Friday, October 10, 2008

The sky was so beautiful today. The corn is getting harvested right now. I see Farmers driving their huge combines down narrow country roads always waving with a smile on their face.

When you drive around out in the country people always wave. I like that. It gives a sense of familiarity.

I took this photo of the corn against the sky. If you click on the photo you can see the way the sun is flowing through the corn stalks and leaves. I noticed the sky was several shades of blues..

This barn has went through a transformation since last year. It was rather faded and worn looking. The owners have really done a wonderful job painting and fixing it up. I liked the flag in front of it.

I thought it was neat that I came across Sassafras Road! How cool is that?

This little Sparrow was waiting for me when I got home. Looking at me beseechingly, for seed to be put in the feeder.

This old barn used to belong to a friend of mine. They have moved and I miss seeing her work in her garden. One year she grew thousands of straw flowers and hung them up in this barn to dry them. The colors were amazing, yellows, creams, bright pinks, red, blue, purple. She made greeting cards with them, She gave huge bouquets of them away as presents. So I named the barn Straw flower Barn. And when I pass it I remember the Summer of a 1,000 Straw flowers....

Orange is a color that just makes my heart happy..It is bright and cheerful and reminds me of Summer. The Rose Moss is still blooming in my clay pots in the front yard.. I will miss them when they are gone.

I found this feather on my porch yesterday morning..I am not sure what kind it is. But i love it.

Last night as the sun was going down. I stood on the porch and sipped my tea as I and watched it slipping through the trees. I love the bright spots of light that flashed through the branches. Casting warm orange yellow rays across the sky and onto my grateful face..Is anything more glorious than watching a sunset?

Last but not least my little orange dog Molly.. What a sweet companion. I say little, but she is really pretty big. She is half pit bull. I have had her for 8 years. Elizabeth named her Molly Holly Zimmerman when we first got her. LoL
Molly has the sweetest eyes to me, and I love to watch her roll on her back. She is so funny when she does that. She will sit and watch the birds and squirrels eat and never bother them. She is a kind soul. But very protective. I love her..

I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend.


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Nita!! I love your photographs....the corn and the barn are so very beautiful! and the precious know I love it too. Your sweet puppy is adorable and I love the photo you took ~ wishing you a blessed and happy weekend! xxoo, Dawn

pchickki said...

What beautiful photos. I wish I had your camera. You have yet another talent in photography.

The old barn looks so beautiful, you know how I love barns! I can just imagine how pretty that old straw flower barn was.

The corn field reminds me of when I was 14 years old and used to get up at 3am to detassel the corn for a few cents an hour. I hated that. The ground was wet and it sucked my shoes off in the mud. That was my first job.

Molly Holly is so cute. By the way how is Elizabeth?

Hope you are having a great week.
God Bless You

Karen M said...

Those are some wonderful pictures! I loved them all. You have so much creativity. I love the words pictures you create too. You have a talent for writing. Molly looks so sweet.

Have a great weekend.

whitey said...


Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Beautiful photos Nita, just beautiful

Brenda said...

Old barns, old buildings, and old memories are all favorites of mine. Beautiful post young lady!

kimberly said...

love the photos, always, thanks for sharing....and your thoughts!

Sally said...

Great photo's, Nita. Thanks for sharing them. (HUGS)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos, Nita!

I love the corn field, looking so serene in the light. The red barn is so classic looking. I am such a barn lover, you wouldn't believe how I stop on roads, highways and the interstate to take a photo of a barn. LOL.

Birds..those feathered wonders...I love your photo.

Each one evokes an emotion, and shows what you treasure in your environment. The poochie...too cute.

Hugs and Love, Sweet One,

Thanks for stopping by.

Robin said...

Molly Holly is a sweetheart! My husband named my little mutt "Mole-ey Ann Wilson"...I do not know why...her name is Sarah..... I guess she looks like a Mole-y Ann to him!
I love moss Roses! One of my favorites!

Amy said...

Nita, Barns are always among my favorite sights. Your photography is wonderful, as always!!
Is the feather a Blue Jay??

Nola said...

Molly is beautiful! I love the old barn shot, too. Don't you wish women got to name all the streets and roads? We'd have such lovely names; way more poetic than Avenue A, or Main Street!

MARIA said...

Hi Nita!
What a beautiful pics...they reminded me my childhood.
Beautifully written post.

Last time probably I don't understand your post correctly.
My English is very poor.
Please, be forgiving.

My best wishes to you!

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