Tuesday, October 9, 2007

200th post!!!!

Why yes, this is my 200th post . And , I am introducing you to Suzi Blu. Check out her videos on You Tube in the top right corner. She is so funny I just fell in love with her, not in a weird girl on girl way. Just as a very funny person I love kind of way. I laughed so hard at all of her videos because she is just plain funny. And they are only 2 minutes long!! She teaches about art, and journaling. And, she is really good at teaching. She motivated me so much just to keep doing an art journal. I learned more from her little videos in 2 minutes than I have from some people in a whole class. I found out about her on On Amanda's site, Hidden Art , Thanks Amanda!!

I would like to have a give-a-way for my 200th post so please leave a comment to be included. ~nita~

There is a new video on below Suzi, Here Comes the Rain, by the Eurythmics. This song makes me feel alive. To be out on that cliff with those clouds rolling in would be wonderful, with the spray of the ocean in your face. That's living. And her voice is so intoxicating. It soothes the ear. It says no embedding, but just click on it and it will go to a screen and play anyhow. ~nita~


Donna said...

Congratulations!! Enjoy!!

red tin heart said...

Donna: Did you watch the video of suzi? Did ya? What about the b52 video? You need to laugh and dance this morning. So if you haven't done either of these things please do so. It is National Dance in your front room day. I just declared it!! xoxo Nita

Lori said...

I come to your site daily to see how you and your family are doing. You are such an insperation to others! Yes I watched the video of great thanks for sharing...

katherine. said...

atta girl. 200 posts for you....thousands of blessings for your readers!

red tin heart said...

lORI: Thank you! I am so happy you come here daily. I am glad you liked Suzi. Watching her has made me want to be like my old self again. I am alot like her. Just plain silly. xoxo Nita

Katherine: Thank you sweet katherine.. snicker nita

Q said...

Wow! 200!
You inspire so many people, thank you for your honesty and your beauty.
We are grateful for you.
I did dance in my livingroom this afternoon. Very funny...silly is good.

red tin heart said...

Sherry: I am so happy you danced in your living room, I must admit I did too. Thank you for your kind compliment. I get inspired by the people I visit everyday to. I loved your shadow creation. It was beautiful! xoxo Nita

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Thank you for introducing me to Suzi! She is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Such an adorable person! Thanks Nita. Congratulations on 200! Like I said, "You've got it going on!"

Mary said...

Nita! Congratulations! I've only posted 250 times in a year!

Keep them coming. Let us know how John is doing soon :o)

mon@rch said...

200 post! WOW congrats for sure!

red tin heart said...

Robin: You are welcome. I think she is so cool. xoxo nita

Vickie: you got it going on too. Thanks for your encouragement and cards. xoxo nita

Mary: Thank you. I am getting ready to make a post on John tommorow. xoxo nita

Monarch: Thanks. Have you ever seen an Indigo Bunting? ~nita~

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

wow, Nita, thanks for a wake up video! Thoroughly enjoyed this!

Bethany said...

I was on your blog at 3 a.m. and didnt want to leave some half asleep comment...But I have to say thanks for the videos of Suzi...lot of fun.
Thanks for the video clip of Here Comes The that song AND video.
And thanks most of all for...YOU!!! I'm so happy for you and your 200th post ...YAHOOOOO!!! I will be dancing in my studio today just cause you said so...and I'll get my son in on the act!! Love you xo

Anonymous said...

i never really counted how many posts i already did. congratulations for your 200th post!

red tin heart said...

Blondie: I'm glad you liked it. Because i like you. xo nita

Bethany: We need more dancing in this world, i believe it could possible end wars, ok maybe just fights. But, anyway i am glad you love here comes the rain, one more thing we have in common. And i love you because you are totally awesome. xoxo nita

Pia: i am glad to see you, back i missed you. Thanks. xoxo nita

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Congrats on your 200th post, Nita. Keep 'em coming.

red tin heart said...

SUSAN: Thanks. xoxo Nita

Amy Wagner said...

Am I too late in entering your giveaway?
Thinking of you as always.
My Mom had 2 terrible bed sores that I had to help take care of along with Hospice here at home. I know what you mean about the smell from them. It is like something rotten ...which it really is!
I was 5 months pregnant with Anna then too. Ugh. I felt sooo sorry for my Mom. I hope they help John with his. They are misserable.
John is so lucky to have you, Nita!

red tin heart said...

Amy: You are never too late!!I am seeing how many people respond before Saturday, and I will draw a name Sunday night and I will take a picture of it. have a great day. I know without a shadow of a doubt I would have adored you at 5. love ***nita***


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