Monday, March 17, 2008

Mermaids and Other Pretty Things...

{please click on pictures for better view}

This is a mermaid charm I purchased recently.. Isn't she divine?

These are some of the beads and charms I have gotten lately. Some came from my Mom. She got alot of costume jewelry from an estate sale and gave it to me because she knows I am making bracelets and necklaces.
The stuff from the estate sales are in tins.

I have several wooden dice beads that i really like. I am going to use those for a bracelet.
Much of the costume jewelry is broken, which makes me happy because then I don't feel guilty about disassembling it and using it.

There is a turquoise heart that looks like it has legs. I am going to make a necklace with that.

Here are three bracelets I just made this week. I am new at this, but I really love making bracelets. I am getting ready to make my first necklace.
The center piece is a faerie charm, that is so beautiful, and it has engraved on the back, 1,000 wishes...

More beads and baubles from the estate sale..

Do you like the bracelets? I hope you do.
Tonight's song is, The Best I Ever Had by Gary Allan
1st video, 2nd clip
This song is how I feel about John. It reminds me of him. Making things is helping me face life everyday. I still feel lost. But I am trying to do what I can to heal. It will take awhile...
I leave you with a quote tonight.
We read,
frequently if
in quest of
a mind more
original than
our own.
- Harold Bloom


shabby chic said...

Hi Nita,
All that jewellery looks lovely. I like what you have made. Its a great hobby to have . I expect Elizabeth is looking forward to one of your creations too. x

Treasure Barn said...

I love old jewelry. Nice stuff Nita. I didn't know you make bracelets. That is good. Are you going to sell them?

I am glad to hear you are doing a bit better. If making jewelry helps then make lots. Sounds like good therapy .

How is Elizabeth doing? Is he helping make the bracelets? Give her a hug for me and here is one for you ....hug

Happy Saint Patricks Day
My husband loves strawberry rubarb pie. Wish you were here to make us one.
Love ya

Mimi said...

your jewelry looks beautiful...
it must be a very relaxing hobby...
still praying for you and Elizabeth...

Debbie in NC said...

I love the quote by Harold true.

Being creative calms the soul.

Hang in there sweet one!

Classic Charm said...

Nita -
OH NO! I sent the package over 8 days ago...and I never got it back it had my home address on the return. Can you send me your address again, and I will send her another package. Send me an e-mail to
Sorry Nita....somebody on your block probably got it - ha!

hiddenart said...

Fun, fun, fun. Can I come over to play?

Donna said...

How fortunate to get these things!! They cost a small fortune here in the antique shops now...Much love Sweetie!!hughugs

Nonnie said...

love the jewelry, nita.....i am a mermaid fan! :) and i love that song glad you are finding things that give you comfort. will be looking forward to seeing more.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Nita! What a wonderful collection of vintage pieces you have!! I'm so very glad that you are creating, it has to be good therapy ~ you are such a creative being anyway. Next you'll have to open your own Etsy store!! Please keep showing us your creations ~ xxoo, Dawn

JeannieTheDreamer said...

These are beautiful pieces. I am sure you can definitely recreate even more beautiful ones.

I honor you for working on the little strength you find each day. I love you Nita!


red tin heart said...

Dominique: I made Elizabeth the bracelett with the heart shaped lock. She loved it..
She is such a good daughter. I feel lucky to have her.
It has been a God Send to have this hobby. It is soothing to just take the beads and arrange them and create.
I want to do something more original as well. I have been studying old bead books from the library and they are very helpful.
I also have gotten 2 bead magazines that teach you how to do things.
Have a great day..
xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

Patti: I love the old jewelry too. My Mom has always loved it too.
I just started making them, I have only made one bracelet before making these. And that was several years ago. And I didn't know how to put the clasp on then. But know I do.
I would like to sell them eventually.

Making jewelry does help. It is very theraputic.

Elizabeth is doing better. She has her bad days, like me. But she is amazingly resilent.
Her bad days come very often when she thinks about how her Dad will never get to walk her down the aisle when she gets married. And how he will never get to see her kids.

Those are such hard things for her.

If you lived near me I would make you a strawberry rhubarb pie. love you, nita

red tin heart said...

Mimi: Thank you! And it is a relaxing hobby. You can just think while you are creating.
Your prayers mean a lot.
Have a beautiful day. love nita

red tin heart said...

Debbie: I am so happy you liked the quote! I want to learn more about Harold Bloom, I have heard he was fascinating.

Being creative does seem to calm the soul...

I hope you have a blessed day.
love nita

red tin heart said...

Rose: I asked my Mom if she had picked up any of our mail last night amd she said yes, She had the package and had forgot to give it to me. She is super forgetful.
Elizabeth loved it. And thank you very much.

xoxo nita

red tin heart said...

Amanda: If you lived nearby that would be awesome. We could make some braceletts and necklaces together. love nita

red tin heart said...

donna: i feel so lucky to have them. my mom really watches out for me with stuff like that. love nita

red tin heart said...

kimberly: i am happy you love the song! it is one of my favorites.
it says so much.. the empty boat sent back full of flowers always makes me think...
i am also glad you love the mermaid. they are one of my things..
i hope my next pieces i create are better.
love nita

red tin heart said...

Dawn: Thank you! Someday maybe I will have my own etsy shop... That would be neat.
I love all the great things you have been making.. They are wonderful. Hope you have a great day. love nita

red tin heart said...

Jeannie: Thank you so much for your kind, kind words. They are soothing to my soul.
I hope i do recreate more beautiful things.
I have a strong desire to make beautiful things.
i love you too jeannie,

PixieDust said...

These are beautiful works of art... I'm so happy these beads found a loving, creative home...



red tin heart said...

Pixie: Thank you.. i will make many things with them. i do love them.
love nita

Mermaid said...

Making Jewelry is my passion.
Those beads are sure yummy, eye candy! Keep creating and having fun!

red tin heart said...

Meramid: Thank you.. i will keep creating. xoxo Nita

mon@rch said...

Such neat jewelery and it is great hearing that you are doing better! :)

red tin heart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
red tin heart said...

Mon@rch: is fun to create. it helps keep my mind focused on something. hope you have a good evening.

Sandra Evertson said...

The bracelets you have created are Beautiful! And what great treasures you have found to work with!
Sandra Evertson

The Artful Eye said...

Hi Nita,
Wow... these bracelets are wonderful. I love making jewelry from scrap or discarded jewelry. Over the years friends and family have sent me tins of broken jewelry, missing earrings all sorts of fun stuff.

It looks like you've got all sorts of cool stuff to make jewelry. Let me know if there's anything you're missing I've got lots to share, even another cool mermaid charm.

I found this hobby very meditative and relaxing. Keep up the beautiful jewelry making.

Sending loving thoughts,hugs and prayers everyday to you.

josie66 said...

Hi Nita, I left two comments on your other post with some songs for you. I love your jewelry. Is there a flea market nearby that you could rent a booth at and sell it? You might want to consider that. Love Joanne

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Oh! So pretty! I'm so happy you are making time to create. You will get lost in your world doing this....keep doing it! Keep going to yard sales and estate buy will create beauty for others and peace for yourself!

red tin heart said...

Sandra: I am so happy you like them. They are wonderful treasures. I feel blessed. I hope you are well.
love nita

red tin heart said...

Andrea: If you want to send a mermaid my way i could never refuse, i adore them.. LoL
Sending you loving thoughts too.
love nita

red tin heart said...

Joanne: I have not had time to look up the songs, but will try to do that tonight or in the morning. Thank you for thinking of me.
For right now my jewelry making is just a hobby. Maybe in the future I can sell some of my pieces. I would really like to.
xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

Robin: You always make me smile! I just love you. You make me want to go to a rummage sale right now, and it is night. LoL
I am happy you like my stuff. It really has brought me a measure of peace to create. xoxo Nita

Lori Garbarino said...

Hi Nita,

I was just thinking about you so I came for a visit and WOW I love your new treasures ! Can't wait to see all that you make.

Hang in there!



Classic Charm said...

Glad the package arrived for Elizabeth, give her a hug for me.
And I forgot to tell you that I really enjoyed your post about the jewelry you're making!

red tin heart said...

Lori: Thank you. I have wondered how you were lately too. I need to pop over for a visit. Hope you have a good day. xoxo Nita

red tin heart said...

Rose: I am glad you liked my post I will give Elizabeth a hug for you. Have a great day. Love Nita


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