Thursday, June 5, 2008

Photo Challenge....

I still can't get the links to work on the posts.

So anyone who wants to participate in this weeks photo challenge, please leave a comment on my site, that way everyone can go from the comment link to look at your photos.

The rules are 2-3 photos . The theme is keys.
And, I am supposed to pick someone to host next weeks challenge and I will do so tomorrow.

I picked keys from my collection for these photos. I hope you like them..

I leave you with these quotes:

" The deeper and richer a personality is, the more full of paradox and contradiction. It's only a shallow character who offers us no problems or contrast."
Madeleine Le' Engle

"Music is well said to be the speech of angels; in fact, Nothing among the utterances allowed to man is felt to be so divine. It brings us near to the Infinite."
~Thomas Carlyle

If you have a broken heart or a battered soul. Find something to hold onto and don't let go, to help you through the hard nights like a flask filled with hope. And Darlin do not fear what you do not know.
Because it won't last, your worries will pass.
From the song, Darlin Do Not Fear, by Brett Dennen

Tonight's song, Life in a Northern Town by The Dream Academy
1st video, 1st clip


dabrah said...

Hi Nita, what gorgeous keys. You have a really nice collection. My photo challenge post is up too.

Sally said...

Beautiful! Love the keys and quotes! Great job, Nita. :)

Brenda said...

Super keys Miz Nita! I've searched for keys all week. Mine are up now too. Thank you for being our hostess and for playing along.

joan said...

Hi Nita,

I decided to join the photo chalenge party at the last minute!! Just got my photos up. Love all of your key photos, especially the first one. Have a great weekend.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What pretty keys!
It's nice to meet you!

Annette said...

lovely photo's and writting, every word written so true, you know the old saying"He holds the key to my heart" if you think about it, that little verse that so many people use and say is so true, it could be your mate, your dad, or son, or God just who ever is dear to your heart, and it's true, all the males in my life do hold the key to my heart in some way, they know how to turn either the right way or the wrong way. Hope you day is filled with love and sun shine!

Just Joni said...

Love your key photos Nita...this has been fun! My own photo challenge is very first one! Thanks for hosting ~

have a wonderful day ~

Donna said...

Wonderful keys Nita!! Great ideas!hughugs

Vickie said...

Nice photos and quotes. I'm looking forward toe the ATC swap also. Happy Friday!

Cindra said...

Nita, I have finally finished. Oops I forgot to look at your keys... I was too busy looking at that beautiful photo of the porch!!!! I want that porch!!!

Jeanne said...

Thanks to dabrah for giving me a reminder. Got a couple shots and posted them

Jeanette said...

Hi. Thought I would join along this week, too! Loved your pictures!

cambria said...

Hi Nita!
I love your creations!!! I love those keys! Cute ideas!
I love your blog too! It's really pretty!
I am 12, and I just started a blog and an ETSY site where I sell my handmade jewelry.
I would love it if you would come check it out sometime!

Treasure Barn said...

You have beautiful keys.
I love the house and the porch and all the posts I have missed while be absent from the blogging world.

Hey, You have been tagged by me to show what a visit to your house would be and yes if you want to use your dream home go for it !

I don't have any pretty keys, just your everyday keys so I won't be participating in the key challange but it sure sounds fun..wish I did have some neat old keys. My key chain just won't do sweetie.
Love Ya go on over and get tagged !!
God Bless

Cindra said...

Nita, I would love to host this coming week, but I am out of town until late Friday night, so I don't even know if I will be blogging or uploading photos. If we can wait two weeks or until Sunday? Let me know

Shelley said...

Hi Nita, love your pictures. The little key with the word~GAS~caught my eye(smile).Big issue these days..also I have to say, I love your dream home.I have always,as long as I can remember wanted to live in a stone or rock house,as I sometimes call them. Yours is divine...You think we can get the owners to let us move in?(smile again)

Have a great weekend and be blessed,Shelley

velvet brick said...

Awww...thanks for your comment, Nita. I've been stuck too long in the same mud...I need to move on out of I'm busy making a plan. Feel free to join in! : )


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