Monday, March 9, 2009

God Has A Sense of Humor..Even When We Don't

It was a month after John had passed away.
I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. I still didn't feel like driving at that time, so my Mom and Dad took me. I haphazardly picked up my Winter coat and put it on. It felt oddly heavy but at that time I just didn't care.

We got to the pharmacy, and I got out to go get my prescription. As I am walking up the front door a guy passing by slows down to a crawl and starts staring at me. I mean really staring at me, like I am crazy, staring.

I throw my hands up in the air, and I yell at him, because by this time I am mad! "What are you looking at Jackass?"

Mom starts frantically honking the horn. I look back at her in complete annoyance, and Mom and Dad are both laughing hysterically.

Well at that point I run to the car because I know something must be dreadfully wrong with me.

Between gasps of laughter Mom says, "Turn around." More laughter.

I say, "What is it?" I am Freaking out completely.

Dad very carefully removes something out of the hood of my coat. I turn around and there is a shirt hanging off of a hanger! It had been nestled in my hood perfectly and hanging down my back.

No wonder the guy had been staring at me!

I collapse on the window and me and Mom and Dad laugh for about 10 minutes. We laughed so hard we were crying.

I have not wrote about this until now because I felt bad at the time for even being able to laugh with John gone. But we need to laugh. It heals our spirit..

I hope you get to laugh this week. A good belly laugh that makes your sides hurt and makes you cry tears of joy. Laughter that heals your heart and soothes your spirit.

Sending you love, Nita

I love this song by Norah Jones and I hope you get to listen to it...


Karen G. said...

Glad you shared your story. God wants us to laugh & enjoy life even in the darkest of times. Please don't stop laughing. It would be such a tragedy!

God Bless!

Mimi said...

Laughter is always good...even (and especially) in times of great sorrow...
still holding you and Elizabeth up in prayer...

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh ,,,good story...laughter is the best!
I will remember that today.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Oh Nita,

This story is precious and oh so real in the moment. My heart hurt for you through my belly laughing!! This is great and I am sure John had a good laugh too. I love you Nita and your honest heart for all things. I am praying you through. I get a good laugh each time I have my grandkids here. Yes, God has the greatest sense of humor too and I am so glad He shows us when we need it most. Have a wonderful Tuesday my friend.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Donna said...

Hahahahaaa....OhMyWord how funny!!!!! I'm SO glad you laughed!!! Hugging you today sweetie!!hughugs

Stevie said...

Hey Nita,
It is good to laugh. The cabin is one that I saw one day while I was going to our Gloster branch. I had to take a detour, due to a bridge being out and just happen past this cabin. I told Lee about it and that I wanted to take her to see it. I knew she would love it. This would be our "dream cabin". Nita, you cross our thoughts often....the other morning, we were sitting on the front porch drinking our coffee and I saw a dove flying across the front yard. I watched it land and on the branch were 2 other doves. I showed Lee and instantly we thought of you. That is just one example....we think very much of you.
It made me laugh reading your post today. I could picture you walking down the sidewalk....some stranger staring at you....and you ask him that question. We also love to listen to Norah Jones. We would love to see her in concert.
Take care,

Karen said...

This is so funny. I love your story. We can never plan those moments, they just happen and when they do they are just like a gift because they're so unexpected! I love those times! They don't happen often enough. Laughter is wonderful and healing!

Nita Jo said...

Thank you my dear friend! Your story made me laugh so hard, and I needed a laugh today.

I wish we could sit and share stories over a cup of coffee. This one reminds me so much of something I or my mom would do... We must be "kindred spirits"...

Oh, I got the lovely bracelet you made in the mail. Thank you so much!!!

Nita Jo

kimberly said...

i just had this conversation with someone....about enjoying the thought that our God has a sense of humor....i loved the post nita.....and i love norah jones!
laughter is a wonderful medicine!

Jennie said...

My heart goes out to you and your daughter. Losing someone so dear is something you'll never fully get over but each day you have to hope for moments, however brief, in which you can laugh and smile without guilt. You are in my thoughts and prayers - I pray for Elizabeth and you to have good health, hope for the future and the strength to fight through the tough times with smiles.

Best wishes and high hopes to you,

Annette said...

I got a giggle out of this story, reminds me once, I'll make it short..Amanda & I were at the races with Johnanthon & Larry, and we had do this potty run, I wouldn't let go by herself then, she was very little at the time, and this lady came out of the stall, with toilet paper hanging out of the back her of pants!!!! we laughed so hard and never did tell...I know shame on me, so now when I go the bathroom I check the back of my pants, cause karma will come back to me....and don't you know your John was laughing to, and he enjoyed hearing your laughter!
I love you

Amy said...

Nita, A great story! I am glad you allow yourself to laugh. Don't lose that ability.

Lee Laurie said...

What a wonderful and funny story, Nita. Sounds like something that would happen to me! LOL

I looked back at my old emails and I cannot find where you sent me your address. I might have deleted it by accident. If you could send it to me again, that would be great. Email me at

Hope you and Elizabeth are feeling better.

Lee Laurie

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Nita, this is the funniest story! The way you tell it; like I'm observing the whole thing! Hilarious! So happy you shared this!

Anonymous said...

About six months or so after my husband's death, I was headed into the mall on a gloomy rainy day. Just ahead of me a big umbrella bobbed along sheltering a couple that was huddled close together. All across the puddled parking lot I watched that umbrella and felt sorry for myself. My heart ached just watching a happy couple doing an ordinary thing on a rainy day. I pulled out the always close-at-hand pity party recording and played it in my head as I trudged behind them. And I complained to God. And whined. By the time the couple reached the overhang outside the mall entrance, I had caught up with them. Then, nearly in tears, I watched as the big umbrella came down revealing a happy mom and her daughter. I think I laughed. Really laughed. I still do when I think of it. I remember saying, "Lord, I get the message." It was truly a signpost for me, a mile marker on my journey. I sometimes pull out that memory when I am whiny and pitiful—and after all these years, it still happens. And when I remember that umbrella, I still say, "Lord, I get the message."

Patti said...

How funny Nita. You have the neatest stories to tell.
I miss hearing from you my friend.

Just Joni said...

That is such a funny story...I have tears in my eyes from the imagery, thanks, I needed that!

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh~and cry. *CONGRATULATIONS!* and *WELCOME!* to your grandson! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Anonymous said...



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