Saturday, August 4, 2007

I'm Sailing Away

Do you ever just want to run Away? If I ever do, I will sail away. I got this picture off the back of a Reader's Digest 21 years ago. When they still had actual art on the back.
I remember falling in love with this picture, just for the sheer serenity it brings me. Anytime I ever had to get blood drawn or have had a painful procedure done, I envision this picture. It makes the pain less painful. Or when life is being really crappy, (sorry, no other word would do) I dream of leaving and sailing . My boat would need to be bigger than this, because I would want to go all over the world. Wouldn't it be great just to pick up and take off, no worries?
The first place I would go would be Italy. I would want to buy their wonderful laces and a bunch of their terra cotta pots. What? I have a thing for terra cotta pots!
Then off to France, where the women where no pants , supposedly.( That was a joke, sorry to any French women who may be reading this right now. You have the right to remain silent or flip this screen off.) Anyway, Off to France! I would then proceed to go to all the flea and antique stores I read about all the time.
I would buy enough stuff to start an antique store of my own . My store would be painted a really pretty wine red on the inside with white lace curtains on every window. I would hang a crystal chandelier in the middle of the store, and then have small lamps in different corners for ambiance.
There would be a little bronze rooster with bells hanging down, on the front door that would clangle every time someone came in. And it would smell so good in my shop of apple pie, because there would be pies you could buy there as well. Oh well, enough dreaming for one day. *Nita*


Jeanne said...

Your sailing trip dream sounds heavenly. I'd love to tag along, especially during the part where you sail to France and go to the flea markets.

paru's_circle said...

we are nothing without our dreams,helps me keep SANE! btw.. off to Paris shortly, Nita, if you would like a postcard, let me know on my blog..

paru's_circle said...

btw..dont 4 get your email address so i can contact u about your snail mail ;-)

Suzan-- said...

I used to love boating and sailing while I was growing up!! One of my friends families use to take me out all the time! Of course, I was raised near the beach--so this was just a "normal" activity for us.

One of my first jobs was a cook on a shark fishing boat--we would go out for 30-45 days at a time--I think I got cured of boating during this--because I have rarely been on a boat since!!LOL...

I think your antique shop sounds heavenly!!! Are you gonna give free samples of the pies?? I will travel many, many miles for free samples..heheheh.

Neda said...

Nita, isn't amazing how we hold on to images that make us dream? I hope that someday you will go on that trip and fill your heart with wonderful memories...Can we go with you? Tee hee

eb said...

this sounds wonderful and very possible...

if you can envision it...

xox - eb.

Amy Wagner said...

Wow. I was really in your store the way you brought it to life!!!
I would be your most frequent customer.


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