Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I took Elizabeth out for lunch today at a little restaurant we both like to go to. We sat in the back away from everyone and was just enjoying the quiet , and our conversation about our goals for the coming year. When a whole group of ladies came in and sat next to us.

They began to talk, loudly.

They were church secretaries that got together once a week to gossip about their pastors, they told their waitress.
And apparently everybody else they could trash.

We couldn't help but hear what they were talking about, because they were so loud.
One lady talked about a certain woman who came in every month for help from the church.
And, about how no matter what job she got she could never keep one. I felt so sad about the way they were talking about these people.

Did she really know that woman's heart? Or what she has been through? Maybe she was doing the best she could do. When you are broken it is hard to live a normal life. There maybe so much pain in her life that takes everything just to drag herself out of her bed every morning.

Compassion draws me to a person. It is the Love of God that draws men to repentance. Not the blunt end of someone's harsh words . We chose everyday to show the love of God or to show contempt. I want to show love.

I have always thought, what if the person who was asking me for help was Jesus? One scripture that has stuck in my soul was, "Whatever you have done to the least of these, you have done unto me." Whether it was a good deed or a bad one.

And if that person grated the church secretary, why trash her to everyone? Why not try to help her? Especially if she professes to be a Christian.

I think gossip destroys so many people. The people who are doing it, and the ones who they are trashing. It is a disease that gets in the marrow of a persons soul. It hurts so much to have someone destroy you with their words. I have had it happen to me, and I have seen many people destroyed by a vicious gossip.

My ending thought for tonight. I want to try to be more understanding of others. Not to judge, but to love.



Amy Wagner said...

Nita, those gossipy women will get what they deserve.

red tin heart said...

Amy: I kinda thought the same thing. without compassion what are we? xoxo Nita

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

you know in a beauty salon I hear everything. I am thankful that the crew I work with these days won't tolerate gossip.
I am saddened that these women were doing this - especially in a public place where any ears can hear what the parishoners expect to be between their pastor and them.
We can only hope that they were venting and exaggerating.

Jeannene said...

"Yes, Gossip is a killer and such a an evil thing!!" I agree with Blondie, let's just hope they were only venting and exaggerating. Even that can get us into trouble though...sad!!

"You know what my Grandma always says;??"

"If you are going to Gossip, GOSSIP TO GOD!!!"

Isn't that the truth, no matter how you look at that one, you can't go long as you pray for help in the!!


PixieDust said...

This is the beauty of you, mi Amor... to share your beautiful heart, to understand others, and not cause any pain... if only all the world could keep this in mind, what wonders we as a society could accomplish, yes?

Gossip is an imp that drags the winds about with him, blowing chaos into every corner of a dwelling, and souls.

Dios te bendiga,
God bless you for taking His words and deeds into account, and doing the best you can which is a blessing to us all.

Love you!


Donna said...

There's a difference between being "Christ-like" and being "Christian". What a shame more people don't realise the difference...Anyone can call themselves,'s the Christ-like stuff that's tuff to do! A Christ-like person wouldn't have laughed at the woman's sad.

IsabellaCloset said...

Nita, I like what you had to say at the very end of this post.
"I want to try to be more understanding of others. Not to judge, but to love."
I feel the very same way, and I will pray for these ladies. I will also keep you, your husband John and your family in my prayers. Hope you are doing Ok. I think of you often.
Blessings ~Mary~

red tin heart said...

Blondie: It is hard sometimes to not talk about people sometimes. I am glad your crew will not tolerate it. God Bless you Blondie for the kindness you show me.
You have helped me so much just by being kind. xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

Jeannene: I like what your Grandma said. It is true. You are such a sweet heart Jeannene.
xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

Pixie: You have such a beautiful soul. You share your heart and life with others so freely that it has helped me greatly. Thank you for loving me and for the love you show to others. xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

Donna: What a great point. Their are posers everywhere. And sometimes churches have the biggest ones!
And I agree, a Christian does not laugh at other's misfortunes. They try to help. xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

Mary: Thank you. I want to to be a kind person above all. And I try my best to love.
Thank you for your prayers too.
It helps so much. xoxo Nita

Anonymous said...

gossip doesn't do any good. it kills and it destroys.

red tin heart said...

pia: very true. good to hear from you. xoxo nita

My Treasure Barn said...

How sad , that women certainly does not live by the Golden Rule does she?
Gossip is such a horrible thing and can hurt so many innocent non deserving people.

Bethany said...

Oh how I echo your post in my is just this lack of compassion and even conviction that is truly destroying God's family! How easy it is to just judge what we think we know about someone and not bother to take another minute or two to really find out what the truth is.....or even try to offer help or prayers, or even love. It's just so sad to see how people who claim to live with love in their hearts are actually full of so much less than that :(

whimseycreations said...

Nita, that is soooooooo well said!

Shelley said...

Great post Nita, sorry you had to encounter those women and their wrong additudes. It would be a wonderful thing if all people could learn not to judge one another, but to love like Jesus!
Hope you and Elizabeth enjoyed your lunch anyway !


red tin heart said...

Patti: It does hurt people. I hope you have a great week end Patti, and get to do lots of stuff you love to do. xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

Bethany: I think you are right, it is one of the factors that destroy's churches.
Words are powerful, we have the power of life and death in our tongue. It makes me think very much about what I am speaking.
Have a lovely week end Bethany.
xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

Jill: Thank you. I hope you have a beautiful week end. xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

Shelley: We did have a good lunch, but we both felt really uncomfortable listening to the conversation.
I was relieved to leave the restaurant.
Do you have plans on going to any auctions this week end? I hope if you do you find some neat stuff.
xoxo Nita


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