Monday, January 5, 2009

Sing a nEW sONG.....

{Today's prompt was self- portrait}
I used art and a photo today

My inspiration for this piece came from a movie I saw a few years ago called, Educating Rita.
Rita was a woman who longed for a better life. She wanted to go to school and get an education, but her husband wanted her to stay home and have babies and take care of him. { there is nothing wrong with that if that is what you want}
But she wanted to get an education before she did those things. He didn't agree with her and made her life very hard about her decision, and ultimately she leaves.
But during one poignant scene in the movie they are at a pub and everyone is singing the same old song they have sang every Friday night for years. With the same drunk people.

She looks at her Mom and has an epiphany. She says, "There has to be a new song we can sing." And her Mom knows what she means and agrees very sadly.

The next day she told her professor about the experience. And she sums up her whole life by that phrase.

"There has to be a new song I can sing"

I want to sing a new song....

How about you?

xoxo Nita

Misty's site is:
Please check out her beautiful work and the other amazing participants.

i don't like my picture taken, but that may change this year. i need to grow.. Not hide.
today's song, Wall in Your Heart by Shelby Lynne
1st video, pick a clip


Mimi said...

this is a great project for you...and you do need to have your picture taken more often...

Sandi McBride said...

I am so glad to hear you are going to be singing a new song...and that you've finally shown us just how beautiful you are.
Warm hugs

Leanne said...

I think the little bird is brilliant! And I like how you have the definitions of the words on the dress... :)
Thank you for your comment.
Take care.

Donna said...

I love the pictures! Especially yours!! You ought to take More of them!!
I saw the movie and loved it! But I love Michael Caine anyway!
Love you sweetie!hughugs

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Red Tin Heart,

I have been looking in on your blog from time to time and have found your outlook on life and love interesting.

I lost my son to a car accident nine years ago. You speak to my heart.

Sincerely, Lady Euphoria

Sally said...

Nita, you are such an interesting lady, and quite the artist. Yes, I need a new song also and to make some changes when the time comes.

Cindy Dean said...

Great picture and drawings. Thanks so much for the comments on my blog! Go ahead and grow grow grow! By the end of this year when you look back you will be amazed at how far you have come!

kimberly said...

nita....i what you are doing with inspires me to be more creative and put some thoughts down in this format....keep them coming!

Jeanne said...

Yay a beautiful picture of you. Baby sing that new song at the top of your lungs!

Maija said...

I love your piece, Nita. It brings me joy to think you are finding some hope in your life!

Karen said...

My heart has been saying the same thing lately. I'm ready to sing a new song too! Thank you for your inspiring words and ideas and creativity. I love your picture, and how she is alive with new growth and reaching out to life.
I feel the same way about having my picture taken, but like you, maybe this will be a year of growing.

Annette said...

I love this post, I think from time to time we all need a new song to sing....and I love the picture's, now listen here are absolutely stunning, when I saw your eyes, do you know what I saw? Love, nothing but pure love in them, all I could do was look at your picture and how pretty you are, and you take fabulous pictures, I don't like my picture taken cause all I see is how fat I am!!
I love you

Annette said...

In the picture before eye looks like it's shaped like a heart, did you know that? I love it!!

Jennifer said...

Fantastic Nita and congratulations in keeping on track with Misty! I didn't get anything posted today and will hopefully get caught up tomorrow after work...I love the vines coming from her hands and the small bird in the nest, it's beautiful.

Susan said...

Hi Nita, I have been keeping up with your blog for such a long time. I am glad you are ready for a new song. Please take care and don't be camera shy any more. Susan

suze said...

It's great to see your photo! Have some fun taking photo's of yourself. We want to see more.
xo suze

Allie & Cali said...

i stumbled upon your blog and i feel blessed that i did.
i am so very sorry you lost your husband. you are in my prayers.

Amy said...

Nita, I always think you look pretty when you are photographed! Don't hide.

deb did it said...

BRAVO!you are beautiful, self portrait AND photo! ENCORE!

Keli Hansen said...

my computer was loading the pictures slowly... so i was seeing the smaller snaps first... and then hurrah... what a wonderful outcome!

so nice

joanne said...

i love your self portrait...and i especially love the theme you chose...singing a new song....

sing a song of your is a lovely melody :)

jgr said...

Hi Nita,
I love your site! And your self-portraits! I agree with Amy, you're beautiful-don't hide.
I also like your theme: Sing a new song.

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Your hair is sooooooo darling!! and just suits your beautiful skin and eyes!!!!! I've been thinking of you, Pet........Wishes and love for a great 2009.

xo Rella

vintage moon studio said...

I LOVE your self-portrait... really cute photo of you too! Hoping that 2009 treats you kindly - sending love - Deb

Mona said...

You are exquisite, but more important is that your soul is beautiful.
Yes, I saw "Educating Rita" many years ago. I have seen it several times. When he burned her books was the hardest for me. I miss Patrick every day of my life but I am trying to sing a new tune. Sometimes my voice cracks, but I pick up the note and keep on trying. You can lay down and die too, or find that note. No one can begin to know what you are going through.
I am sending you a warm hug.

Miss jane said...



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