Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Road Is Long With Many a Winding Turn

This is John doing therapy. He is working on strenghtening his arms and learning to sit up.( I got some of my pictures out of order. ) He is on his side and then he leans up on his elbow then he pushes himself up with his elbow to sit up. It is difficult for him and so many times my heart breaks watching him struggle to do this. But, I am also happy that he even has this much mobility. He is using a weight machine to strenghten his arms. The picture with him moving the loops on his legs he is learning to move around on a bed. The picture where his hands are together and he has a weird little grin on his face he is thinking about pinching me, and the flash blinded him. I tease him all the time that when he gets home I am going to tickle him and he tells me he is going to pinch me if I do. ha ha. So he has been practicing putting his hands together to pinch.
I took our little 3 pound poodle Coco to see John Saturday. I got the OK on it last Friday for him to see her. He has asked for her since the accident. She rolled all over him and gave him kisses and dog hugs. He held her for 2 hours. She has missed him so very much. When it was time to go we were all sad. I hate leaving him and I miss him so much. It just isn't the same with him gone. I am asking everyone to say a special prayer for John. He is still fighting infection and has a terrible bedsore on his tailbone that they are trying to get healed. He really needs a healing touch. Thanks to all of you who have sent cards he just loves them. ~Nita~


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Dearest Nita,

I will keep you both in my prayers. I am so glad you got them to let you take the dog in to see him, that is such a good bit of cheer for him I am sure!


motherwintermoon said...

I'm so happy your hubby was allowed to spend time holding your furbaby! John has a look of sheer bliss on his face in the photo where he's holding her. Furbabies are so incredibly therapeutic and healing...bundles of pure love.

I leave you with this healing prayer and meditation:

In the stillness of Your presence, God, I feel Your healing life flowing through me now, bringing peace to my mind and energy to my body.

Enfolded in Your powerful healing love, God, I experience health and wholeness in mind, body, and emotions.

Thank You, God, for Your healing life that surges throughout every cell of my entire being, strengthening me and restoring me to wholeness.

Dear God, I am open and receptive to Your healing power. Your light and life energize every cell of my being, and I am grateful.

red tin heart said...

Dena: Thank you for your prayers, we need them. It was wonderful to see him and Coco together.It cheered him up alot. xoxo Nita

Motherwintermoon: By the way totally groovy name. John was so happy to see his little baby. He loves her so much. We both are dog lovers. I loved the look on his face in that picture too. Thanks for your prayer. xoxo Nita

Donna said...

There's nothing like puppy love to perk up the old soul!! Glad he's coming SO far along the road! Lots of prayers and hugs coming your way!

red tin heart said...

Donna: Thank you. Hope you are having a good week. xoxo Nita

Q said...

Dear Nita,
Prayers and blessings are coming your way for John's healing. He looks as if he is working so hard and making great progress. I am sure it is very difficult for you to watch. Wonderful Coco came for a visit. I bet John was very pleased. The road is long but joy is found along the way.

red tin heart said...

Sherry: Thank you. It is long but I know God will help John. Thanks for your prayers. love Nita

Mary said...

Oh, Nita. You made me cry. But, he is MOVING. And he held his beloved pup. He needs that often. John is working hard and the bed sores will heal. Give him a thumbs up!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Oh Nita, My thoughts and prayers are still with you both! I'm a dog fanatic too, and it would be so comforting to be snuggled by my pups when I missed them so! pets are proven healers and very theraputic. Hopefully you get to continue to take her for visits! John has come a long way...I know he must not be able to be positive all the time but remind him of his progress! xxoo Robin

red tin heart said...

Mary: You have a gentle spirit and I thank you for your kindness. I will give him a thumbs up for you. xoxo Nita

Robin: I clap for him everytime he does something hard. He looks at me and smiles a big smile. I love it that he never gives up. He is a fighter. Thank you for encouraging me. xoxo Nita

Sheri said...

wow! he just looks like he's doin a lot better?! I hope so... I mean if he's thinking about pinching then his mind is on happy things.... at least happy for him when he gets to pinch you! haha :) thats so cool he get to see your pup.... I have an african grey and she seems to SOMTIMES make me feel better... only SOMETIMES because she does like to squawk quite loud!

Deb said...

I've been thinking of you both. Bless his heart - he is trying so hard. All my best to you!


Nathalie Thompson said...

nita, Thanks for stopping by my blog. It means the world. :)
I am SO stinkin' proud of John and his efforts! I had tears after reading your post. SO glad for him that he got to hold Coco. Hopefully there will be many more times you can bring your pup in for that kind of therapy! I'll be praying for bed sore healing. Like John doesn't have enough to contend with! Hugs to you both. :)

katherine. said...

you are both in my prayers....I did notice he is wearing a John Deere!

Maija said...

I'm so excited to see John moving! I know it will be so much easier when he strengthens his arms and upper body. It won't take long - he looks very determined, and he has you cheering him on. Yippee!!!

Bethany said...

Soooo exciting and promising....sooo miraculous to see John even moving as much as he is!!!! My heart is just leaping with how amazing you and your John are. You watching and staying strong as he struggles through each workout, both of you are fighting to overcome and with the mighty loving help from the Lord you both ARE overcoming. You are daily in , and will continue to remain, in our prayers. xxoo


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