Thursday, September 11, 2008

These are some photos I have taken over the last few months. I have been experimenting with photo shop and ran these through tonight.
The first shot is my brother Buddy's dog Rosie. Buddy loved Rosie..He passed away 8 years ago. My sister-in-law said Rosie looked for Buddy for years.

{please click on photos for a better view}

The second photo is my Mom's clematis..It is so beautiful when it blooms it takes my breath away..It is a wild rambling vine that has taken over the corner of her fence. Wrapping itself around it like a lover wraps herself around the one she loves.
Third photo: Blackbird at park getting ready to take a bath..He was a grouchy little bird. He looked at me so mean..He changed his tune when I gave him my fries.

4th photo: Birdhouse that lives on the clay pots. It has actually taken on a life all its own ..Housing spiders instead of birds. Just harmless ones that spin webs in early morning light...

5 th photo: These are the stone steps that I got all by myself from a junk yard when I was 29. I use to have a 1972 Buick Le Sabre with a 455, it had a trunk that would house a small village. I put about 10 of those stones in at a time. You should have seen me crossing the railroad tracks in that car when I had the stones in the trunk.. it was hilarious. I could have ruined the shocks on my car with that big of a load. The next time I went there I only loaded 5 at a time. I made a sidewalk with these while John was at work. He was so impressed when he came home and found a walk there leading to the back yard..

6th picture: Birds chatting on a wire.. I watched these birds one day while I was at Mom's house. They just sat there and chatted for about 15 minutes. It was really neat. I was amazed at their interaction..

I send you all warm thoughts this evening and hope you have a great weekend..
Today's song, Click, Click, Click, Click by Bishop Allen
Love this song....i hope you have a chance to listen to it.
1st video, 1st clip


Anonymous said...

How fun, Nita. I've tried, but can't seem to get that photoshop groove. You've definitely got it.

Lori said...

Peace and love to you today, Nita.

I like your work in PS...adding a creative touch to the photos.


Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Those photos are great; I love your brothers' dog's photo. I like to "play" in PS, too. What filters or effects did you use?
I am practicing with PS, altering my blog banner and creating new ones for each season. Nothing fancy, yet, but I'm still learning.

Nonnie said...

wonderful, nita....i love playing with photos definitely have GOT it! :0
hugs friend,

Annette said...

These are neat looking! I like the colors in them. Looks like you had some fun doing these as welHave a great week end friend!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I just find it frustrating so far. I think I need to get a book. By the way, I'm having a drawing if you care to stop by.

Ewa said...

Hello Nita,
Thank you so much for vising my blog at Window Party :) and also taking your time and commenting.

Donna said...

Sweet night little love...Great pictures!hughugs

Nita Jo said...

Beautiful job on the photos. My favorite is of Rosie... such a sweet face.

It's strange to me that we both lost brothers 8 years ago. My brother was Tommy. He passed on August 8, 2000. I posted about him on his birthday, July 31.

It's hard losing loved ones. I want you to know that you and Elizabeth are still in my prayers!

Nita Jo (the other Nita!)

Just Joni said...

These photos are really cool. I'm always amazed at what we can pull off with PS. It's fun to play around with different images...I really like the birds on the wire.

Have a sweet day dear friend ~

Jann said...

I love what you did with these photos, Nita! I tried to call you last week but just got voice-mail, so I left a msg. Love, Jann

Sally said...

I especially love the story about the stones! You sound so much like me - I did the same thing with leftover bricks when they were building the house next door. Whew - at least I didn't have to load them in and out of the car! I just made about 300 trips back & forth with six bricks in each arm. Then, I made a patio. :)

Jeanne said...

That is so neat. What cool effects you got playing with them.

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW... GREAT work! Very clever!
Prayers go out to your family friend!


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