Thursday, May 14, 2009

Part Two

Water stains covered the ceiling over my bed at the emergency room.

One of the spots looked like an elephant standing beside a smaller one.
For some reason it comforted me..

Tabitha sat by me and held my hand. It should have felt weird having a perfect stranger hold my hand in the emergency room, but it didn't. There was something so pure about Tabitha that I felt at ease.

We had exchanged names in her old white station wagon on the way to the hospital.

When I told her my name was Rosemarie she said she had always loved that name because that was her Ma Maw's first name.

I glanced at the clanking jars in the back seat on our way to the hospital. They were set neatly in card board boxes. The jars were so pretty. They had gingham fabric under the lids of each jar. And hand made labels were pasted on the jars detailing the contents of each one.

Tabitha explained that she made homemade jellies and jams that she sold at the Farmer's Market each Saturday.

She also made homemade soaps and lotions that she sold at the local stores and over the Internet. Her soap and lotion business made it possible for her to have a comfortable living. It was hard work she said but very fulfilling.

As I was thinking back on those things a policeman came in to ask me questions about the rape. I told him I could not remember anything about the attack. But I did know my name and where I was from. He told me he would stay in touch because he had more questions.

And as I layed there bruised and bledding the lady from billing came in. She had her portable computer and wanted to know: My Name, My Address, What type of Insurance did I have?

Tabitha asked her if she could please come back after I had been examined.

But the lady had told her no, it was hospital policy to register everyone before they received treatment.

After she left the doctor finally came in 30 minutes later.He examined me and stitched my wounds and had x-rays ordered. He also swabbed me so they could find DNA evidence to find my attacker. I was admitted to the hospital for overnight observation.

Tabitha never left me.

to be continued.....

by Nita Barrow- Zimmerman

Tonight's song, Out of the Woods by Nickel Creek
2nd video, pick a clip

one of my favorite songs.. I hope you have a chance to listen..


Lee Laurie said...

She does seem like an angel. I could just see it he images on the ceiling of the elephants. The jars in the backseat reminded me of my grandma in her canning days. This story is so realistic.

rivergardenstudio said...

Very intreguing story... I am interested in seeing where it goes! Roxanne

Lorri said...

I like the vivid imagery in this installment. Well written.

Donna said...

I can't WAIT to see this story develope!!! Now Get Busy and start Writing!! You're 'gonna make me go All Darn Day aren't you!!!Hahahaa....Well Done!!!hughugs

Annette said...

you know what? when I see stains on the ceiling in patients rooms I do the same thing, I felt sad for this lady, being alone, I get all sad when patients don't have family members with them.Cant wait to read more....I want a signed and numbered copy of your first published novel.

Anonymous said...

You need to publish a book. I love your writing style. It just draws me in every time.
Can't wait for the next piece.

Annette said...

I noticed all your side bar stuff is at the bottom of your post, and is post tab on the lay out site, is it on compose or the other one? I hope I helped some. I love you~

molly said...

note to self: read previous post where i'm told this is a fictional story before freaking out and leaving a huge comment about said terrible, horrible happening.

good story!

kimberly said...

have folded the corner of this page and waiting to come back......
the song by nickel creek is one that played continually when my oldest grandbaby was born and he and his mommy and daddy lived with us, and i would rock him to fact it was playing the day they moved to their own apt....and i cried all the way through it as i rocked him......even knowing that there would be many more days of rocking and was just hard for me.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Red Tin Heart aka Nina,

Your blog is not coming through to my computer. It won't move beyond the second part of the story. (Wanting to read more here.)

I see a snippit of the blog you post on my 'following' page but when I hit the link I get not the new days writings, but part two of your May 14th story all over again.

Is this on your end? You had said you were having problems.

I want more of you stories. Maybe you should have a second blog just for the stories you write. They are wonderful. (I am a little green with envy.)

I hope you can get the problems fixed soon.

Hugs, Euphoria


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