Sunday, July 29, 2007

Father to the Fatherless

Psalm 68:5
A Father to the fatherless,
a defender of widows,
is God in His Holy
This picture is from a children's Bible I had as a child. I use to read through it everyday when I was little.
I was a lonely child. My Mom and Step-Dad drank alot, and me and my little sister spent alot of time alone. Our older siblings had moved and been married and we were left alone.
We never got to see our real Dad very often because he moved away when we were little. I always felt like a fatherless child.
One day when we were at church the preacher was talking about those who didn't have fathers. Maybe their dads had died or just left them. He said God is the Father to the fatherless.
My throat started hurting and I wanted to cry. I wanted to let out all the years of anguish I felt. But I didn't want to cry in church. When I got home I did, in the safety of my own room.
But, I was also happy that God was the Father to the Fatherless. I had a Father.
If anyone out there is struggling with not having a Father, be encouraged today. God is your Father. He cares for you.
God Bless, Nita


Die Hohe Dame said...

oh this is just beautiful.... thank you for putting that up... i know God is my Father ... i love what you wrote... thank you for visiting my blog.. i feel as if i made a new friend... and i want you to know i nominated you as a rocking girl blogger... now the rockin part i dont care for myself.. but your still nominated! hope thats ok!
have a great day...

annie lockhart said...

nita...what a beautiful & heartfelt really touched me. thanks for sharing!

Die Hohe Dame said...

your so totally welcom! your supposed to copy the picture of the rockin girl blogger banner thingy on my post and then nominate 5people... you probably already know that....

Shelley said...

Hello Nita, Isn't it wonderful to know that God will be whatever we need him to be. He is our Father ! I know as a child my parent's had a lot of problems and were divorced and I to sometimes felt very much alone . I learned at a very young age to depend on God and was some how aware of him always being near me even tho I wasn't raised in church. I beleive at a very early age I connected with God's Spirit and he was a guide to me thru my life. My parents were remarried later in life and now are very devoted to one another at 75 and 77 yrs. old. God is so good ! Not only is he my Father but he has been my life time best friend ! I couldn't make it one more day without him. Blessings,Shelley

My Treasure Barn said...

This really hit home since I lost my Father at age 7. He died of a heart attach after being in 5 major battles in WWII. I always wished I had a Father. My Mother married again when I was 12 but we didn't hit it off very well so I still felt Fatherless. Wish I had been in church with you that day. It would have made a difference in the way I felt growing up.
Thanks for the beautiful story.

Judy Scott said...

My Church Minister and my sister remind me of this when Im struggling, I had/have a father but the "wrong" kind. Its wonderful that at such a young age you were able to see this, the anguish and sadness hurts so much though ~ I hope it doesnt hurt you anymore, Judy xx


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