Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Journey of Rosemarie Alcott

This is the first part of a fictional story I am writing. There will be several installments.

I woke up naked in a corn field.

I didn't now how I had gotten there. I was laying on my right side and every part of my body hurt

The first thing I saw was a line of ants carrying food back to their ant hill. They walked one by one in perfect order. Not distracted by anything on their journey to home. It felt so strange to be laying there dazed and disoriented watching ants.

I looked down at my body. I had bite marks everywhere. Dried blood covered my legs.

A mixture of dirt and blood was in my mouth and I spit several times trying to rid my mouth of the mix.

I couldn't remember anything. How had I gotten there? My brain was racing trying to remember anything. I made it to my knees and vomited.
I stood up on legs so shaky, that looking back on it now, I didn't know how I could even have walked after what happened to me.

My clothes lay scattered in the field and as I bent down to pick each piece up I felt so dizzy that I thought I would pass out. I pulled my torn jeans over my blood soaked legs and I somehow got my shirt put on. It was torn almost completely in two. I held it together as I looked for my shoes. They were nowhere to be found.

I began to scan the horizon for a house. For anywhere I could go to for help. It was at that point I began to cry. It came like a water fall. I couldn't stop it. Who had raped me and thrown me out in a field like a piece of garbage? How could anyone do something like this to another human being?

My heart began to beat fast and I felt very frightened at that moment. What if they came back? I hurried to the road. Tripping several times over the stubs of the left over corn stalks.

The first house I saw was a yellow farmhouse. It had red geraniums planted in huge stone planters on the front porch, and a glass jar filled with sun tea sat on a bench beside the geraniums.

I knocked on the door as loud as I could. And a woman in a white apron answered the door.

"Can I ...Oh my God" She started crying. " Please come in. Oh my God honey what happened to you?" She lead me to a chair and had me sit down.

"I don't know. I woke up in the cornfield naked and I can't remember what happened.. Can you please help me get to a hospital?" I started crying again. And the lady whom I had never met put her arms around me like I was baby and cried with me.

" Honey, I will take you to the hospital and we will find out who did this to you."

And I believed her.

Nita Barrow- Zimmerman

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Lee Laurie said...

I could almost feel her pain and confusion. That little lady was angel that helped her. Your descriptions are so vivid and clear. I could just see the yellow house with the red geraniums. So inviting and warm and safe.

Annette said...

Here's another short story that is going to be one of those coming back for more! I love your stories, how do you do it? and I especially loved the words in the post below this one....every word so true! I get all happy when I see you've posted something, lets me know your doing good, How's your Elizabeth doing?
LOVE to you~

Eveline said...

Wow. I only just found your blog, following the link you left on mine, and I wasn't quite expecting anything like this.

Very powerful and moving. Especially the last sentence, maybe hinting that the woman should not be believed, makes me want to read the rest!

Karen M said...

I'm ready for the next part....I'm hooked already. You are such a great writer.

kimberly said...

as always, write beautifully....i am waiting to hear that you have been published one of these days!!!!!!

irenka said...

Oh my gosh. I didn't read this post first, and thought you were truly hurt. You're very good.


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