Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day Give-a-Way...

I am making up a package today for a Mother's Day Give-a-Way..
If you would like to be entered please leave a comment.

Even if you are not a Mom please feel free to enter.

Give-a-Way Package will include: A vintage table cloth..Vintage pillow cases.. Vintage Quilt Top...A bracelet..seed packages for your garden...and a few other lovelies..

I will close comments tomorrow night and I will have Elizabeth draw a name. You have till midnight to sign up..

xoxo Nita


SmileyGirl said...

Woo Hoo! Hvae to say I am a constant lurker but also a constant reader. Have followed you since John had his accident. you are a real inspiration. I hope YOU have a Happy Mother's Day too!

Lee Laurie said...

Please enter me into your give- away. I read your blog everyday. You have helped me to look at things through different eyes. You are an inspiration to me.

Lee Laurie

Anonymous said...

Awww Nita, that is just so sweet! Please enter me, too:)
Have a wonderful evening~~

Nita Jo said...

Another fun giveaway! Yes please enter me.

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I'm seeing a bit better with reading glasses, but I'm still hoping for more improvement. It's cutting down the amount of time I can look at my computer. I'm way behind on my favorite blogs... like yours!

Nita Jo

Annette said...

your so sweet, always thinking of other's! but like before and always will be, thats one of the many reasons why I love you....
count me in...
Hugs to ALWAYS

Laura Haviland said...

Nita please enter me, Wow.
How nice of you.
I love Dawn's Bird Nest ring, that is one of the coolest things seen in awhile. What a lovely gift.
I hope you have a Happy Mother's day.
Hugs, Laura.

grandma said...

I just found out about your blog from Dawn of The Feathered Nest. I am new to blog land, but not new to collecting vintage items and doing crafts. Going to Antique Shops is one of my favorite things, however, there are just a couple in my town, so am always happy to go out of town and find new ones. I have read so many lovely blogs from ladies who share my interests, and these are all inspiring to me. I would feel honored to be entered in your lovely Give-a-Way....

Linda, from and also a blogger on Borensisters.

Doolallysally said...

Hi Nita
I read your last post and the tears came pouring silently down my face, like a floodgate. The conrete angel song did more of the same! Although I was never abused physically my father was such a verbal abuser and I am now having counselling to help me understand. This post in contrast makes a truly sweet and heartwarming gesture, for which i want to thank you. Your blog has helped me and continues to help me trust in myself and above all God.
With love Salx ps: Happy Mothers Day to you too!

Dianne Jay said...

What a womderful giveaway. Please enter me. Great Inspirations.

Ellen said...

Please count me in! I found your blog through The Feathered Nest and have enjoyed reading your posts.

I hope you find out what is going on with your daughter soon. I know you are so worried. My daughter had an enlarged spleen when she was a baby. They never did figure out why, but it eventually went down... and she is a happy 23 year old today!

Amy said...

Nita, Please enter me into your giveaway. You are so sweet to offer such treasures!!
I hope you have a great Mother's Day :)

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Nita, How sweet of you to think of others!!! Please enter me in your giveaway. I wanted you to know that I'm glad you have brought up the discussion of healing broken hearts. It's a message everyone needs to hear. Isn't it great that God~( Jesus ) said~~~I'll never leave you or forsake you!!! That's always been a comfort to me.I'll be praying for you as you seek healing and restoration on all levels of your life. I do know where you are comming from. God's Richest Blessings Sweet Nita, In Him, Deborah

Denise said...

Nita, I would just love to be included in your drawing. Thank you so much. I hope your Mother's Day is special, like you.

kimberly said...

what a romantic gift of lovelies, nita.....but sounds just like you!
count me in too....

Dragonlady said...

A wonderfl giveaway, enter me please, i read your blog in m google reader daily..

Stella said...

Hi Nita,

I'm a constant reader/lurker through Bloglines. I don't even remember how I found your blog, but I remember it caught my interest because my late husband had a spinal cord injury, and I identify with you on several levels.

Please enter me! :) I am a big fan of vintage decor and gardening too!


A bird in the hand said...

Ooooh, vintage!
You're so special to be doing a mother's day giveaway.
love and xxooxx

KV Creative Designs said...

I found you from Dawn's blog "The Feathered Nest". Please enter me in your giveaway!
Thank you for the kind gesture!
Artful Blessings,

Laurie in Ca. said...

I am just stopping in to let you know I love you and think you are wonderful Nita. If you want to enter me and I am not too late, go for it. Your give away sounds so lovely and I love all things vintage. Have a wonderful mothers day and know you are loved.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Traceytreasure said...

I'm probably too late but I was feeling lucky anyway!

Thanks and hugs!!

One Vintage Hag said...

oh goodness... just under the midnight deadline. would love for your mothers day giveaway to be my first blog win. could also use some additional seed packages for the village garden. love bracelets ~ and could always use another quilt top & tablecloth. please put my name in your tin heart.
happy mothers day~!
~one vintage hag

Anonymous said...

Wow! Vintage goodness! What a fantastic Mother's Day pressie! Thank you for your generosity, please include me in your drawing.
Happy Mother's Day!


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