Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When Elizabeth was 10 years old John and I got a new bed. He had carried the old frame out and all that was left in our bedroom was the worn out box springs and the old mattress.

Dad was outside and called John over to help him with something. In the meantime, I was vacuuming the bedroom and getting it ready for the new bed.

Elizabeth came in and turned the vacuum off. She said, "Mom how long has it been since you jumped on a mattress?"

I laughed and said, "Probably not since I was a little kid."

She asked me to jump on the old mattress with her. And I told her I had to finish vacuuming. But she persisted and I thought, "Why not?"

I said, "OK, lets jump on this puppy!"

So we jumped and jumped and we laughed our heads off. John came in the room and looked at me like I was crazy.

He said, "What are you doing?"

I said, "I am jumping on an old mattress that is getting ready to be thrown out, what are you doing?"

He shook his head and walked out of the bedroom laughing.

My back hurt for a week after that, but you know what? It was worth it.

We need to seize those moments we have with our kids to do something that is child like. Elizabeth has never forgotten that day. And I haven't either.

Tonight's song, Puff the Magic Dragon, by Peter, Paul and Mary
I hope you have time to listen to it..

Life is fleeting, please seize all the moments to be happy that you can..

Love Nita


Joanne Kennedy said...

Yes we do! Whenever I go to a hotel room I jump on the beds. I know I shouldn't but I just can't help myself. I've done that for years and years now.


Karen said...

Boy, this has always been one of my favorite songs! I love your story about jumping on the mattress. When I was quite a bit younger, my kids would talk me into jumping on the trampoline with them. You're so right about seizing all the precious moments.

Sally said...

Such a sweet story. Yes, indeed, we need to enjoy each moment we can! ((HUGS))

whitey said...

How funny you two must of looked to John! Nita can I ask you where you have gotten this picture of Jesus holding up this man?

Michele said...

Oh my gosh...I love puff the magic dragon..that brought back so many memories! And...I love jumping on beds...although I haven't done it lately. This ole body of mine would have some major objections!


Donna said...

You said it so well! Every to you sweetie!!!(((HUG)))

kimberly said...

oh i love this post, much truth in seizing the many times do we say...."can't right now" when our kids are growing up because life is so good to remind ourselves EVERY day to enjoy the moment...and we even get a second chance....with grandbabies...may i learn from the past and enjoy the precious moments each day brings!

bryan plays the guitar and we sing together and some of our favorite songs are pp&m.....such wonderful, fun, cozy memories...thank you nita.

Lee Laurie said...

I feel the same way lately about spending more time with my kids. I spent the day today and yesterday with my daughter and her baby. I also have been finding myself paying more attention than normal to my 2 boys. It is so easy to get wrapped up with everything that we have to do that sometimes they get pushed to the side. I made a decision a while back to not let this happen anymore. Life is just too short.

Hope you are having better days and don't forgt to send me your address.

Lee Laurie

TobyBo said...

what a wonderful story!

A bird in the hand said...

Those are precious moments, written in stone, forever yours. No one and nothing can take them away. May all those moments give you and Elizabeth strength.

Jann said...

Cute story, Nita--it's amazing, isn't it, what fun we can have with our kids? My daughter and I still get the giggles sometimes when she and her kids are visiting, and we are just so silly and giddy--I do silly things with my grandkids like racing each other down the hall, or throwing paper airplanes with them in the house--kids keep you young, that's for sure! Love, Jann

Mimi said...

we never know what spontaneous moment in our lives will become lasting memories for our selves and our loved ones...

you are so right when you say to seize the moment!!!

sounds like you had a fun time and made a wonderful memory for Elizabeth!!!
you inspire me!!!

Shelley said...

Sweet memory Nita,thanks for sharing it! I love the song,have for a long time(smile). Hope your weekend is blessed....


Shelley said...

Hi Nita,I am sorry you were having trouble reading my blog. I put a custom backgound on it,and didn't realize it may not be loading all the way for some of you. That is most likely the problem. Anyway,I change the background color so hopefully it fixed the problem. Please,let me know.


Annette said...

so very true....seize in the moment...I miss my children being babies, the cuddling,kissing their cheeks, them coming to me cause they fell while they were roller bladding, I was a miracle worker then =) I love room on that mattress for one more to jump so I can seize a momment with my beautiful friend and her lovely daughter?

Jew Wishes said...

Happiness moments must be treasured in our souls and minds, in order to keep them alive within our hearts.

Our children grow, and too quickly they become adults with their own children...and we will wonder where the time went. We must create happiness in our lives in order for our children to pass it forward.

Hugs and Love...xoxo

Dreamer Jean said...

what a beautiful memory. thank you for sharing it with me! i love it, could actually picture you both jumping.

i just tagged you.



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