Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I got this paper weight at a thrift store for a few dollars. It amazes me..How did they get something as fragile as a dandelion inside this without tearing it up?

It sits on my table to inspire me..

Have you ever noticed the fragile things in life are what touch us the most?

Candles in jelly jars that illuminate the night like fairy lanterns..The soft petals of rose moss flowers..A wish upon a shooting star..fireflies in the midnight sky..and a dandelion trapped in a paper weight.

xoxo Nita

i hope you have time to listen to the song..i love it


Karen said...

That is pretty amazing. I wonder how they did it?

Donna said...

I don't imagine it was easy to do!
Sweet post Miss Nita!hughugs

PixieDust said...

Sitting in its hard shell, it's sometimes easy to forget how fragile it began its life, yes?

Love to you...



Annette said...

What beautiful words....When I see those dandelions in my yard, this is how I look at them....the center, where all those seedlings are, is the world, and when the seedling fly off, those are friends, getting replanted to make more friends, and the stem is our heavenly father, always holding the world and all of its friends up! So, true some of simplest things in life, that we take for granted make us think and wonder...
I love you so much and maybe one day our dandelions will fly around and we will be planted right by each other!
Love to ALWAYS~
How's Elizabeth doing???? been praying for all of you, including your son...

Lee Laurie said...

This was a beautiful post and I loved the song. My little boy and I were at a thrift store not long ago and he found a paperweight very similar to yours except that it had a butterfly inside. He was amazed by it. I bought it for him thinking that the 'new' excitement would wear off in a couple of days. I went into his room last night and saw it sitting up on his little shelf with his 'important stuff'. It made me smile.

kimberly said...

'it's painless, letting your love show".....beautiful, nita...have never heard this before....thank you for sharing and for your beautiful words.

Joni said...

I do wonder how they did that. Both mysterious and beautiful.

Cherrie said...

Take is so cool! What a great find!

Shelley said...

Hi Nita,love the paper weight. I had some like that with roses in them. They are amazing...simple things are the best....have a blessed weekend,Shelley

truewonder said...

Miss Nita,

Thank you for your beautiful way and conveying it in such a way that it feels like a big hug. You're awareness of those around you and the things around you make for inspiration. Glad I took the time to stop in today...take care-

Mimi said...

love the paperweight...something to always remind you how fragile life is...and by staying inside of God's love we become strong enough to withstand anything that life brings our way...

Patti said...

This is amazing! So delicate and beautiful. Just like you!


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