Sunday, February 15, 2009

I want to thank you my friends

for being there for me during this difficult time.

I have appreciated your comments, cards, e-mails, phone calls and presents.

I made these pieces yesterday and today.

I have two necklaces and two bracelets to give away. We will have 4 winners.

Please leave me a comment about your happiest Valentines day. I love hearing other people's memories it always cheers me up.. Everyone please feel free to leave a comment..Even if you are new to my site.

I will do a drawing this Wednesday February 18, 2009 the winners will be announced that night.

love nita

tonight's song, Songbird by Eva Cassidy
1st video, 1st clip

i hope you have time to listen to this it is for you..


Vickie said...

Nita, so nice to see you are improving. Yesterday, so far, was the best Valentine's Day I've ever had. Were there roses, candy, or wine? No. I took a moment and thought about what the good Lord has blessed me with. I have family and friends from all over. It brings me to tears to think my Lord loves me so much that he blessed me so richly. I hope you continue to improve and you're right, you are not replaceable sweet friend.

Nita Jo said...

Nita, I am so happy that your faith is helping to keep you strong. I read about your squirrels and birds. So strange... I've never seen a squirrel in my yard and last week there were dozens of robins and four squirrels in my back yard. It looked like a miniature animal park! Cheered me up!

Songbird is special to me. Before my mom passed, we would sit and listen to that CD. Eva's version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is another favorite. You are still in my prayers!

Nita Jo

Mona said...

How nice it is to see you back blogging! :) You have had so much on you..and you are!
Sending you a hug! It's a helpless feeling when someone is going through a bad time..and all we can do is sit here and try and say something encouraging. Anyway...just nice to see you...

The Feathered Nest said...

Nita, just look at you....recovering from major surgery and offering your wonderful artwork in a giveaway!!!! You always amaze and inspire me, I would be so honored to own a piece of your work and will post about it as well....hugs and love, xxoo, Dawn

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Nita your pieces are beautiful! I'm happy to see you are busy creating!
I have not listened to Eva Cassidy in such a long time...Songbird is my alltime favorite!
I guess my best Valentine memory is when I put a sheet on the table and made a nice dinner (newly married) and it looked very valentine-ish! No fancy dinners here!

Stevie said...

Thank you for the kind words. Your words seem to always touch my heart. Lee and I say "you never know"....So I do believe in taking one day at a time and to feel blessed that I have it.
In spite of everything, yesterday was one of my favorite Valentines. Since I had already made reservations, Lee and I went to Porches Resturant in Wesson, MS. It was so beautiful. It is an old Victorian style house turned into a resturant. The food was good, the service was good, the owners were very just felt comfortable. Lee has already hinted it would be nice to come back for her birthday. The smile on her face, hearing her laugh, seeing how excited she was walking around snapping pictures of everything....making comments to how beautiful everything was took me away made me feel good inside. She has posted several pics on her blog. Before taking her home, we went and rented the movie "Nights in Rodanthe". We got home, exchanged our Valentines cards and presents with one another. I gave Lee a glass trinket box with pink roses on top, a glass vase with pink roses, a glass lady that dates back to the 60s, she is wearing a "Southern Bell" dress and yes she is holding a pink rose. I had already given her a dozen white roses earlier. I tried to find red and white roses but couldn't. We enjoyed the was good. Lee allowed me to forget all about my heartaches and troubles...even if it was only for one night... She is wonderful. It makes me feel so good inside, when I see her smiling and laughing...happy... She deserves to be happy. I am lucky and blessed that she is part of my life. She is my best friend.

Annette said...

What pretty pieces....lets most memorable mom and step dad (my dad in my heart) had not gotten married yet, just a few weeks away from it, and I had gotten into my the cupboard to get a bowl for cereal, and there was this huge red foiled lip's in the bowl with a note written by him and it said " your Mom kisses my lips, but my lip's say "I love Joyce's daughter" Love Gilbert. I'm crying over here, what I wouldn't give to hear those words from again from him. You know I love to hear your stories as well, and I so badly wish you lived close, and we are sister's...Sister's in Christ, we are family we share the same love for the same man, named Jesus!!

The Feathered Nest said...

ps.....don't count this as another entry but I forgot!! My sweetest Valentine's day was when Dennis gave me a pair of a beautiful bird cage ~ I thought it was the sweetest thing ever ~ hugs to you dear friend! xxoo, Dawn

Annette said...

My Amanda saw your jewelry and I thought you had a site that you sell your stuff on, but I couldn't find it, she saw a bracelet you have posted and loved it...e~mail me and let me know....
Love you

Barb said...

Just came from Dawn's blog (the feathered nest).

Please put my name in the drawing for that beautiful pearl like necklace!

My best Valentine's Day ever?
I'd have to say when our first grandson was born on Valentines Day
2 years ago. Now every Valentine's Day we get to celebrate his birth!!

Lifting up you and your daughter for better health soon.

Barbara Jean

Patti said...

Love your jewelry Nita.

My happiest Valentines Day was when I had not known my husband to well but he got my attention when he called me from a trip back from WA on his cell phone while I was at work and ask me to be his Valentine. That was 16 years ago. He is still as sweet to me now as he was back then.

Hope you had a good Valentiens Day sweetie.

Lynns Lovelies said...

Hi Nita~I'm another pop-over from Dawn's.
Your jewelry is beautiful and inspiring, just like you. I have read most of your posts, thru tears and so admire your strength.
So many of your thought, feelings are so familiar and helpful to so many. You are an angel here on earth...God is using you to inspire and help others.
My favorite Valentine's Day~~hmmm would have to be this past Saturday. The reason is was the best is because it was one more to share with my beloved Steven. We exchanged cards, shared dark chocolate candy and a Lifescapes Jazz cd.
My prayers are with you..for your body to get stronger each day and for your heart to be soothed.
Many hugs,

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hello Nita,
I came over from Dawn's site to meet you and put you on my prayer list for healing. She is an angel. If you should draw my name, please send the gift to Dawn at the Feathered Nest. It's not that I would not love it, but I would love it more if I could give. Have courage, God is holding your hand real tight.

Karen G. said...

I just came to tell you that you are in my prayers. There are things that happen in life that we think we are not strong enough to handle. But when we have God on our side, it is easier. I have a piece of paper on my computer at work that says "if God will bring you to it, He will bring you THROUGH it". This has been the only thing that has gotten me through the tragedies in my life.

Favorite Valentine's? This last one. We were both off & were able to spend the whole day together. We went out for breakfast & dinner. Such a treat!

Keep your faith close, Nita!

annemarie said...

My prayers are with you - just discovered your blog from Dawn. My best Valentines Day were the one when my children were young. They loved the making of valentines and eating the candy - such innocence.

Sheila R said...

I just found you through Dawn at the Feathered Nest and had to say a prayer for you. May God continue to bless you and hold you tightly. My favorite Valentine's Day was probably this year. Exchanging cards and spending quality time with my wonderful hubby and children relaxing and snuggling together.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

My Favorite Valentine Memory: 1994. That's the day my husband asked me to marry him.
Glad you're feeling better, Nita. God bless you.

Angelfeather said...

Dear Nita
I am glad you are healing, although I know when you are going through it this it feels like an eternity. Your faith, insight and the love of others will sustain you. Just as you I have been through life altering expereices - more than once and that is was got me to the other side. This Valentine's day was probably one of the best.My wonderful man brought me beautiful purple tulips - purple is my favorite color, he also had a bottle of wine for dinner that night, the lable on the bottle was "cupcake" I save while lables, and later on in the evening he said he got me chocolate also. He knows I am not a chocolates person - but this was in the form of ice cream - which I am an ice cream person! But the cutest part was the valentine from my Kitty! Two years ago when I had major surgery and was home recouping for 12 weeks I just added a sweet little Persian kitty, Phoebe to our household. She spent all that time with me and the bond is amazing. We also have two other cats that are Maine Coons, siblings!
The card went like this, I hope it makes you smile:
I thank you for the food you bring,
and for my little squeaky thing.
I thank you for your friendly talks
and when you clean the litter box.
I thank you for the naps we share,
and putting up with tufts of hair.
I thank you for these things you do...
But mote of all for being you.
Happy Valentines Day
Love Phoebe
this is from Zig & Grace too, but they're not smart enough to write yet.
and I know David loves you a wicked lot too so give him a kiss.

They are keepers!

Keep up the faith and know there are many who send their thoughts and prayers to you.

Sweet Romance said...

My prayers are with you, you have been through so much it's hard to understand when God put's one person through so much. You are so unbelievable to be posting and then a giveaway on top of that. Your jewelry is so beautiful and shows you have a huge heart. Please get well real soon...........((((hugs)))))


Deb said...

What an inspiration you are! I hope that you are feeling a little stronger each day. Be gentle with yourself. I found your blog through Dawn's and I came right over to "check" on the one that she's feels so loving towards. Now I see why! We have never met, but I feel encouraged just by reading the words from your heart. We share several beliefs, that of faith in our God, the gift of hope, and the reality and assurance that things happen for a reason. My favorite Valentine? The birth of my son 17 years ago on Feb 14, and for my daddy, my first and forever Valentine. May love, joy and comfort be yours for you surely deserve them all. Thanks for sharing

Miss Sandy said...

I am here by way of The Feathered Nest. I wanted to leave a little prayer for you and your daughter even though you asked for a valentine memory.

May the Lord bless and keep you. May His face shine upon you. May He be gracious unto you and bless you with full, complete, and total healing.

Dragonlady said...

Hi from Florida, I am new to your blog, I came via, Dawn at The Feathered Nest blog....and she said you were in need of thoughts and prayers and I wanted to come by and offer mine for you...
i look forward to checking out your entire blog and looking at your beautiful jewelry....

My hugs and prayers are with you!

Maija said...

Wow Nita! You have been delightfully creative! Please enter my name in your give away!
My best Valentines Day was in 1988 when I married my husband!

Michele said...

Nita - I found your blog from Dawn at the Feathered Nest..and I wanted to stop by and wish you well. I will add you to my prayers at night...please know that God will be there for you.

I'm going to add you to my favorites if that's ok!


vintage moon studio said...

These are all so lovely, Nita! Go take a peek at my blog... a surprise is there for you! xox Deb

Creations from my heart said...

I found your blog through Dawn at The Feathered Nest. I am going to pray for you and your daughter. I always love Valentines Day, no matter what I do. This year was very nice just spending the day with my husband, nothing special just the gift of time. Your necklaces are beautiful. YOu are in my prayers this evening...Sherry

Cherylyn said...

hi, Nita -
My best Valentine's gift was your comment on my blog. Sometimes you put things "out there" just to get them out of your heart. Not realizing that someone is listening. Thank you for listening. I loved reading your heart felt blog. You are in my prayers. Take care.

Christnie Dallimore said...

Hello Nita! I am new to your site and're jewelry is just beautiful!! My favorite Valentine's Day was spent with my new baby girl, Kendra. I had suffered from years of infertility and lost a sweet baby boy in the middle of my first pregnancy. I believe it is those rough spots that have made my life so much sweeter though. Life is so very precious. I will pray for you and your family. I hope you have a healthy and very speedy recovery!

They call me Estatez... said...

Nita, I read about you at Dawn's site, The Feathered Nest. I wish you a speedy recovery. What a great story about the squirrels and birds. All of God's creatures, eh? This year dh and I dug a well in Africa for our Valentine gift to each other. I loved saying that to people at work when they asked me what we were doing for Valentines Day. They looked at me as if I was off of my rocker. Instead of going out, buying flowers or cards or candy we made a donation to Angels Mission. They dig wells in Africa so the locals will have drinking water. I can do without a card or flowers, they NEED water.


Wendy said...

I found you through Dawn's blog. My heart goes out to you at the loss of your beloved husband and your health issues as well. Your jewelry is beautiful. My happiest Valentine's Day was 21 years ago when my husband got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. God bless you, Nita. xox

Sandi McBride said...

So glad you're recovering Nita...and this is some beautiful work you've done! But then, I'm not surprised!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Nita,

I think my best Valentine's day was the year my husband's mom received her heart. She had a heart transplant on Valentine's day and it was such a miracle. We were blessed with another 12 years that we would not have had otherwise. I cannot look at the symbol of a heart without thinking of her. I hope that you are feeling a little better...keeping you in my prayers.


Benita said...

The nicest Valentines that I have ever shared with someone was this very year. My dear sweet husband and I spent the entire day together, beginning with my favorite breakfast in bed ! What a surprise. It's not the amount of $$$ spent .... it's the gift of true love and talents he shares with me....true gifts of the that only he can give and these are the truest of gifts that I have ever received from anyone. Prayers for you and yours, Benita Carol in NC

Dolly said...

Nita its so good to see you back! And keeping busy creating! ;-)

My most memorable Valentines day was when hubby and I signed the papers to purchase an 1856 victorian farmhouse! we received the keys valentines day and had a candle lite dinner {carry out} on a blanket on the floor.
It was wonderful!

Hugz, Dolly

Classic Charm said...

Hi Nita, so glad to see you're doing better. I've been really negleting my blog lately, I've just had a lot going on. You made some pretty pieces here!

Just Joni said...

Oh you sweet and creative girl, I can see you in your creations.

One of my happiest Valenitne days was when precious little kindergarten fingers proudly presented me with a heart pin that had glitter and glue all over the place and it said, "Luv Ya"'s still my most valuable piece of jewelry.


MooreMagnets said...

Sending thoughts and prayers to you for your speedy recovery! Your blog is truly a gift!

My favorite valentines day? Well, this one. No fancy dinners, no flowers... Just my husband home, not out of town working, we went to my oldest son's soccer game and I picked up steaks for dinner. All 5 of us sat down for dinner and the kids opened the corny cards that I got for them. We laughed! No broken hearts, no tears, no fights... Although I am quite sure that there is a disappointed 13-year old girl at home saddened that our oldest son didn't give her a valentine. However, I am relieved that he isn't interested...yet...

kimberly said...

the jewelry is beautiful, nita...very unique and romantic!
i loved valentine's day when my five girls were little....helping them buy and pick out their individual valentines for each person in their class....a very BIG deal you know! :) but i think one of the sweetest valentine's days, was this past one....all of our children and grandchildren were together....including our new little boy that jamie and matt were blessed to adopt.....just feeling the love and peace and joy from EVERYONE to finally see them be mommy and daddy, and to share love with them as a family after 8 years of longing.....was a true true day of love and blessings.
hugs, nita...

Jeanne said...

So glad you're doing better Nita and up to visiting. Beautiful pieces, you have such a gift!
My happiest Valentine's Day has to be the day we got married. We'll share the romance with the rest of the world but it's a very special day for Matt and I since we started our life as husband and wife that day.

Jann said...

Hi Nita! You've created lovely, lovely pieces! I have the album, "Songbird" by Eva Cassidy--what a beautiful voice that woman had! My happiest Valentine's Day has to be this one we just had, as I got to spend it with lots of family, especially my youngest son and my youngest (6 months old) granddaughter. They live in Idaho and I miss them so much--it's been so lovely to have them here at my house--Lots of hugs, Jann

Anonymous said...


I am sending prayers for both you and your daughter; may you enjoy perfect healing and health very, very soon.

One of my greatest memories of Valentine's Day was when my father, who was very ill, and who could not get out to buy us (my mom, my sis, and I) our usual beautiful cards and box of chocolates, made us each little valentines. He used the corrugated paper from inside a box of candy someone had brought to him. He cut simple little hearts, drew a flower on each one, and on mine, he wrote a word on each petal: "I will always love you, forever and forever." I cried when he presented me with the little handcrafted valentine. He died the following Thanksgiving Day; we never shared another Valentine's Day, but each year, I bring out my precious little valentine, and I feel his love. I will feel it forever and forever... JB

Nancy said...

I so sorry everything is piling on you at once. I'm sending healing thoughts your way.

VintageCrafter said...

Hello Nita,
I usually just read blogs and am rather shy about posting a comment. I was reading Dawn's blog where she mentioned that a few hugs and prayers were needed in your corner! I am so inspired by your wonderful post about the birds and squirrels returning to help you "heal". You are such a generous, kind soul to share your creativity with others. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you a speedy recovery.
My favorite Valentine's Day memory would be this year. My son(he's 5) and my daughter(she's 10) spent a whole afternoon conspiring to create the best valentine ever. It was presented all sparkly to me first thing on Saturday morning. It came with many hugs and kisses!!! I think it was the best day ever!!!
Warm hugs and smiles for you too!

TobyBo said...

I have not been here in awhile but stopped by tonight and the pretty things caught my eye. I scrolled down and saw about your surgery, and the anniversary of your husband's death... I am praying for you.

My favorite Valentine's Day? hmmm... I am now Mom to 5 and love it that they make me little cards... but my all time favorite has nothing to do with romance... it was the year I was in I think 3rd grade and at dinner found my Mum had wrapped a little bouncy ball (the inch or so kind) in red tissue paper at each of our places - and coolness of coolness back in the 60s - they glowed in the dark. This gift was so unexpected and cool to me that I have always remembered it fondly.

Debbie said...

Thanks for the lovely site and the beautiful blog candy. This is my first time here. From what I hear you are a very lovely lady who has had a rough time. You will be in my thougts and prayers.

My favorite valentine was when my husband brought me a dozen red roses. My husband usually does not buy me flowers. We usually go to the craft store and he will buy me something.That year had been really hard on the family and he want to let me know how special I was. You should see the smile on my face. I had him take a picture with me and my roses.

God Bless

debbie peysen

The Artful Eye said...

Nita, I'm glad your feeling better and creating. I hope Elizabeth is doing well too.

Everyday is Valentine's Day.

Sending love and well wishes.

Mrs. Naz of All That Naz & Becoming Me said...

You are so precious for doing this. I just read through some of your last posts and they really moved me. I so wish to erase your pain, but God truly has something better in mind.

My favorite Valentines day was 10 years husband proposed...he set up a magnificent scavenger hunt...very romantic

Rockin' Robin S. said...

Just found your blog through The Feathered Nest blog. I feel we are kindred spirits already.
My favorite Valentines day was the year my hubby bought me this little stuffed bumble bee and had a watch for me on the arm, and also one red rose. I lost him May 2007 and I slept with that little bee for a long while. Now it sits on my bed so I can see it. Such a comfort and sweet memory of him.
Prayers for you coming from me.
Cyber Hugs, Rockin' Robin S.

Trish said...

Nita - I found your blog through the Feathered Nest - I read your blog and I am so touched by you! Your faith is immense - Your sorrow can be felt but the hope that shines through is incredible - Just know that I've said a prayer for you! Thank you for inspiring me - thank you for your Hope!

Trish Chavez

Sharon said...

Hello Nita. Nice to meet you. I must tell you how much your story about not being replaceable ment to me. I too feed the birds and squirrels. One squirrel in paticular ( I call him Chester). Every morning he comes to a small tree outside my window holds his paws on his chest and stares at me. I proceed to go out with some nuts for him. When I was ill and stuck in bed he went from window to window until he found me, and there he sat for days until I was better. Even though my DH was puting his food out he wouldn't leave me. You are so right. I hope you are feeling better and I shall keep you in my prayers. Visit my blog, if you like I have occasional stories & pics of Chester. This Valentines day was special because DH thought of all tthe little things I like to do and we did some like a walk around the lake with Teddy our pup, visiting our son for a short time,having a nice dinner at a favorite place and a bouquet of spring flowers. Nothing fancy just warm and loving. Just the way I like it. Warmly, Sharon

Nathalie Thompson said...

I think this Valentine's Day was the best ever, because I had my husband all to myself (sans kids). And he gave me a single red rose, which means more to me than a dozen.

Beautiful jewelry BTW. I love the "brown" bracelet- it's my color! :)

Hope you are improvig daily.

oh, and YES, I got your postcard!!! You are so thoughtful.

martha said...

Nita, you are going to be just fine. You are responding to your own pain by reaching out to others with a giving spirit. That shows how wise you are. And with wisdom comes strength. I just found your blog tonight through "Feathered Nest". I've gone back and read from the beginning. Oh my. You have the most beautiful soul. You remind me of a quote: "When placed into the hands of God, all of our pain becomes bread to nourish, soap to cleanse, fire to purify, a chisel to carve heavenly features...." Your heavenly features radiantly reflect God. You are bringing Him much glory in this life. God bless you.

My favorite Valentine's Day was my first with the man who is now my husband. It was 1977, I was 18. We had no $, we walked to town and he gave me a helium balloon from the bank. We looked at Valentine cards in the store and showed each other what we would have chosen for each other. It felt very special.


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