Friday, July 11, 2008

Brenda's Photo Challenge...

{photo collage I put together this morning}

I am so sorry I have not got my post up until now. It has been a stressful few days. Can't go into details but..
I am also sorry I don't have the links up for the other participants yet. You can beat me with a wet noodle if you would feel better. LoL

I will get this done, but please go to Donna's Made in Heaven's site for the links. {You will find her link on my favorites.} There are some amazing women who participate in these challenges and their photos are equally amazing. My ability to link still will not work on my posts! Has this happened to anyone but me? How did you get it fixed?

The theme this week is Patriotism...

I love the colors of our flag and decided to show my love of our country through my colors...I hope you like them..

I read Sharon's post a few minutes ago about her country and was moved by her words.
I love my country very much as well. I thought of the magnificent beauty of America. The rivers and mountains and prairies...The desserts and farmlands. The churches that are works of art in themselves. The freedom we have. I feel blessed to live here.

{White lace curtain at an antique shop I went to with Mom}

Didn't buy anything but I really love to look..

{Flowers at a bakery}

I think the red petunias compliment the verbena very well . The man who owns the bakery said the verbena resowed itself
from last year.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. ~Nita~

Tonight's song, Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen
1st video 1st clip


Karen M said...

Beautiful pictures. I LOVE the one of the beads!!!
I'm sorry you've had some rough days.

See you later.

Nonnie said...

love the vibrant colors of the photo of the beads and sweet stars, nita....missed you this morning....but glad i checked back!
i don't buy much either on those fun trips...but i love looking...and those flowers so compliment one another...beautiful!
keeping you in my heart and prayers,

Donna said...

Oh Sweetie!! I was worried you'd miss the party!! Wonderful Pictures...AS USUAL!!!LOL...The beads are a Great idea!! I'm sure everyone checked here this morning, like I did and thought you'd pass on this one!! They'll be back!! What a treat awaits them!! Well DONE Sweetie!! Love you!!hughugs

Donna said...

Now, now, we're not going to let anyone assault you with soggy noodles, LOL! Thank you for sharing the pretty pictures. {{{hugs}}} for whatever difficulties you have been having the past couple of days.

Homesteader in Training said...

I love your photo you put together. That is wonderful. Great job!
I hope your days get better and less stressful for you.

Sandi McBride said...

I'm so happy to meet you and thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment! The pictures are just glorious...I love petunias and verbena....have an abundance of verbena selfseeded from the past three years and we hate to mow the grass there's so much of it. I'm still learning about linking, too...not much good at it, really...I love your book choices and have read many of them! If you liked The Hiding Place you should read The Devils Arithmatic and the new edition of Diary of Anne Frank...she is my hero

Sharon Ellery said...

No soggy noodles for you :-) Loved your photos, but me being addicted to jewellery, I loved the beads best.

Take care.


Sharon Ellery said...

Thanks for your nice words about my blog. Glad to see that you're loving those Aussie photos :-)


Annette said...

I love the pictures, I like the lace curtains, the beads, and the flowers...oop's thats the whole thing...silly me, and I wouldnt let any one beat you with wet noddle either, I wonder where that saying came from? I hope and pray your doing fine, you have been on my heart heavy today, there is a reason for everything, I know you know this already, but do you know how LUCKY I AM to have you for a friend?
A nice BIG hug just for you thie evening!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I'm running even later with this than you did! But I've finally gotten mine posted. Whew.

I think I get what you were saying about patriotism. That good ol' American feeling, right? I can't see red, white and blue without feeling something deep inside of me. (And you can forget about me listening to the National Anthem without tears - ain't happenin'!).

I hope your days start going better soon - I'm sorry to read that things haven't been great lately.


Sally said...

So glad I checked back in on you. I'm sorry for the rough days, Nita. Love your pictures though!

Hang in there, and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors for the photo challenge. Very cheery. Isn't it funny how somethings can grow no matter what. Glad you had a good time looking.

Susan Tuttle said...

Gorgeous photos! Hope you are feeling better.


Joni said...

oh I'm glad I checked back to see your photos, they are wonderful...I love the lace curtain in the window...I could look through these stores all day long and be perfectly content...

have a good day ~

Jeanne said...

Sorry it's been a harder time these days. Glad to have you check in Nita. Your pictures are beautiful but again it's your words that really draw the picture for me when I visit your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Jann said...

I love your photo composition! And I love all your photos--you take such great ones! I love the way you describe things, Nita; you have a beautiful way with words and I think you should think about becoming a writer, an author, really. I have been catching up on your blog today, and I'm just amazed at your courage and strength. You inspire me. Hugs and prayers, Jann

joan said...

Hi Nita,

I love your collection of beads. Sorry I haven't made it to your site sooner but hope you are doing better today. Take care.

Karen said...

I love your photos...Don't worry about being late posting them because I'm late getting around to visit everyone's blogs. While reading your recent posts, I realize that one word describes your You enrich our lives with your beautiful quotes, your wonderful words, the music you give us. I pray for blessings and that God will be with you.


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