Monday, July 7, 2008

Pictures of Summer....

{Pictures I took over this past weekend}

Please click on photos for a better view...

{Mimosa in Mom's front yard...}

The fragrance of the Mimosa floats across the yard and down the block. It's fragrance is so wonderful it intoxicates the most hardened of hearts..The flowers were made from fairy dreams...

I saw an old acquaintance today that I thought at one time, was my friend.

She really wasn't..She was a user of the worst sort.

You know the kind. The ones who use you to get ahead. The ones who act like your friend to your face, then you find out that they have been talking about you behind your back.

I was pretty sad after seeing her. I thought why? Why do people have to be users? People who you have given your friendship to, and your heart. People you have shared secrets with, and Just when you let your guard down they turned on you.
My idea of a true friend is someone who does not let others talk about you to them.

{Glorious Mimosa}
They say that is my friend, I really don't want to hear what you have to say about her.
That is a friend..

People who are there for you in your darkest hour. That is a friend.

I have made more friends through my blog then I could have ever hoped for. You all have been there to help me through losing John. You have been there to encourage my creativity without false pretenses! You have prayed for me...
I feel blessed to have found this world of women who are so wonderful in every way.
I want to be there for you to my friends. You who visit me and leave me comments.

The last few months it has been hard to be there..But I am trying.

You don't know how much you make a difference in my life. How you have helped me through my darkest days..

{Purple Cone flower}

I went for a walk with my friend Annie tonight and told her about seeing the old acquaintance and the sadness I felt about it. She told me some words of wisdom she has learned through the years.
She said that we live and we learn. And that when it comes down to the end of our life it is really between us and God.

We can love people but we can't make them love us.
We can't make someone feel something they don't posses.

{ Queen Anne's lace on country road}

Some people are so barren of love all they can do is use others. They live for themselves. {They} are {their}

To me that is no way to live.
If you put yourself first all the time, it is a truly selfish way to live. At the end of your life when {you} are all {you} have left..That is truly alone.

{front of green barn}

I can remember many times being there for this person when she needed me.

But thinking back...I really can't remember her being there for me.
When my brother died..
When John died..

But I am making friends more all the time. True friends..I have made friends at church that have really been there.

I agree with Annie's advice, We learn from our mistakes.

{little green barn}

I hope you like the photos. I took them over the weekend, and just enjoyed being outside.

Elizabeth and I had a pretty good weekend. The sadness is always there..But we are trying hard to find happiness in each day. It was my first 4Th of July without John. I was really sad on that day..
But, John would have wanted us to try to be happy.. I miss him though. So much..
{yellow day lily...}

This is a quote I am leaving you with:

True friends are like diamonds
precious but rare

False friends
are like
autumn leaves
found everywhere.


Tonight's song, The Story of a Girl By 3 Doors Down
1st video, 3rd clip


Karen said...

I love mimosa trees. My parents had one in their yard when I was a little girl. Everytime I see one I think I should plant one.Your other photographs are beautiful too.

I've heard this said, that people can disappoint us, but God is always to be trusted. Thank you for sharing your heart and what you are going through. I love my new blogging friends too!

Karen M said...

On my way to work every day I pass some mimosa trees and I think that it would be fun to take pictures of them. But they are mostly in yards of people I don't know and I'm usually running late and I don't ever stop and take the pictures. We had mimosa trees in our backyard when i was growing up. I have pleasant memories of climbing them. But I also remember my mom fussing over the flowers being messy when they drop off onto the ground and the seed pods would get everywhere. They finally cut them down when I was in college (I think.)

Thanks for sharing your pictures and your heart.

Love and prayers,
Karen M.

cassie-b said...

Have a nice week!

Your pictures are lovely.

Laurie said...

Hi Nita,

I love mimosa trees too. So lacy and beautiful like one giant boquette.(okay, I can't spell!) We have a giant jacaranda in our front yard that is just breathtaking. It is so messy for two months in the spring until all the sticky purple flowers fall, then comes the lacy leaves that provide the most wonderful shade. Every year we go through the emotions of the tree covering everything with sticky messes, only to be relieved that the shade comes just in time for the hot summer. This tree is God's reminder to us that life sometimes is messy before we can enjoy the shade that comes. I can so relate with your friendship woes. They are hard to grasp at times. I have let go of a 37 year friendship that I finally realized was mostly one-way. It took me the longest time before I allowed myself to step back and see it for what it was. It feels so odd that after 37 years, it is so easy to let go when I stopped trying to hold it together. It hurts if I let it, but honestly it is a relief most of the time. I too have made many wonderful friendships here and you are one of my special ones Nita. I love all of your pictures you posted here as you get out into nature and find the good in life. There is so much to be thankful for and you remind me of this so much each time you write. I am praying for your heart as it continues to heal moment by moment. I found you months before your darkest hour right after Johns accident, and have followed you since then. This is the only "YOU" that I have known and I think you are amazing and beautiful. I look forward to walking with you and watching you bloom:) I love you friend.

Hugs and Hope, Laurie in Ca.

joan said...

What great photos Nita! Love the green barn. I too love that I have made friends through this world of blogging. I never thought about that when I first started to blog a year ago, it has been a blessing. Hope you have a good week!

Nonnie said...

love the photos, nita....and i always learn about some new kind of flower of tree when visiting....beautiful....
i love the thought that if we only put ourselves first all our life....we will be left in the end....with just ourselves....what a sad life that would be.
i need to be a better friend....i care so about people....but the hecticness of life sometimes takes more of my time than i should allow it to....
friendship is something to truly cherish.
hugs and love to you this day,

Jeanne said...

The mimosa tree is so beautiful. I've never seen one are they only found in certain areas? Sorry you ran into that person. I totally understand. I've been lucky to have some wonderful friends that I've made through different jobs. People have told me that's rare and I guess I didn't realize how rare till I got to my current job. People like the aquaintence of yours. But luckily there are better people out there.

Mimi said...

true friends are few and far not feel is her loss not yours....

also I love your have a real knack, especially with old buildings...


Mya said...

I am so sorry for your pain. I too have learned the hard way that not all people are what they pretend to be. Just now that your beautiful pictures and lovely words touch the the lives of your friends here in blog land.
By the way that Mimosa tree is so special. I have never seen one in my neck of the woods. It is so magical and fairy like.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Nita are we blog sisters or what? I love that you had planned on showing your moms mimosa tree at the same time I was trying to figure out just what the heck was growing in my front yard! I love the tree! Love all the pictures today! Good friends are so hard to find. Be selective and stay away from people who talk about others just to build themselves up!

Serendipity said...

You take beautiful pictures, Nita.

Guess we meet friends and people like that at one time or another in our life.

Remember the friends that come for a reason, a season and lifetime? Guess friends like this is here for a reason, although we don't see it.

Annette said...

you know what my dear friend, we are the lucky one's to have you for a friend, and it's her loss, all you can do is pray for her, but then again I soooooo believe in karma, I am like you I open my heart to my friends and tell my deepest seacrets too, when my dad alive I told him things I would have and havent told any one, not even my mother! and I knew they where safe with him! I want you to know you can e~mail me any time about any thing, I wish all of us didnt live so far apart, all of us could have so much fun...Thank you for opening your heart to all of us, and that my friend is what makes you so specail, and I agree in what you wrote about if we only lived for our selfs, in the end we would be so miserable. I love you dear blog friend and I am so happy I have the chance to come by and visit just as I am!!!!!!!
HUG'S (and lot's & lot's of'em) and kisses

Joanne Kennedy said...

Everyone comes into our life for a reason. Some stay for ever and some only a few minutes.

Don't feel bad about that relationship ending. You are not the one who lost anything as she was never really a friend anyway. It was her that lost out. You were a true and faithful friend to her and she didn't even know it.

Just remember it is all the people who come and go in our life that makes us the people we are today.

You my dear are a wonderful, kind, loving and fun person. I say that's a good thing.

Hugs to you.

sepia art studio said...

Nita dear,

yo have taken such a beautiful photos! <3

That mimosa tree is breathtaking! It is truly like an fairy tree. Just beautiful.

It is better that you noticed what kind of friend she was, that you would not spend your energy on her any longer. It is most important to give attention to those friends, who are there for you.

Sending lots of hugs and love for you Nita...

<3 Delila

Treasure Barn said...

What beautiful pictures !
I love the barn. Do you mind if I copy it and use it on "favorite Barns" column?

I am sure you have oodles of friends here. You are such a good writer and a wonderful person!
God Bless You MY FRIEND

Debbie said...

Hey Nita and I apologize for not visiting more often! I do think of you though and wonder how you're doing ((Hugs))

I've had a friend disappoint me lately and it has me confused for I understand what you're saying. I feel I only have a few trusted friends left and always God as my best friend :)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your photography is beautiful, Nita.

Donna said...

Awwwww....How BEAUTIFUL!! The photos are ALL Beautiful!! Mimosa is my hubbys favorite tree...and listen to your friend...she's SO right!! We love You too!!!!!hughugs


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