...

Don't leave us hanging!!

Mimi said...

wow you don't pull any punches...when you create suspense you really do it in a big way...
I need the next chapter quick!!!

Nonnie said...

glad i got back in time! :) will be waiting for the next chapter, while thinking about what can happen next!

Sally said...

Poor Ruby - surely she won't go to jail!!! HUH??? Just kidding. I know it will be good, whatever it is. Thank you for continuing the writing. :)

Just Joni said...

this is a nail biter....and way too short! Thank you for entertaining us all so're doing a good job!

Nita Jo said...

That was great, and unexpected! Anxiously waiting to see what happens next!

Nita Jo

Patti said...

Ok, I want more! Can you write faster?!
Great story Nita !

I love the bracelet you made. I like Jack Johnson too. I had one of his songs on my blog awhile back.

God Bless You my friend

pfranklin said...

Okay, I see I have lots of catching up to do. :)

I agree, this is a nail biter. It was nice to read this morning and feel that someone was reading to me.

You are one talented lady!

Much love to you, Phyllis

Classic Charm said...

This is getting good Nita, keep it coming!

Donna said...

And And And????LOLololol...Well???
Geez girl! When's the book coming out?????hughughugs

Maggie Ann said...

Really good read! I'll be back for

Lori said...

Your word-paintings are so vivid, so well defined and written.

I look forward to the next installment.


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