Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Dream of a House by the Sea

I dream of a house by the Sea.
It would be a cottage with three bedrooms and a huge front room, and a huge kitchen. The kitchen would face the sea, and I would be able to watch the blue windswept waters ebb and flow as I did dishes.
But, I can imagine the stone cold fear people feel ,who live by the sea, when the sea leaves its banks.
The tumultuous clouds riding the waves like kings in chariots. Thunderous booms from heavenly realms making the heart skip a beat.
But wouldn't you feel so alive! Your senses at full alert. Then when the storm had passed, the peace of knowing it was just a storm, not a hurricane.
If I lived by the sea I would gather shells daily, and make steps of concrete and embed the shells in the steps. I would have a screened in room off the kitchen with strings of star lights hanging from the interior frame, so the light would bath a person favorably.
I would serve dinners of lobster and homemade bread and then have an exquisite dessert. The salad would come straight from my garden.
Flowers would surround the outside of the screened in room. Beautiful flowers in shades of white.
When night fell, the stars would be so close and bright we would feel as if God was touching us with His Glory. The moon would rest comfortably above the sea as if being cradled by its massive glory.
And the fireflies would dance above the flowers sending out ethereal yellow signals to their would be lovers.
And we, would sit in the cool of the evening and talk. We would talk of travel, of God, anything that came to our minds at that moment. Not worrying about the everyday burdens that weigh our weary minds down.
That's my dream. My dream I hold so close. *Nita*


Die Hohe Dame said...

that is such a lovely vision... i want that house by the sea... actually i really really hope when we retire that we live by the sea! i miss the sound of the ocean.

Jill said...

What a lovely dream. A house by the sea... a dream of mine as well.
Love all the info at the bottom. Fairy houses, ice cream, stepping stones.... love it!

Donna Boucher said...

I don't dream as much as I use to ...I use to dream a lot.
But then it lead to discontent for me.

But your dream is so lovely...
yes, I would love a cottage by the sea too.

Bill said...

Your dream sounds almost as I imagine Heaven to be. Sounds great.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

A beautiful dream.

Amy Wagner said...

I just adore your style of writing. You are so vivid with your placement of words. You take me along for the journey!


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