Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Haunting of Ruby Shane (part 2)

( This is the beginning of the story, The Haunting of Ruby Shane from the previous post.
When I posted the picture of the house I was just going to write that little bit. Make it just a mini story, but everyone expressed an interest in more . So here is the beginning of Ruby's story.)

Have you ever found something so fantastic you couldn't quite believe that it was you who found it?

Maybe a gold ring or a secret hide a way tucked into the woods.

I felt that way the day I met Thomas Shane. It wasn't just his deep set brown eyes or his build. His body could not have been more perfect even if it had been carved from marble. It was the way he handled himself. He was courteous and kind, not like the guys I knew who were just plain rude.

I was broke down on the side of the road and he must have seen me struggling to lift the hood of my car. I was smaller then, and it was a heavy hood.

I looked up when I heard his truck, and then I saw him. He was smiling, a sweet smile, slightly crooked.

"Miss do you need help?" He asked softly with such kindness. That I was taken back a little. I had not received much kindness in my life.

"Do you know a lot about cars?" I asked.

"A little bit." He answered, still smiling.

He parked his truck in front of my car and got out. The first thing I noticed was his height. He was about six foot tall and had on blue jean overalls with a white sleeveless t-shirt.
His arms and face were very tan from working outside I presumed.
He was muscular and beautiful.

He lifted the hood and looked at the engine. "Your battery cable has slipped off." He said as he nimbly reattached it.

"Why don't you get back in your car and try to start it now." He stood with the hood still open in case it didn't start.

I hopped back in my old junker and started it with no problem.

He slammed the hood down. And wiped his hands off with a cloth he had tucked in his back pocket.

"Thank you so much. I would have had to walk three miles home if you wouldn't have came along. Can I pay you for helping me?" I asked hoping he would say no because all I had in my purse was three dollars.

"Instead of paying me, how about you go with me to the carnival tonight?" He asked nervously.

I was taken back a little bit. He was much more handsome than I was pretty.

" Sure..But how about you tell me your name first." I said laughing.

He blushed then. From his dark brown hair to his toes.

"I am sorry, my name is Thomas Shane. And what is your name?"

"Ruby and you can find out my last name when you pick me up tonight."

by Nita Barrow-Zimmerman

to be continued Saturday Morning.....


Donna said...

Great start!! Can't Wait!!hughugs

Sally said...

I'm enjoying your story, Nita. Good job. :)


What a teaser! I can't wait to hear the next installment! Lovely blog.
Lisa & Alfie

Brenda said...

Nice beginning! I bet what comes next will be just a great.

I loved the fiction you wrote about the old house and lady who lived there.

http:/ said...

Hi Nita
How's your father doing? My sister is starting radiation on Fri. and then Chemo a few days later. I think you guys, it's not easy.

Mya said...

I came here for a porch party but I got something much more interesting. Love your writing style. Love the old house piece is there more? I will most likely be back. You have a talent. Thank you for the little snipit. When is the book coming out?

Just Joni said...

delightful read...I enjoy your stories Nita :)...are there any rules or guidelines for the "key" photo challenge on for tomorrow?

wishing you love in your day ~

An Enchanted Cottage said...

Okay, I'm hooked... I love your blog! I found you through the Porch Party and I'm adding you to my favorite blogs right now...Donna

celestina marie said...

Wow, now I need to know more. I came thinking I would visit you on the porch and found intrique. Wonderful. Can't wait for the rest!
La Rea Rose

Annette said...

keep writting, I am more courious now then ever....he sounds'll have me wondering until the next your writting, but you already knew that!!
hug hug

The Artful Eye said...

Incredible! Great writing... looking forward to more.

Thinking of you and sending hugs.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm hooked and waiting for the next installment!

Debbie in NC said...

I visualized all of this immediately! Great job Nita! Can't wait for more and heading there now LOL!!


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