Saturday, October 1, 2011

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I have a habit of losing myself in the one I love..I decided yesterday, I can't ever do that again.

There must be space for me.....

For me to grow, for me to have a place in the world, for me..

Insecurity in my looks has played a large role in my life..I never ever felt pretty. Things happened to me as a child that made me feel ugly. But I do feel more and more secure in my abilities and intelligence.

Pain encompasses us when we try to make a one person our entire universe. When truthfully, it is God whom we should be encompassed by.

This song, Little Wonders, is a favorite song of a dear friend of mine. And the words are so true.

I began to think of the little wonders I had as a child. I had this little miniature doll I got for a quarter out of a machine at the department store. She had red hair and was about 3 inches tall. I was 9 years old. She never had a regular name..I made up a new one for her each time we played.

I took an old sewing box and made her a home out of it..I made her tiny wash clothes out of discarded wash clothes Mom would give me..I made her a bath tub out of a small plastic container I found at Grandma's house.

Clothes were made from remnants out of my sister's sewing box. Scraps of velvet and cotton, linen and lace.

I made a small brush out of a matchbook cover. I used pictures out of magazines to cover her walls. { The inside of the old sewing box}

Chairs were made from empty plastic toothpick holders. A table was constructed out of 4 pieces of cardboard.

Many hours were spent by me making my little doll a home that we could share together.. I, in my imagination, felt it was a hiding place for me in the pain filled days and nights.

It became a place that I wanted for me, when I got older. With all the furnishings I had created..

I read a book once called, Wish craft by Barbabra Sher. It is WISH CRAFT not witchcraft.

She goes through each chapter with you helping you to realize what you want from life. She asks the question what made you alive as a child..What did you love doing more than anything..

I thought about those questions for days.

And I thought back on the little doll..And I thought about how I always had a notebook with me. I would write down all the activities I saw on a daily basis..Things that interested me. And of course big stories..Bombastic stories that delighted and appalled everyone around me.

I am finding my way..If you have ideas..Share them with me..I want to know what makes you tic.

Nita @2011

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