Thursday, June 11, 2009

Me and Elizabeth were eating breakfast this morning, and we were talking about one song we wished we would have played at John's funeral. This song.

We had forgot to add this on to the CD we burned. It reminds us of him so much.

John talked about his Dad on a daily basis and about how much he missed him. He said he felt like his Dad was the only person who truly understood him when he was growing up. John never got over losing him. When our daughter was born it was marred by sadness because his Dad would never see her. He wanted His Dad to see her so much. And John said that when he passed away, his Dad was the person he wanted to see first.

for you John..
xoxo Nita

P.s i take the songs off after a few days because if I leave too many on, they tend to slow down the computer.


Annette said...

HUGS~ Annette

Doolallysally said...

Today you made my day! Your parcel arrived and wow, was I delighted with all the lovely treasures inside. Sometimes words are not enough but let me say that I was really touched by your kindness and would like to thank you very much for all these lovely gifts!
I've taken some photos, pop in and see:
Thank you so much Nita, big hug.

kimberly said...

i LOVE this song....seems like it plays on the radio all the time...and each time i love it more!

Lee Laurie said...

Nita,that is the most beautiful song. I've never even heard it before til now. I have had a hard week this week. My step brother was killed in a house fire a few nights ago and his funeral was today. I went to the wake last night but I just could not go to the funeral today. I just couldn't handle it. He was only 28 and had only been married for a couple of years. They have a 2 year old baby. I got so upset last night that now I am having a fibro-flare-up. I can't even get out of bed. I decided to get out my laptop so that I could occupy my mind a little. This song was beautiful.

Thanks for sharing it with us.
Lee Laurie

Mimi said...

Beautiful song... and especially knowing that John is now with his dad...
I hope you are doing better...and Elizabeth as well...

I haven't been blogging much lately...but I continue to hold you both up in prayer, that your troubles will seem smaller and you continue to get stronger and stronger...

Donna said...

You know I never have enough words for you sweetheart!!!(((HUG)))

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you Nita.

Patti said...

Very nice song Nita
Thinking of you dear friend
Hugs and God Bless You

Shelley said...

Hi Nita,love the song. I pray all is well with Elizabeth and you and you are enjoying your summer. It's way to hot here!
Have a blessed week,Shelley

kathy said...

Hi Nita:

Due to several serious health concerns, the passing of my dear father-in-law in mid March and many very worrisome issues with the children, I have not visited you in a whie. I so enjoy your posts and your sweet spirit. Your faith is an inspiration to me. I thank you for that.

For whatever reason, I feel nudged by the Spirit to reconnect to you tonight - so much so that I got out of my bed [it is now 4:30] to write this post. It seems like there is a message for me to give or receive from you but I haven't figured out what it is. Hopefully, you might make the connection just through my visit. I trust the Spirit but at times cannot discern His message.

I will pray some more on the matter but wanted you and Elizabeth to know that you have been both in my thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time of your lives.

I suspect that losing John was by far the greatest trial but also one that makes your other trials that much more difficult without him physically at your side. I know I don't need to remind you that he is there in spirit just as surely as the sun will rise in the morrow.

With loving thoughts,

Stevie said...

Good afternoon, Nita. I haven't been blogging too much lately....for various reasons I guess. I do love reading your blog....and I feel like we have a lot in common. Lee mentioned you the other day and I felt bad that we haven't been touch. Take care and God bless you.

Just Joni said...

I really like this song. Music is so enduring and can really say what's on our hearts. I like that.

sending you love sweet friend ~

Nita Jo said...

Hi Nita!
I've been trying to catch up on your posts. My eyes are still recovering from surgery, and I can't stay on the computer very long. I love reading about your life. It's inspiring.
Sending you love & blessings!
Nita Jo

kimberly said...

thinking of you, nita....

Nita Jo said...

Nita, I forgot to ask... What was the song title? By the time I got to read your post it was already gone.

Nita Jo


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