Friday, September 30, 2011

Shaggy - Strength Of A Woman

I am going to tell you all a story. It is not pretty. I went through a clumsy period in my life where ever time I went to the store I happened to knock over a display case.

I believe I had an inner ear infection and my equilibrium was off ...bad.

Well the aisle was really small when I knocked over the Ice Mountain Water display...I felt my face go bright red. And I know this is terrible but I just kept walking.

This super shopper appeared out of nowhere. You know the type. Real hyper vigilant..Must correct everyone every minute of the day type.

"Excuse me mam, did you just knock over that water display?" Super shopper says.

"No Sir I did not.." I said indignantly. I know I shouldn't have lied...But I was already embarrassed before super shopper accosted me.

"Mam, Super shopper says earnestly , I know I saw you knock that water display over"..

"Sir, are you the water Nazi? " I calmly say and look deep into his terribly worried eyes.

He then turned red.

"Now please let me find the clerk to tell him I actually saw you knock over that water." I had just decided to be onry at that moment..

"I did not knock over that water and you know it!" He said incensed.

"Yeah, I whispered but they don't know that." And I smiled my most wickedly delicious smile I reserve for punks like him..

He fairly ran out of that store. And I went about my shopping in peace.

Nita ^.^


Donna said...

Sometimes we are just plain bad!Hahaaaa
Glad you got it!!!!
AND!! I expect to see you start POSTING on your Blog again...OFTEN!!!
NO matter What's happening in your life...We are here! LET us share and help each Other Sweetie!
Much Love to you!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Donna, if you were here right now I would hug you...I wlil post often..I am getting a different computer Sunday..I hope it works..If not I will find a way..I need to write to express myself...It helps.
love Nita

Donna said...

Well, Consider yourself HUGGED!!!
You write SO Beautifully Nita! It's about time to FLY! And You can DO It! You're strong...You're Beautiful and should NOT just, Settle! You deserve the best in life and I Know you'll find your way...Feeling sad? Look around you...It could Always be worse sweetheart. You've been given another chance...I KNOW you can fly...I've seen you do it even at the Worse of times in your life! Remember the "rope"?? GRAB AHOLD OF IT...I won't let go, but I can't do it by myself...
I just want to see you soar...and Yes you can!
Loving you today little love...

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

crying at your wonderful words...thank you for never giving up on me Donna....thank you

Donna said...


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

((((hug back Donna....))


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