Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am going to see John this evening, I went a few days ago and he is really having a difficult time. It is so hard to write about it sometimes. I keep so much in, I hate to show pain. He has an infection still and is fighting it, he has a bedsore the size of my fist on his tailbone.
I could literally see inside his body. I cried all the way home the other day, I felt so helpless. I asked the doctor what they are doing about it, they are treating it aggressively. He is turned every 2 hours and it has to be deep cleaned and packed. It is horrible, I had to leave the room during the procedure because it smelt so bad I thought I was going to throw up. He has went through so much. But, yet he still smiles. I would appreciate the continued prayers of everyone for John . He needs them so much. For anyone who would like to send a card here is his address:
SSM Rehab
c/o John Zimmerman
room 137
6420 Clayton Road
St. Louis , Mo.
I could not get the Water is Wide to load. So I put a song on here that has always been me and John's song. Dream Weaver, by Gary Wright. We loved this one when we were teenagers. ~nita~
It is to the right of this post click on the second photo.


* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Next to art, right alongside and as vital to me as the air I breath, is music. I thought of you this morining as I chose a few songs on my i-pod while I prepared to come to the office. I was 'holding you up' as I it surrounded me. And now I read this and my heart is heavy for you and John, but I don't want to keep a heaviness for you. I want to replace that with lightness and joy and strength and courage. And all that is possible because of love. Four little letters.

xox Rella

Jeannene said...

"Dear Sweet Nita,
you inspire me with your strength, and endurance for the sake of your husband!" Remember; there is always our prayers lifting you up in the mists of sorrow, doubt and weakness you may feel, physically, mentally, and emotionally. "We care and love you more then words can say!!"

Psalms 46:1~11

Donna said...

Nita...Go to the pharmacy and ask the Pharmacist, not a tech, if you can still get "sulfer powder." It's an older remedy, but while the Dr's are shaking their heads, and John's suffering, you could already get that bed sore under control. They will fight you, they did me when I did it for my Dad. If you can get it in a cream, more the better. It to stinks, but it started healing Daddy's within days. It takes a strong constitution child, but I know you're a fighter. Good luck. (PS-I may sound like thunder, but my patients NEVER got bed sores! I believed that if you comitted yourself to the profession of Nursing, than you better be "all you can be" the person you're taking care of.) Hugs

Lee W. said...

Sorry things are so rough right now. Ask the doctors if your husband is candidate for a Sport Bed (they can be set to constantly roll back and forth to keep pressure off his bottom) or a wound vacuum (exactly what it sounds like- speeds healing). Make sure his nutrition is good- he won't heal if he isn't nourished enough. Keep me posted. *Lee*

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Dearest Nita,

Just a note to check in and let you know that my prayers are with you and John. For peace, for comfort and for strength.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I am so, so sorry, Nita. This sounds horrible. I pray that John's sore heals soon. Be strong, girl. And be sure to take plenty of time for yourself. With what you're going through, you need extra care too.
Love & Blessings, --Susan

My Treasure Barn said...

Oh Nita

My heart bleeds for you. I can only imagine the pain you have. I have seen these bed sores. I worked as a nurses aid for years and in my opinion, turning him every 2 hours BEFORE he got the bed sore may have prevented it but I don't know the circumstances. I will continue to pray for you and John. God bless both of you.

I will send a card to John, yes I noticed that he is always smiling. What a spirit.

The Feathered Nest said...

Nita, I love all your music selections. We must be the same age! I've already listened to Dream Weaver on your blog about 18 times....I'm so sorry about John's bed sore. I will pray tonight for healing of that. I know it must be painful for him. Tell him I'm praying for him...(and you too) xxoo, Dawn

Mary said...

Nita, you are under a lot of pressure and I feel for you. I'm glad John is smiling and you find refuge in music and wonderful posts.

My Dad has been wheelchair bound for 11 years and for the past year is pretty much bedridden. He has never had a bed sore that bad. I would seriously question the competence of the staff there. There are remedies for bed sores that work quickly and alleviate pain. Actually, it should have never gotten that bad in the first place.

Keep your chin up. I know it's not easy. But I think, my dear, you have done a commendable job already.

red tin heart said...

Rella: I feel the same as you, music is so much a part of me. Thank you dear Rella for sending me light and strength. xoxo Nita

Jeannene: Thank you for your prayers. xoxo Nita

Donna: I will check that out. Thank you. xoxo Nita

Lee: I will check out the sport bed, it is worth a try. xo Nita

Dena: Thanks for your prayers. xoxo Nita

Susan: Thank so much for your concern. I appreciate it. xoxo Nita

Patti: I pray this horrible bedsore is healed, I can't believe it has gone this far. I noticed it when they were changing his bandage and I was helping give him a bath. I was so horrified. xo Nita

Dawn: I am glad you love the music. I am 41. I feel alot younger though. Don't you? xo Nita

Mary: It started at SLU. He was on his back for almost a solid month. And They could not move him alot because of the neck injury. I can not believe it has gone so far out of control in just 2 months. He can't feel it, because he is paralized from the chest down. But, it is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen. I am always on everyone to make sure his bandage is changed and he is turned and that the doctors and nurses are doing all they can. But, it is hard because I can't be there everyday because we are so far away. xo Nita

Shelley said...

Father , I ask in the mighty name of your son Christ Jesus to heal this terrible sore on our brother John. I send your healing power through this prayer of faith to the very place where John is this moment ,to touch him and begin the healing in Jesus holy name . Be with him today, release your blessing on his body and his life, give him strength to endure this test, give him comfort from your Holy Spirit. Bless his wife Nita, and children as well and shower them with your grace and mercy . I ask this all in Christ's name believing you for the answer that your will be done. In the name of the Father, the son , and the Holy Ghost, Amen !

red tin heart said...

Shelley: Thank you for your prayer. love nita

Nathalie Thompson said...

Praying for John today. Whatever could of, or should of doesn't help the fact that right NOW he has a bed sore. I pray for the staff to listen to you (and has an open mind when you talk about sulfer powder, etc.) and that someone has a heart for John and takes his care personally. I pray for strength and endurance for you both. (((hugs)))

red tin heart said...

Nathalie: Thank you you sweetie, I appreciate your prayers right now. I love it that you prayed someone would have a heart for John, he sure needs a guardian angel right now. I pray for him throughout the day. He is so much on my mind. I woke up at 6:ooam today and called him about 6:30. I asked him if he got up at 6:oo, he said how did you know? I said because I just knew. I just felt it today. Sounds weird I know. love nita


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